Exhibit Line 10 x 20 Displays

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10 x 20 Exhibit Line Displays have been the most popular 20ft booth option that Indy Displays offers. Not only are Exhibitline Displays modern and designed to give a company a custom “tech” look and feel, but Exhibit Line booths offer portability and the ability to reconfigure. With Exhibit Line, you always have the option to grow your booth space. By just adding additional hardware or cutting down on hardware, you can jump from a 10′ x20′ display up to a 20′ x 20′ Exhibit Line Island booth, or down to a smaller 10′ x 10′ Exhibit Line Display.  


Seamless Graphic Replacement and Size Reconfiguration:
Features of the 20ft Exhibitline Displays include reconfirgurable aluminum hardware, large format tension fabric graphics, laminate counter tops, canopy, and bases, monitor mounts, custom halogen down-lighting, and locking storage. If for some reason none of our 20ft Exhibit Line kits fit your exact need, we can completely customize your trade show display booth to create a contemporary convention display that includes as many features and capabilities as any over-priced fully custom exhibit house solution. Contact us to see just how well exhibitline can fit into your progressive outbound marketing campaign!