Trade Show Display Rentals

Maximize Flexibility with Trade Show Rentals

Trade Show Booth Exhibit Rentals offer a budget-conscious and impactful solution for exhibitors. With a diverse inventory of affordable, dynamic display options, Indy Displays provides turnkey exhibit rentals that cover everything from 10’ x 10’ portable displays to custom 30’ island spaces. Our rental packages include complete display hardware, cases, custom graphics, and even additional options like rental counters, kiosks, banner stands, portable furniture, flooring, and more.

When Is Renting the Best Option?

Renting is ideal for those attending infrequent trade shows or special events, first-time exhibitors, or businesses with seasonal product cycles. It offers significant cost savings—up to 70% compared to purchasing—and the flexibility to customize your booth to keep your brand fresh and engaging. Whether you’re managing multiple marketing initiatives or just need a unique setup for a couple of events a year, our rental solutions provide the opportunity to showcase your brand effectively with lower commitment and high adaptability.

Benefits of Trade Show Rentals

Rentals are perfect for companies that require versatility across multiple trade shows or want to test different exhibition strategies without the high upfront cost of purchase. We also offer a rent-to-own option where up to 50% of the hardware rental cost can be credited towards the purchase of your exhibit display, providing a smooth transition from renting to owning without financial strain. Additionally, renting allows businesses to continually adapt their trade show presence, ensuring that each exhibit is both innovative and aligned with current marketing goals.