Waveline Table Top Displays

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Professional and Portable Waveline Table Top Displays

Waveline Table Top Displays feature a lightweight, durable aluminum frame that holds a full-color, dye-sublimated mural graphic. Set-up takes less than 10 minutes and can easily be handled by one exhibitor, making these displays a convenient and efficient choice for any event.

High-Quality and Easy to Set Up

Designed for trade shows, presentations, and conferences, Waveline tension fabric table top displays can be quickly set up in lobbies, showrooms, and exhibition halls. The high-quality fabric graphic mural is completely wrinkle-free, ensuring a professional and polished appearance that will impress your audience. Setting up this display is as straightforward as assembling a basic pop-up display.

Versatile and Eye-Catching

Waveline Table Top Displays are versatile and can adapt to various settings, making them an excellent investment for any exhibitor. Their ease of use and high-quality presentation make them a standout option for showcasing your brand effectively.