10' x 20' XRline Custom Modular Displays

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Innovative 10′ x 20′ XRline Custom Modular Displays

10′ x 20′ XRline Custom Modular Displays offer a perfect blend of fully custom solutions and portability. Designed with the exhibitor in mind, the XRline system is much easier to assemble than typical 20ft custom trade show exhibits. The lightweight aluminum hardware fits together effortlessly, requiring only an allen wrench for assembly.

Modern and Re-Invented Exhibit Design

The XRline aluminum modern display system represents the re-invention of contemporary exhibit design. These displays provide a sleek, professional appearance while maintaining the flexibility and ease of setup that exhibitors need. Create a striking and functional trade show presence with the innovative XRline Custom Modular Displays.

Easy Assembly and High Impact

With its user-friendly assembly process and high-impact design, the 10′ x 20′ XRline Custom Modular Displays are ideal for exhibitors looking to combine custom solutions with portability. Elevate your trade show booth with a display that not only looks great but is also practical and easy to use.