10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays

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Go Green with 10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays

Embrace sustainability while enhancing your trade show presence with our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays. Tailored for environmentally-conscious exhibitors, these displays combine stunning visuals with eco-friendly design. Each display features high-definition, silicone-edge graphics (SEG) that are beautifully illuminated without hot-spotting, creating a seamless and professional appearance. The cutting-edge LED lighting is not only eye-catching but also certified energy efficient, making these displays a prime choice for modern, responsible marketing.

Eco-Friendly and Versatile

Constructed with recycled aluminum frames and packed in FSC-certified crates made from post-consumer waste, our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays are at the forefront of eco-friendly exhibition solutions. These modular lightbox frames can easily be reconfigured to fit both 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 20′ eSmart trade show booth spaces, offering versatility without compromising on your environmental values. Opt for our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays to make a significant impact at your next trade show while actively reducing your environmental footprint.