10' x 10' Segue Hybrid Backlit Displays

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Why Segue Hybrid Backlit Displays?:

Backlit Displays are the hottest exhibitor trend for good reason. They add a unique aesthetic to any display space and Segue has perfected the quality and technology of backlit hardware and graphics. The utilize Silicone-Edged Graphics, which allow many benefits including lightweight graphics and frames, as well as pulling the fabric taut for wrinkle-free displays. Due to strategically placed LED lighting, the dye-sublimated graphics have no distracting hot-spotting. All of our 10’ x 10′ SEGUE Hybrid Backlit Displays are re-configurable to our 10′ x 20’ SEGUE Hybrid Backlit Displays, offering our clients versatility and longevity in their display choice! Also, a lifetime hardware warranty ensures continued satisfaction. Segue Hybrid Backlit Displays combine form and function to create displays that will be the star of any trade show!