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The following is a description of Indy Displays product ordering process. Our mission is to provide top notch customer service with the best B2B marketing solutions. The information below will assist you on our ordering policies, artwork process, and cancellations/refunds process. If you have any questions or concerns, please inform the Indy Displays team prior to ordering online or signing off on an estimate.

1. Purchasing Policies

When ordering an online trade show display , please input all required information, as well as any additional important information in the comment box or through email. This will help ensure your trade show display order is processed correctly. Please review the following:

  • – Before your display order is put into production, a 50% deposit is required by check or credit card. If your deposit is paid by check, Indy Displays might require that a credit card is authorized and held, until the remaining balance has been paid.
  • – Prepayment on orders must be received before production, to be eligible for our prepay discount.
  • – All products purchased online at, over the phone, or in person, are the products listed and detailed on all final invoices.
  • – Indy Displays cannot ship to a PO Box address; a Suite # is required.
  • – Shipping/Handling fees on estimates, or online at checkout, are subject to change after an order has been placed, and will be updated on the final invoice, according to carrier shipping rates.
  • – Credit Card orders must be shipped to the billing address associated on the customers credit card. Indy Displays will only ship products to a secondary location (different location than CC billing address), if details are described on an updated invoice copy that the customer signs and dates.


2. Critical Color Matching

  • Indy Displays only guarantees color matching on orders that include printed graphic proofs, Pantone color matching, and supplied color sample from client. Graphic printing orders that do not include a specified PMS color number, or printed sample proofs, are not guaranteed by Indy Displays. However, we will match colors to the best of abilities with the materials provided to us. 

3. Pricing & Product Details Disclaimer

  • Indy Displays makes every effort to ensure product information visible on is current and accurate. However, as specifications, price points, policies, lead times, conditions, and other information regularly change, Indy Displays reserves the right to change at any time without notice, information written or displayed on this website, and makes no warranties or accuracy guarantees. Indy Displays is not responsible for typo errors, but makes regular checks and updates to product details, specs, and pricing, to keep all information accurate online, and written materials. The product renderings, graphics, and documents published on, may include errors or inaccurate information. Indy Displays makes no representation about the accuracy or validity of the information, supplier renderings or graphic images represented on this site.

4. Product Warranties

  • All product warranties are backed by the original manufacturer/supplier. Most products include what  is called a “manufacturer’s quality” warranty. This means that the product will be fixed or replaced at no cost for a limited time, if the product is defective or does not function properly due to an error in craftsmanship. Basically this means that if your product arrives defective, and wasn’t damaged by the freight carrier, than is will be covered under warranty. 
  • Most of Indy Displays Premium Display Brands, include a full lifetime warranty for either the life of the product, or a certain length of time. While this product is covered under full warranty, it will be fixed or replaced, as long as the trade show display was damaged by the user. This warranty, like all display warranties, does not cover damage caused by a freight carrier ( example: UPS, Fedex, etc.). In cases of freight damage, the owner of the trade show booth must immediately file a claim with the freight carrier, in order to be reimbursted for all expenses associated with repair or replacement of the display booth. 

5. Order Cancellation

  • Customer cancellation on any orders after hardware production has begun will accrue costs based on how far hardware production has gone up to the date and time of cancellation. 
  • Customer cancellation on orders after graphic production has begun will accrue all costs associated with proofing artwork, production labor and materials used. 

6. Product Returns

  • Should a customer need to return a product due to late cancellation or for any reason not covered under the product warranty, Indy Displays reserves the right to first carry out a complete thorough inspection of the product or products before approving the return. All product returns of this nature will include a 20% to 35% restocking fee. Unwanted product returns will not be accepted 10 days after the products original delivery date. 
  • Indy Displays does not accept used product returns, custom display hardware returns, or printed graphic panels.

7. Damage & Shipping/Delivery Issues


  • Indy Displays is not held responsible for errors made by our shipping carriers, including but not limited to UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, Freight Companies, etc. Any product damaged during transit is a “non warranty issue”, claims must be reported to our team within 3 business days of delivery date as shipping carries will not settle damage claims once the 3-day window has closed. Customers that delay reporting damages caused during transit will forfeit their right to product replacement. When submitting a shipment damage claim, photos are required for documenting damage to the shipping container and or product. Shipping carriers reserve the right to inspect damages before settling the claim. After authorization is given to return the damaged item, all product returns must be made within 2 weeks of delivery.