Portable Pop Up Display Cases with Wheels & Handle

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Portable Pop Up Display Cases with Wheels & Handle are univeral trade show case options that can securely protect your display through the rough handling and constant wear shipping can create.  These cases are used for pop up table top and free-standing displays8ft x 8ft and 8ft x 10ft Waveline Displays (including wavetube displays, ez tube displays, formulate essential displays), 8ft and 10ft tension fabric pop up displays, and banner stand backwall kits.  Many of our case options include a case to counter conversion kit and have the option to add graphic wraps or tension fabric graphic case wraps.  

If your current shipping case has been cracked, missing wheels, or just looks like it’s time to be replaced, then most of the time it’s just easier to replace the old case instead of trying to hunt down replacement parts and paying for labor to have it repaired.  Indy Displays universal cases can just as effectively hold another brand’s display as the original case.  Many clients have purchased one of our universal display cases as a replacement for their Nomadic Instand Pop Up Displays, Skyline Mirage Pop Up Displays, Nimlok Compact Pop Up Displays, Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Displays, Downing Network Pop Up Displays, Classic Pop Up Displays, Abex Pop Up Displays, Expo Pop Up Displays, Coyote Pop Up Displays, any other brand of traditional pop up displays or tension fabric pop up displays, banner stand sets, and much more.