Exhibit Line exb.nlc 10ft Display


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The Exhibit Line EXB.NLC 10ft trade show display is a modern-looking exhibit made from aluminum and laminate exhibit display hardware. The Exhibit Line brand provides portability and easy setup without sacrificing style and functionality. All of Exhibit Line’s products are designed to setup without tools using their proprietary knob connection system.

The structure of this custom modular display is made from lightweight aluminum extrusions. The clean lines of the Exhibit Line system produce a trendy, modern look that elevate a company’s event presence. The EXB.NLC display kit incorporates a curved, laminate canopy with six inset halogen lights to showcase graphics and display components.

The EXB.NLC 10ft display kit includes a durable tapered counter with locking storage and laminated coutertop. The added benefit of secure storage allows your team to confidently leave company or personal items at the booth throughout the day or overnight. The monitor stand is attached to the display and holds monitors up to 36 inches. The slim literature stand provides an area to display a variety of printed marketing materials without crowding a 10′ x 10′ exhibit floor space. 

This Exhibit Line trade show exhibit model utlizes a premium quality dye sublimation graphic, printed on a durable poly knit fabric. The graphic stretches tightly between the center aluminum extrusions, resulting in enough tension to eliminate any fabric wrinkles from shipping or storage. The entire EXB.NLC 10ft exhibit booth is designed to be packaged into two flat cases to simplify shipping and lower shipping costs.

Price Includes:

  • Custom modular aluminum extrusion frame
  • Locking storage counter with laminate top
  • Literature stand with three tiers
  • Small monitor stand (monitors up to 36 inches)
  • Tension fabric graphic mural
  • Laminate canopy header with halogen down lighting
  • Frosted plex wings
  • Detailed set up instructions
  • Two durable 48.25T shipping cases with wheels 

Why Exhibitline Displays?

Modern. Stylish. Functional. Our Exhibit Line models are clean and simplistic, allowing your marketing message to stand out, but never sacrificing quality. The modular frame construction is highly portable and easy to setup, allowing an exhibitor to focus on trade show lead generation, and not the display. That’s not to say attention will not be paid, however, as the premium, dye sublimated graphics deliver vibrant, beautiful images. Stretching between the aluminum extrusions, the fabric murals will be wrinkle-free and stress-free.

Exhibit Line models were designed with efficiency in mind, and the tool-less assembly feature makes them some of the easiest, and quickest, premium displays to setup and tear down. Once disassembled, the modular frame sections pack into the provided cases for shipping and storage.

The additions of accents such as headers, wings, and laminate counters provide an array of customization options and bonus graphic space. If a media element is required for innovative trade show plans, many of our Exhibit Line models meet those needs with monitor mounts and tablet kiosks. Any product, brand, or company will benefit from the professional aesthetic of the distinctive Exhibit Line design.

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