Event Charging Coffee Table


Product Information:

The Event Charging Coffee Table serves as a multi-functional trade show accessory. Boasting 8 USB ports and adjustable LED accent lighting, it’s likely to be the most utilized element at your next event! Draw a crowd to your booth, and keep them there, with a simple solution to a common problem. Ultra-portable, the trade show charging workstation has a modern design and adhesive graphic print options. Rental options are also available, contact us for more information!


Price Includes:

  • Modular Charging Coffee Table
  • Laminate Countertop
  • 8 USB Ports
  • LED Perimeter Lights
  • Adhesive Graphic
  • Internal Cord System
  • *Cords not included


Buy or Rent Our Event Charging Stations

Our Event Charging Stations provide the ultimate convenience for trade show attendees and event goers. Cell phones are commodity now, and it’s not uncommon for people to carry two or more electronics at once. However, finding places to charge a low battery that doesn’t infringe on valuable time remains a challenge. Adding a Trade Show Charging Table to your exhibit booth or event space solves a problem almost everyone encounters. Not only will a charging station increase traffic, it will also keep potential clients at your booth longer. All of our charging stations can be printed with high-quality graphics and are available in a variety of finishes.

An emerging wedding trend? Cocktail charging tables and kiosks that are sure to be a sensation that every guest will remember! Brides and grooms are incorporating social media into their big day more often, and they depend on their guests to help take and post pictures. However, all that posting can drain phone batteries, so an Event Charging Station might just be the best party favor a host can offer!

Contact us for information on our Wedding Rental Packages, which all include graphic design work. We’ll help you easily impress your guests with charging tables that fit the unique style and color scheme of your wedding day!




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