Burst 8ft Flat Backlit Pop Up Display


The Indy Displays Brand-Name Burst 8ft Flat Backlit Pop Up Display is an 8′ x 8′ best-selling backlit pop up display. The V-Burst portable system was the pioneer and original tension fabric pop up display, that features one seamless stretch fabric mural graphic. Inside the 8’w x 8’h flat frame are three 3-piece fluorescent hanging light bars, that provide ample graphic mural illumination. The backside of the frame includes a seamless white fabric that attaches to the frame using hook velcro. 

Tension Fabric vs. Traditional Popup Displays:
Burst and other tension fabric display brands have surpassed traditional popup displays in recent years, due it’s light-weight hardware, simple 1-piece fabric mural graphic, low price point, and easy display booth setup and dismantle. The Burst 8ft Flat Backlit Pop Up Display features all of the components that the traditional burst display featured. However this display unit has been ehnanced with a custom backlighting system that dramatically increases the visual impact of your logo, images, and message.

What Makes The Burst Display System Different?
If you shop around online enough you will see many knockoff displays that include images that make it look identical to the Burst Backlit Pop Up Display.  Once you receive that display in the mail you will realize that it’s nowhere near the quality you thought you were purchasing.

How the Indy Displays Burst Backlit Popup is Better?

  • Durable Craftsmanship (V-Burst frames are built to outlast the cheaper knock-off competition)
  • Guaranteed Brand-Name Burst Hardware and TriFab Opaque Graphic Mural
  • No Hotspotting (Burst creates an illuminated lightbox with even distribution of light throughout the entire graphic)
  • Burst’s Lifetime Hardware Guarantee
  • Premium TriFab Opaque Stretch Fabric (#1 fabric material for backlit popup’s and SEG frames, that prevents the frame and lights from being visible)

Price Includes:

  • 3×3 (8ft) Pop Up Frame
  • TriFab Dye sublimation seamless graphic mural w/ stretch-wrap printed endcaps
  • Burst light kit w/ unprinted back cover
  • Canvas carrying case 


Burst Accessory Options: 

Additional 8′ x 8′ Backlit Display Packages:

tension fabric premium burst backlit pop up display


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