Exhibit Line Reception Trade Show Counters

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Exhibitline Reception Trade Show Counters offer customers an office-like experience in a trade show setting. The familiarity makes a booth approachable, yet still professional, to attendees and creates a designated spot to engage in conversations. Adding countertop space allows room for promotional items like literature and giveaways, as well as staff belongings and necessities. With a wide range of sizes, any of our trade show displays can accommodate an Exhibitline Reception Counter at the front, corners, or even right in the middle of a large 30’ x 30’ space! For booth concepts with meeting rooms, the reception desks serve as ideal welcome areas for managing and scheduling appointments as visitors arrive. Multiple color options on the materials are available and the lower panels on all models can be printed with high-definition, full color graphics. An optional wheeled shipping case is available to make the counters ultra-portable Easy to set-up and lightweight, the Exhibitline Reception Trade Show Counters are the perfect way to bring the consultative nature of an office to a trade show, where individual attention is highly regarded by trade show attendees.