Tabletop Retractable Banners

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Tabletop Retractable Banners are a simple and effective ways to professionally promote your brand when exhibiting on top of a convention hall trade show folding table or any type of elevated space. In fact, a tabletop retractable banner is ideal for sales presentations, monthly promotions, new product launch, retail promotion, company events, or career fairs. The goal when marketing with any table top display, is to make a fast and impactful impression.

To maximize booth floor space, complete your table display by adding printed trade show table covers that provide more visible branding (professional tip: without a branded table cover accessory, all table top displays look unfinished and unprofessional). Trade show table covers are affordable and the most effective way to enhance your booth table branding by providing logo visibility on the front lower level and on both side of your table top display. 

Tabletop Banner Stands are ideal when setup time and manpower are limited. Like all Retractable Banner Stands, tabletop banner stands should be used an individual exhibitor that’s required to setup their trade show display alone, or a traveling sales professional that only has a few minutes to prepare before presenting.

Ultra-Portable Table Top Display Solution

For exhibitors wanting simple user-friendly display booth setup and ultra-light affordable transportationthen select a table top banner kit and our best-selling Xpressions Salesmate Popup 3D Sign Displays. Unlike other trade show table displays, simplistic stretch fabric table displays can be a better way solution for 1-person exhiting teams that also desire versatility features.  Choose from individual retractable table top banner stands to table top banner stand kits that include three banner versatility.