10x10 Exhibit Line Custom Modular Display Rentals

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Flexible and Customizable 10×10 Exhibit Line Custom Modular Display Rentals

10×10 Trade Show Rentals are the most popular exhibit rental sizes, as trade show floor layouts typically feature a majority of 10’ x 10’ booth spaces. Our 10ft rental exhibit options offer a standard, simple solution for exhibitors looking to rent a portable display for their next show. Enjoy all the customization options of purchasing, but without the long-term commitment. These 10’ x 10’ trade show display rentals are perfect for one-time events such as pop-up stores, school events, or launch parties.

Customization and High-Quality Graphics

Our rental exhibit booths can be customized with shelving, lighting, monitor stands, and more. We also offer rental accessories to enhance your space without the need to purchase. The premium graphic fabrics are printed with high-quality ink, ensuring your unique designs stand out among competitors. At Indy Displays, we are dedicated to helping you choose the best rental booth solutions tailored to your audience and needs.

Flexible Rental Options

We provide a rent-to-own option where up to 50% of the hardware rental cost can be credited towards the purchase of the rented exhibit display if you decide to buy after the rental period. (Ask for details on our rent-to-own hardware credit.) This flexible approach ensures you make the most of your investment, whether you attend trade shows infrequently or are a first-time exhibitor testing the waters.

When Is Renting the Best Option?

  • Infrequent Trade Show Attendance: Ideal for those attending one or two shows a year, rental exhibit booths offer flexibility and cost savings of up to 70% compared to buying.
  • First-Time Exhibitors: Eliminate the risk of high initial costs and untested ROI by renting. We offer credits towards purchase if you decide buying is the best solution after the rental period.
  • Keep It Fresh: Change up your booth aesthetics to keep your brand exciting for attendees. Customize rental exhibit displays to match your design ideas with the help of our consultants.
  • Multiple Marketing Initiatives: Use rental displays to maximize marketing spend across multiple sales initiatives without sacrificing one business priority over another.
  • Lower Commitment: Add dynamic elements to your booth for specific events without the commitment of purchasing. Our rental service allows you to incorporate high-quality accessories for a unique booth experience.