10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays

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Why eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays?

Our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays have been created to provide environmentally-conscious exhibitors the option of stunning backlit displays. Backlit Displays are the fastest growing trend in the trade show industry, with their modern, eye-catching LED lighting. High-definition, silicone-edge graphics (SEG) are elevated by carefully placed backlighting that eliminates hot-spotting and gives your booth a seamless, professional look. Designed with our green-friendly clients in mind, the modular lightbox frames are engineered from recycled aluminum and the LED lighting is certified energy efficient. Easily reconfigurable, you can use each of our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays in either a 10′ x 10′, or a 10′ x 20′ eSmart trade show booth space. In addition to the eco-friendly design features, the transportation crates our custom modular displays are packed and shipped in are FSC certified, indicating they are made only from post-consumer waste. Choose our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays to have not only the most impactful display on the market, but also lower your environmental footprint with the greenest, most eco-friendly displays on the market!

10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Lightbox Displays