Trade Show Display Rentals

Trade Show Rentals: Convenient & Impactful Exhibit Solutions


Trade Show Booth Exhibit Rentals are the most budget-conscious approach when exhibiting at trade shows. With hundreds affordable, dynamic display options in rental inventory, Indy Displays provides complete turnkey exhibit rentals without the hassle. Our rentals meet any trade show needs from 10’ x 10’ portable displays to 20’ x 20’ booth kits to custom 30’ island spaces, along with almost any product offered on our site. We provide trade show booth rental packages that include complete display hardware, cases, and custom graphics, but we also offer rental counters, kiosks, banner stands, portable furniture, flooring, and more.


When Is Renting The Best Option?

Infrequent Trade Show Attendance

At Indy Displays, we have many customers that attend one trade show per year or only need portable displays for specific occasions, like school or corporate events. Rental exhibit booths also provide excellent solutions for businesses specializing in seasonal products and services that usually have a short window of applicable trade shows per year. Customers like this can benefit from the flexibility and cost-savings associated with booth rentals. Trade show exhibit rentals can provide cost savings of up to 70% when compared to buying. This allows you to stretch your budget without sacrificing the professional appearance and presence that exhibitors with busier trade show schedules prioritize when allocating resources. When your company is only attending one or two shows a year it’s necessary to make sure you are getting the most out of every dollar spent.

First-Time Exhibitors

The initial cost of entry often deters potential exhibitors, especially when the return on investment is untested. Whether it’s your first show or you’re trying out a new event strategy, renting a trade show display is an opportunity to eliminate the unknown benefits that come with the commitment of buying. Don’t feel as though your company is at a disadvantage when exhibiting among competitors with years of experience. At Indy Displays we will help you choose the best rental booth solutions for your audience and needs. We will also credit up to 50% of the hardware rental cost to the purchase of the rented exhibit display if you decide after renting that buying is the best solution after the rental period. (Ask for details on our rent-to-own hardware credit.)

Keep It Fresh! 

There is such a wide variety of trade show booth configurations, it can be difficult to choose a single look to be used at every trade show. If keeping your brand fresh and exciting to attendees is a priority, renting is the perfect way to change up aesthetics! Your rental exhibit displays can be customized to your match your desired design ideas. Our consultants will help you customize beautiful, impactful trade show display rental solutions to meet each of your show objectives.

Multiple Marketing Initiatives

It’s not uncommon for a business to have multiple divisions or sources of revenue, and many trade shows cater to highly specific industries or products. With the use of rental displays, you don’t have to sacrifice one business priority over another or choose between multiple trade shows occurring simultaneously that could provide equal benefit to your bottom line. Rental trade show displays offer you the opportunity to be agile and adaptable in maximizing marketing spend across multiple sales initiatives.

Lower Commitment

There are endless components exhibitors can add to a trade show floor space, from a photo booth to seating areas to complimentary device charging stations. These accessories can add unique and fun elements that will engage attendees in new ways. If you want to make your booth space dynamic and different for a one or two strategic events during the year, our rental service provides the opportunity to incorporate high-quality accessories without the commitment of purchasing. This allows businesses the flexibility to utilize one-off booth experiences that can typically come with a high price tag.