10ft Backlit SEG Pop Up Display


10ft Backlit SEG Pop Up Display is our most versatile and portable LED illuminated fabric light box display wall. This unique hybrid backlit SEG pop up display is an exclusive IndyDisplays.com expo product that features LED Ladder Light Panels. Unlike hanging fluorescent light bars or “edgelit” internal lighting, LED ladder light box panels provide direct graphic illumination throughout the entire front and side graphic panels. Common backlit display problems like graphic “hot spotting”, also known as graphic shadowing, are lighting problems exhibitors will never face when using LED ladder lights, the latest expo lighting technology. This portable backlit wall provides an even distribution of bright LED light that illuminates your brand more effectively than ever before!

SEG Hybrid Light Box Frame:
The 8’h x 10’w flat SEG frame features a unique hybrid seamless graphic mural attachment technolohgy. Each light box opaque fabric graphic is finished with SEG attachment strips, making booth setup and dismantle a breeze for even just one exhibitor! Enjoy all the expo marketing advantages LED backlit trade show displays provide exhibitors with our one of our portable backlit SEG pop up display kits!

Price Includes:

  • 8’h x 10’w flat aluminum pop up frame
  • SEG hybrid modular graphic attachment hardware
  • Seamless stretch fabric mural graphic with SEG finishing
  • Two Seamless stretch fabric graphic end caps with SEG finishing
  • Seamless fitted white fabric back cover with SEG finishing
  • Canvas transporting bag
  • Durable hard shipping case with wheels and handle



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