Skip to main content is a full-service trade show display design, custom sign printing, and branding agency. We offer a unique catalog of custom exhibit structures, portable display kits, corporate signage, graphic design, and creative branding solutions.

Our online product catalog includes affordable portable trade show display packages and the latest modern exhibit booth structures and technologies available in the industry. Standard production lead time on most branding packages is 7 to 10 business days. However, we offer many QuickShip portable displays that can be delivered within 24 hours! 

Creative Exhibit Booth Design

Indy Displays’ team of professionals understands how to build brand awareness through professional custom exhibit booth design. Effective branding campaigns are created by talented designers and brand marketers. Our branding team consists of entrepreneurs who understand how to build brands. We develop successful exhibitor branding campaigns by utilizing our team’s design talent, marketing skills, and our ability to understand what people want. We specialize in creating trade show marketing campaigns that generate high ROI for our clients. understand effective and aesthetically pleasing trade show exhibits. Whether we’re designing a fully customized corporate exhibit, a portable display  or promotional banner stands, Indy Displays’ products are versatile and designed for sustainability. 

Exhibit Management & Show Site Labor

Since we are a full service trade show company, Indy Displays offers pre-show planning along with trade show display installation and dismantle. Our goal is to make your exhibiting experience as stress free as possible. In addition to show site services, our exhibit consultant team can give you expert advice on trade show pre-planning that includes pre-show marketing plus dealing directly with convention centers and your specific trade show directors and coordinators.

Modern Graphic Design Team

Our creative team offers top-level modern graphic design solutions on our client’s custom trade show displays. However, many clients utilize us for all of their graphic design and branding needs. With over 10 years experience building brands and creating minimalistic-modern design solutions, our team also offers professional logo design services, print materials, and unique promotional items for many startup and tech industry clients.

Save a substantial amount of marketing dollars by allowing Indy Displays to be your full service branding agency. Our contemporary design approach produces minimalistic clean-stylish visual branding solutions, often comparable to the work of over-priced national marketing agencies. Request a quote from us on any of your branding needs.   

Superior Industry Knowledge – Exhibit Consultants

Every exhibition company claims to be an industry experts. In some cases this might be true, but our small team of true exhibit consultants will quickly prove our supplier industry product kowledge and brand marketing expertise. Simply reach out to us@ 833-257-6278   to get instant answers to all of your exhibitor questions. Indy Displays will also go the extra mile for our clients. Trade show emergencies do happen and Indy Displays will make sure to handle unforeseen exhibiting issues promptly and professionally. 

High-Quality Trade Show Displays

For our local Indianapolis clients, we provide in-office exhibit consultations free of charge. Consultations can include display product demos and printed graphic samples. Each meeting is structured around our client’s needs. In addition, our creative team offers professionally designed and branded autoCAD 3D trade show booth renderings (when design renderings are needed) free of charge. Each 3D branded rendering includes an in-depth itemized quotation and additional information (product brochures, demostration-setup videos, etc.).

Our national clients (located throughout North America), save substantially on brand-name trade show displays and top-level creative branding services, that would otherwise cost them thousands of dollars more working with a traditional large custom exhibit house fabrication company and absurdly overpriced advertising-marketing agencies.

Due to the rapidly-growing e-commerce industry and what our team refers to as the “amazon effect”, our team continues to learn and evolve. Even though our products aren’t the cheapest solutions available to online shoppers, many of our trade show displays are built with quality and sustainability in mind. That’s why we feature many eco-friendly products. Our eco-friendy “green” trade show booths feature graphic printing on recycled materials, reusable-reconfigurable modular display hardware, low-voltage LED expo light technology, bamboo wood, and more! We understand that the environment is something that needs to be protected and strive to reduce the exhibition industry’s ecological footprint. 

Product Warranties

When shopping for a new or even used trade show display you need to be certain what type of warranty is included. There are two types of warranties you will find on displays and signage. The most common type is a manufacturer warranty-guarantee. Manufacturer product warranties cover defective products. This means your display product will be fixed or replaced, only if there is some type of defect that was caused by the manufacturer. However, if your display is broken during handling-usage, then a manufacturer warranty won’t cover your repair or replacement costs.  

The second type of warranty, only found on select premium brand-name trade show products, is a Usage Warranty. Products that include usage warranties will also include a manufacturer warranty. The difference is that usage warranties also cover damages caused by the user (some manufacturers call this warranty coverage a “lifetime guarantee”. The only types of damage not covered under usage warranties are shipping damages. If your portable display is damaged by UPS, Fedex or another carrier, the shipping company will be responsible for damages during transit, and will pay your display repair costs as long as you file a damage claim. 

Indy Displays makes sure to let customers know what type of warranty a product includes. Our premium brands such as Expolinc, ExpandMedia, Nomadic Display and others, include full Lifetime Guarantees. That means that no matter how you damage your display stand, the product warranty will fully cover the repair or placement costs for the life of the product!

Competitive Price Matching

Since the begining Indy Displays has kept over head low allowing us to pass on savings to our customers by offering the most competitive pricing locally in Indianapolis and online to clients across North America.

Indy Displays will match any online price on most of our trade show displays, as long as it’s comparing apples to apples (the exact same product hardware and graphic materials).  Please contact us at 833-257-6278 to see if the booth display you are interested in is in fact identical to what we are offering.

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