10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-1087


10 x 10 eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-1087 blends the two hottest trends in trade show displays, backlit LED lighting and eco-friendly. Featuring a recycled lightweight aluminum modular frame and energy efficient LED trade show lights, this 10′ lightbox display offers an attractive solution for our environmentally-conscious green exhibitors. A standard inline 10’ x 10’ trade show display space is ideal for this eco-friendly light box display booth.

Not included in this expo kit price listed, but shown in the Blue Man Group display rendering example, is the ultra-modern eSmart ECO-47C Lightbox Podium Counter. This portable backlit table, is a powerful branding accessory, that features internal LED light strips, that will illuminate and put your brand front and center, in any 10′ or 20′ expo space. The combining both an illuminated 10ft backwall and pedestal counter, will bring your brand so much praise, it’s very unlikely your competitors’ trade show displays will come close to attracting the amount of attention your eSmart Lightbox Display will.

Just like our well-known modular 10′ x 10′ Exhibitline Displays, the eSmart modular frame allows additional accessory addons at anytime you see fit. Examples include, adding an additional monitor to the opposite vertical extrusion column, or attaching an iPad or android tablet (multiple can be added), attaching additional laminate product shelving or adding brushed aluminum brochure holders, to keep your booth space clutter free.


Our favorite eSmart modular frame feature, is it’s ability to seamlessly grow by reconfiguration. The ECO-1087 10′ lightbox display can be seamlessly reconfigured to fit a 10′ x 20′ booth space. The ability to easily customize to enlarge from a 10′ to 20′ eSmart Lightbox Display, adds even more lifetime value to your purchase. Never worry about starting from scratch when owning a custom modular display frame. Indy Displays’ catalog of 10 x 20 Backlit Lightbox Displays, includes a full product line of eSmart 20ft booth displays.  


If reducing your environmental footprint is important to you or your clients, look no further than our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-1087. This vibrant stylish 10×10 trade show display will take your product, brand, or company to the next level.


Why eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays?

Our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays have been created to provide environmentally-conscious exhibitors the option of stunning backlit displays. Backlit Displays are the fastest growing trend in the trade show industry, with their modern, eye-catching LED trade show lighting. High-definition, silicone-edge premium fabric graphics, are elevated by carefully placed backlighting, eliminating any hot-spotting issues, often found on cheap backlit signage. Designed with our green-friendly clients in mind, the lightweight user-friendly frame is engineered from recycled aluminum and the LED trade show lighting can last for up to 10 years, and is certified energy efficient. In addition to the eco-friendly design features, the portable wheeled flat pack cases this backlit display seamlessly packs in, are built from 100% recycled plastics, making the eSmart case, the industry’s most eco-friendly green trade show display case. Choose our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays to have not only the most impactful display on the market, but also lower your environmental footprint with the greenest, most eco-friendly displays on the market!


Price Includes:

  • Recycled, aluminum modular display frame
  • Rear seamless SEG fabric backside blocker
  • Silicone edge (SEG) backlit tension eco-fabric graphic mural
  • Direct print graphics on eco-board recycled substrate pieces, with profile cut
  • Eco-plex frosted accent display wings
  • Laminated backwall shelf (made with certified, sustainable products)
  • Medium monitor mount
  • Two 100% recycled hard plastic flat wheeled shipping cases (include wheels and handle)
  • Printed detailed setup instructions
  • Monitor NOT included
eSmart Display Accessories
  • ECO-47C Lightbox Podium Counter not included, available for purchase
  • iPad Tablet Display Stand



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