Backlit Displays

Illuminate Your Brand with Backlit Trade Show Displays

Experience the transformative power of our Backlit Trade Show Displays, featuring cutting-edge LED technology that highlights your vibrant, colorful graphics. From the ultra-light tension fabric backlit displays to hanging LED light curtain panels, these displays are designed to make your booth the focal point of any trade show. Our range includes industry-leading options like the Brightline family, Burst tension fabric pop up display, and the eco-friendly eSmart hybrid kits, ensuring that every product enhances your brand presence dramatically.

Customizable Solutions for Every Exhibition Need

Whether you’re looking for a rental solution for a standard booth size or a fully customized exhibit, our award-winning Indy Displays creative team has you covered. Our custom backlit displays are crafted with the latest LED technology, ensuring even lighting without hot spots or shadows. Features such as LED illuminated tension fabric structures, large backlit SEG graphic walls, and portable backlit counters are designed to stand out. We also offer a searchable gallery of rental displays, ensuring you can find the perfect solution for your next show.

Benefits of LED Light Box Displays

Modular light box displays elevate the look and feel of any trade show booth, transforming flat graphics into dynamic murals that capture attention. Our frameless SEG backlit displays provide a clean, edgeless appearance that integrates seamlessly into any setting. Highly customizable and easy to assemble, these displays offer the ultimate in modern, portable exhibition solutions. Combine this with our low-profile, tool-free aluminum frames, and you have an investment that not only elevates your brand but also simplifies the exhibition process.