Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

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In the current and future COVID-19 world, companies and organizations of all kinds are looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs. Our mobile and portable hand sanitizer dispenser stands are solutions for public areas such as schools, retail stores, office buildings, and restaurants to provide preventative action for customers and employees. Our online catalog includes our current in stock hand sanitizer stands available for single, multiples or bulk ordering. Due to the current high demand on coronavirus safety hygiene [products, availability might change depend on, high quantity (bulk) orders and other factors. Please LIVE CHAT with an Indy Displays team member for instant answers to any of your questions!

The hand sanitizer station promotes safety practices by placing them in centralized kiosk station locations, giving your guests and workers an opportunity to frequently disinfect to protect against coronavirus, the flu virus, and other illnesses. As frequent hand washing has become highly recommended to prevent coronavirus from making a widespread return. Adopting these accessible hygiene sanitation stands into a public place help to reduce the risk and remind others to continue daily healthy sanitation routines.


Benefits of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands


1. The CDC recommends frequent and thorough handwashing as one of the top preventative measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19, but repeated trips to the restroom can prove impractical. Our purell hand sanitizer dispenser stands provide a convenient way to stay clean and safe.

2. High-traffic areas, like a building lobby or waiting area, have an elevated risk due to the constant flow of people throughout the day. Shared public spaces have heavily-used items like door handles, vending machines, elevator buttons. Touch free hand sanitizer floor stands placed in centralized locations inhibit germs and bacteria spreading from common areas to the rest of a building.
3. Businesses that implement hand sanitizer stand up dispenser kiosks throughout their facility are fostering goodwill and providing a service to their patrons. This is a time in which brands and consumers alike are searching for ways to connect with others and give back. Simple gestures like providing a free and easy way to protect the public from spreading or contracting coronavirus can go a long way.

As companies prepare for the return of public gatherings, purell hand sanitizer and dispenser stands are selling out at a rapid rate. While large events like concerts, trade shows, and sporting events may be farther out from opening than retail or offices, it would be wise for marketing and operations teams to plan accordingly. Preventative hand washing measures will become the new normal in a post-COVID-19 world; it would be wise for businesses to begin developing strategies to incorporate best practices as soon as possible.