10' x 20' Serpentine Formulate Display Kits

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Dynamic 10′ x 20′ Serpentine Formulate Display Kits

Our 10′ x 20′ Serpentine Formulate Display Kits feature a unique design with both convex and concave sections, creating an engaging and visually appealing backdrop for your booth. This serpentine layout is versatile, often used not only in a 10′ x 20′ booth space but also as a double-sided trade show display in 20′ x 20′ island booth spaces.

Versatile and Eye-Catching Design

The serpentine design allows for a dynamic presentation that draws attention from all angles. Enhance your display by adding stand-off frames with monitors on both sides of the exhibit, transforming it into a multimedia island display. This flexibility ensures that your booth remains engaging and impactful, regardless of the booth size or layout.

Maximize Your Exhibit Space

Our 10′ x 20′ Serpentine Formulate Display Kits are designed for easy assembly and high durability. The lightweight aluminum frames and tension fabric graphics provide a professional and seamless look, while the modular components allow for quick setup and reconfiguration. Create a stunning and interactive exhibit that captivates your audience and maximizes your exhibit space.