Booth Rental Is a Flexible Option

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Indy Displays is more than happy to help our customers design and build their own trade show display booths complete with furniture, banners, and other peripherals. Some of our clients can meet their needs with simple, budget-friendly exhibitline displays while others want a top-of-the-line package with all the bells and whistles. However, what about clients whose needs change from one show to the next? We have the perfect solution in booth rental.

Renting your trade show booth gives you the flexibility to change your display by mixing and matching pieces for each show you do. Moreover, if you are an organization that only does a few shows a year, renting can save you money by not requiring an upfront investment in equipment that could cost thousands of dollars. Renting frees up cash that can be used in other ways.

exhibitline displays

Unlimited Configuration Options

There is a lot to love about trade show booth rental, but the greatest benefit of all might be the unlimited configuration options you have. Maybe you want an expandable pop up display as the main focal point of your booth. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking at more focused exhibit line displays along with a podium, some furniture, and some stand-up exhibits. Indy Displays has hundreds of different pieces in our inventory that we can use to customize something unique for you.

All of our rentals can also be designed with customized graphics. In other words, you do not have to sacrifice the visual appeal of your brand in order to save money by renting. All custom graphics are printed and applied according to your exact specifications. No one will ever know you rented a booth from us if you do not tell them. Furthermore, your booth will be every bit as effective as the one next to you, without the investment commitment.

Purchasing Your Rental

We understand there may come a time when you decide to purchase your rental booth rather than continue to rent. That’s fine. Indy Displays will apply a certain portion of the rent you have paid to the purchase price of the unit. It is our goal to make renting and buying as easy for you as possible.

Why buy your rental booth from us? Some of our clients begin renting because they need the flexibility it offers. Later they find they are in a comfortable routine with a display package that does not require constant alterations. At that time, it might make more sense to invest in purchasing for better long-term value. Other clients may rent for the first few shows because they do not have the money to purchase. They purchase at a later date when they are in a stronger financial position.

We try to be as flexible and open as possible so that we can give our clients an extensive list of options. If your company is just beginning to get involved in trade shows, we encourage you to consider renting from Indy Displays instead of purchasing right away. Renting from us gives you an opportunity to take your time to experiment with different configurations to determine what works best for you. Should you decide to purchase in the future, we will make it as easy as we can.

As a company owner or manager, rental may not be what you are after. Indy Displays can still be your provider of choice. We have a complete inventory of display equipment for any need or budget. Whether you are looking for an exhibit line display that is affordable and portable or something more complex, we have what you need.

3 Tips for Successful Trade Show Exhibit Design

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When you participate as an exhibitor at industry related trade shows, you quickly learn about both inbound and outbound brand marketing strategies. All of those smiling show attendees walking through the convention hall floor have no idea of the amount of creative time, manual labor and rental location space cost associated with each freshly branded display, promotional trade show giveaways and hand-picked knowledgeable staff. Expo marketing teams must go through the preparation process numerous times to be sure their staff and booth setup is 100% ready for day one first impressions. Leaving the most memorable customer experience through proper modern trade show exhibit design, professional interaction with show attendees, and even interactive digital signage kiosk displays, helps companies guarantee they beat out all competition within their industry niche!




10' x 20' LED Edgelit Modular Hardware SEG Graphic Package




Professional trade show marketing coordinators always cover their pre show planning basis. They know it only takes one user error during display setup that can throw a temporary wrench from staying on schedule, but if any needed last minute mistakes clearly caused by lack of trade show exhibit design knowledge. expedited trade show projects which you know it only takes one accident or booth space issue for something to go wrong with your backlit trade show displays or whichever display booth you choose to brand your products on.

trade show exhibit design

There’s no argument that pre-show preparation, display booth setup and dismantle are all hard work. There are times when everything goes smoothly, but attending a convention without any issues is more common than not. The veteran exhibitors know how much preplanning is involved in expo marketing and what they can do to mitigate as many problems as possible.

To that end, we have put together three tips for a successful trade show exhibit:

1. Get Comfortable with Target Time

Every vendor who signs up to display at a trade show is given a service manual upon acknowledgment of the registration. In the service manual is the ‘target time’ for the delivery of your display, equipment, and inventory. Get comfortable with that target time. Understand that a target time is not a guaranteed time for the delivery of your load. You may be starting your set-up later than you anticipated. Always anticipate unforeseen delays in shipments.

Convention hall coordinators do their best to schedule deliveries with efficiency in mind. Those vendors deepest into the hall’s interior will get their deliveries first; those on the periphery, closest to freight elevators and doors, will get their deliveries last. However, what if you are on the interior of the floor and your freight delivery has been delayed? Your life, and the lives of those vendors around you, will be made that much more difficult. There is nothing you can do about it. There’s also no need to stress.

2. Adopt the Mindset of Simplicity

Indy Displays puts together the most complex trade show booth displays for customers who really need them. Nevertheless, if you do not need to go complex, we urge you to adopt a mindset of simplicity. Why? Because simplicity saves you money at the trade show. Consider the difference between backlit trade show displays that already come pre-wired and with nothing more than a few light bulbs to screw in, as opposed to large and complicated displays that require on-site wiring and overhead rigging for lights.

Portable LED Trade Show Booth Lighting Technology

The cost for an show-provided labor needed to assemble displays will add to a company’s trade show costs. In addition, you will be at the mercy of show operators to provide you with the labor you need in a timely manner. Keeping things simple mitigates your need for extra labor and the headaches and costs that go with it. Try to keep your drayage costs as low as possible too.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning is a good idea for any project. However, in the arena trade show displays, planning is critical. Find out well in advance how much real space you will have. Find out whether electric service for your backlit trade show display will come from the floor or the ceiling. Your booth space location in the exhibition all is an important factor, as well. The more you know about exhibition hall layout, the more efficient  set-up and tear down will be. If Indy Displays can help you by creating a better trade show exhibit design, we would be happy to do so. Just get in touch by phone or over the website.


Hanging Signs Are Ideal With Limited Floor Space

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There’s no shortage of free-standing inline and island trade show booth designs these days.  Just within the past year, backlit trade show displays have become so popular that LED lighting can be integrated into almost any type of standard portable display line like the Xpressions SNAP! pop up displays to create lightbox and backlit graphics.  What else has really become popular at trade shows is multi-media.  Just a few years back it required a sturdy custom modular display system like the Exhibitline to mount LED screens, iPads, and other electronics.  Nowadays mounting multi-media devices to a backwall display is almost as common as adding basic halogen lights to a display.  You can now add monitors and tablets to traditional pop up displays, tension fabric displays, portable kiosks, and even a few retractable banner stand systems.

Hanging Signs Are Ideal When Space Is Limited

But what happens if you’re a manufacturing company with large machinery you want to demo that will take up a large portion of your booth space?  In most cases like this, you are left with little or no room for fancy free-standing multi-media trade show displays.  The simple yet highly effective solution to this problem is a traditional Hanging Sign.  For example, our client Harrell’s Car Wash Systems, recently exhibited in Las Vegas to launch the industry’s first motorcycle car washing machine.  This exciting new product was very well received but as you can imagine, the washing machine demo took up a large portion of their 20ft x 20ft island booth space.  What was Harrell’s solution?  They decided a circular hanging sign with a few Expand Graphic PodiumCase counter displays on the exhibit floor would be the perfect layout.  The image below shows you how Harrell’s booth came together.  In many cases, using hanging signs when there is limited floor space, like in this situation, gives an exhibitor the most exposure and allows them to keep their booth layout open and inviting for show attendees.

Hanging Signs Are Ideal With Limited Floor Space

Check out all of Indy Displays Hanging Sign Shapes & Sizes.  For questions about pricing, turnaround time, or custom hanging sign shapes, contact us direct at 317-565-2255 or CHAT LIVE now with the link below.

Why to Purchase Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays

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Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays Offer Versatile Exhibition Solutions

With a wide array of portable modular features and visually striking HD printed dye sublimation fabric graphic panels, the Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays offers exhibitors a complete catalog of creative and customizable trade show booth design solutions for all portable trade show display needs.

Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays are the original, versatile, and dynamic flagship Xpressions Pop Up Display product line. The Xpressions SNAP is comprised of sturdy and lightweight aluminum supports intended for use with custom fabric skins. The components of the aluminum pop up frame are attached with strong magnets, and the folding accordion design enables quick and effortless pop-up assembly on location. The SNAP! includes a dozen integrated standard size frames and larger planes for integrated eye-catching tension fabric graphics. The graphic skins are interchangeable, and no tools are needed to remove skins for washing or changing them out when you update or create a new display design.  Also, the popup frame can be assembled in a multitude of different 3D designs, depending on the size and shape of the desired trade show display layout. This makes the Xpressions SNAP! design perfect for use in a wide variety of settings and uses, including merchandise displays, marketing communications, expo booths, exhibitions, special events, sales meetings, product introductions, conferences, and trade shows. No matter what design you choose, the Xpressions SNAP! will enable you to present a polished and sleek image.

Xpressions 10' SNAP! Pop Up Display


The Xpressions Connex Portable Display Line, available in 10 foot and 20 foot varieties, are spin-offs of the basic SNAP! system. Connex is a 3D fabric pop up graphic wall that is modular and versatile with shelving insert options, monitor screen attachment and frame attachment clips that allow multiple 3D sign display walls. The shelves are especially useful for displaying prototypes, merchandise, samples, or even giveaways.


xpressions connex pop up display system


Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays also offer the option to print your logo and brand images on sheer see-through fabric skins for an additional modern 3D graphic layered look. These stretch pop ups that feature solid fabric graphics panels with sheer print overlays; provide depth and make font, logos and images pop for maximum visual impact. The 3D Xpressions sheer printed stretch display panels are ideal for featuring artistic patterns or texture designs that provide an enhanced 3D branding effect, like water droplets or snow flakes.

Xpressions Salesmate Table Top Displays

The Xpressions SalesMate is the “mini” table top display option in the Xpressions 3D portable pop up display product line. Like the Xpressions SNAP! frames, the smaller SalesMate is a versatile and dynamic product for sales presentations and HR recruitment fairs, that’s lightweight and compact enough to fit inside most professional briefcases and hand bags. In fact, the 3D SalesMate table display is even smaller and more portable than table top banner stand displays, and is intended to be displayed at sitting eye level. Xpressions Salesmate portable presentation fabric displays provide maximum effect for a more modest price.

YouTube Preview Image

Xpresssions Backlit 3D Pop Up Displays

Xpressions also offers backlit options for their portable trade show displays. By selecting add-on LED light box hardware kit, you can truly turn heads and attract extra attention from illuminating your brand with dye sublimation printed vibrant illuminated branding. Xpressions 3D LED light box graphic enhancements are installed directly on the aluminum pop up frame and can remain in place during booth breakdown and storage. However, the backlit graphic skins are best removed from the frame prior to breakdown to avoid unattractive wrinkles or creases. Because backlit displays require an electrical power sources for operation, the Xpressions 3D LED pop up system might not be suitable for all exhibition hall locations.


xpressions backlit fabric pop up display graphic skins


If you are looking for an exhibition solution to create 3D signage space, Xpressions 3D portable pop up displays are an ideal fit for many marketing teams. This creative 3D versatile trade show display also offers an innovative free-standing lightweight monitor stand kiosk package and attractive stretch fabric portable counters that also utilize the 3D design elements from the original Xpressions SNAP! system. Regardless of your trade show branding needs, the Xpressions line surely offers a booth layout integration solution that will meet your exhibiting standards.  Chat online now with one of our Exhibit Consultants for more information and pricing.

Trade Show Marketing For Small Businesses

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There Are Many Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses

Small business marketing is an ever changing process that seems to get more complicated each year.  In 2014 there seemed to be a large push for fully automated CRM’s that include online marketing solutions.  The interface design is ideal for small businesses that want to automate all of their online marketing needs.  Do they work?  I have had some great feedback about Infusionsoft, but have had terrible feedback on some of the lower cost alternatives.

Small Businesses Must Remember The Importance Of Trade Shows

Regardless of the latest online marketing trend, most small business can’t afford not to stay relevant with their customer base.  One of the few advantages small businesses can have over their large competitors, is client relationship and service.  Getting face to face with current and future customers is the best way to sell yourself, your product, and why it’s important to choose you over the big guy.  We created a custom trade show marketing for small businesses Infographic that highlights ways for small businesses (like ourselves) to attract trade show attendees.  Tips include pre-show marketing and marketing tips at the trade show.  In addition to the cited resources at the bottom of the Infographic, is another fantastic resource for anything trade show marketing related.

small business trade show marketing infographic

Three Trade Show Smartphone Apps

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Adding the right smartphone apps make trade shows more efficient

With all the planning and organization that goes into any marketing event, it’s easy to forget about your smartphone.  As someone that helps companies plan their trade show’s, I have found that smartphone’s are a valuable tool for helping exhibitors function efficiently while preplanning and while onsite at the show.  This is a list of three valuable trade show smartphone apps to use while exhibiting or attending a trade show convention.


One of the made purposes of attending a trade show is to make new contacts with people in your industry.  With that being said, a large stack of business cards can be a pain to manage and it’s highly possible to misplace to most valuable contacts.  Camcard is a free mobile app that allows you to take pictures of business cards and then the app directly inputs and saves the information into your smartphone.  In addition, you can add custom fields and notes for each contact.

camcard trade show app

Track My Budget
Everybody knows that attending or exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive. The more effectively you can track your spendings the more likely you are to not go over you preferred trade show budget.  Track My Budget will track all of your spendings as it relates to your budget. This app allows you to set up custom categories, such as meals and flights, and then categorize your transactions. You can enter your total travel budget as Income and the app will show you how much you have spent and how much cash remains in your trade show budget.  In addition, the smartphone app allows you to enter certain expenses (such as breakfast or your morning coffee) as recurring so that you don’t have to enter the expense manually each day.

trade show budget tracking


This app I use everyday for tracking all my expenses so it’s no shocker it works great as a trade show app.  This is a free app for keeping track of all the annoying paper receipts and extracts all of the information and inputs it into your phone.  You also have the option of entering data manually. Once it’s tax time, you can easily compile expense reports from the collection of receipts.

tracking trade show expenses

 Utilizing these three app should help you organize and budget better before your next trade show.  Another great app that deserves mention is  This app allows you to track your vehicle allowing you to know it’s exact parking garage location.  Never again be stuck searching multiple parking lot levels to location your vehicle.

indianapolis display companyQUESTIONS? CHAT ONLINE OR CALL 317-565-2255


Fully Custom expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display System

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The expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display is Truly Custom!

The expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display is the only pop up display system on the market that allows you to create at complete custom booth just like a custom modular display.  This display has rapidly been growing in popularity due to the versatility and savings it provides on drayage and shipping.  Completely customize you small or large booth space with accessory options that include clear acrylic shelf kits, screen holders, various lighting options, and various heights and graphic finishes.

YouTube Preview Image

expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display Case Study

Just ask the company of DeLaval, largest dairy equipment manufacturer in Canada, who decided to use the expolinc Pop Up Magnetic for their 30ft. x 50ft. display booth. DeLaval had the options of using a custom modular display, but decided on using the custom pop up instead. Using expolinc’s system saved them more than 50% on show site services than that of a custom modular booth, along with being ten times less expensive to transport. Not only did DeLaval save money in purchasing the hardware, but also in the labor cost in setting up the booth. Any custom modular aluminum display easily takes a minimum of 8 hours set up. With Expolinc’s PUM, two employees of DeLaval set up the entire booth in two and a half hours.

10' x 20' expolinc custom pop up display

DeLaval realized how quickly and easily the Pop Up System can be reconfigured to their needs. They realized this benefit quickly, because three days before the trade show, they realized that they had a 20ft. x 50ft. booth instead of the 30ft. x 50ft. layout they had original thought that they had. This was not a problem as they could easily remove some of the sections of the Pop Up and continue forward without any headaches. This difference in size would have been a catastrophe if the booth were built from custom modular display hardware, as everything would have been predesigned for the initial size. expolinc showed DeLaval why the Pop Up Magnetic trade show display should be a go to for all of their trade shows. Save yourself time, money, and stress, use the expolinc Pop Up Magnetic for your next show.

expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display Examples:

20ft concave custom expolinc pop up display

10' x 30' fully custom pop up display

10 x 20 fully custom portable pop up display

30ft custom conference pop up display

20ft expolinc fllat custom pop up display

For more information or to setup an in office consultation please contact an exhibit consultant at 317-565-2255.  The custom expolinc pop up displays can be built in 10 business days after final artwork approval.

Indianapolis Trade Show Supplies

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Indianapolis Trade Show Supplies for Fall 2014

The Fall trade show season is here!  Now is the time to pull your trade show display out of it’s case to make sure everything (hardware, frame, graphics, lights) is working correctly before your marketing team heads out for their first exhibiting event.  Indy Displays features a large catalog of Indianapolis trade show supplies that can be delivered in 48 hours or less.  Adding accessories to your trade show booth space can be fast and an inexpensive way to improve your marketing display.  Instantly turn your basic trade show display into an interactive multimedia trade show booth by adding monitor mounts or iPad tablet attachments, or help your marketing team organize their materials by adding portable literature stands or attaching shelves to the aluminum display frame.  Here are a few trade show supply options that can be purchased online at

Portable Literature Stands

Literature Display Stands help with booth organization and add strong accents to any location in the trade show booth space.  Your brochures and trade show giveaways are far too important to leave scattered all over the place.  Indy Displays literature stands and brochure holders are portable, lightweight and ideal for trade shows, conventions, presentations, and office lobbies.

indianapolis trade show supplies

Trade Show Counters

No trade show booth space is complete without some type of trade show counter or podium.  Trade show counters make the perfect place for an exhibitor to collect leads.  Not only are they a sales tool for your trade show staff, but portable counters can be used for organizing literature, locking storage, graphic applications, and for multimedia purposes (locking iPad display, monitor attachments).  Take a moment to look through some of Indy Displays featured trade show counters and podiums.

Indianapolis iPad portable trade show graphic counter

Trade Show Table Covers & Throws

We are always surprised to see how many exhibitors invest in a premium trade show table top display but pass on including a table cover, giving their trade show booth an unfinished appearance.  Exposing a beat up folding table or table skirt that’s supplied to you by Show Services, can dramatically reduce your marketing potential when exhibiting with a table top display.  Table cover options include 4′, 6′, and 8′ table covers.  In the past few years, fitted and stretch table throws have become our best selling table throw options.  Stretch table throws give your table top display a modern/clean appearance and are completely wrinkle free!

Fitted Stretch Trade Show Table Covers IndianapolisHere is a great example of an 8ft Stretch Table Cover

Trade Show Lighting

Trade show lighting is a no brainer for any serious exhibitor.  Not only do trade show lights enhance ANY trade show display, but they are also one of the least expensive trade show supplies.  Trade Show Lighting can include spotlights, halogen lights, LED lights, or backlighting.  Lights brighten up a trade show booth space and draw attention to your graphic mural, logo, and header.  No booth space should ever be without trade show lighting accessories!

indianapolis trade show banner stand kitHalogen Lights attached to an expolinc roll up classic banner stand kit

Affordable Portable Display Solutions in Indianapolis

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The leading Indianapolis portable trade show display provider

20' Lightbox Display LED Backlit Booth


Indy Displays has offered affordable portable display solutions in Indianapolis since 2008.  Each year we add the latest portable trade show display designs available on the market.  Not only are Indy Displays portable display options budget friendly, but they also are built by the top trade show manufacturers and trade show graphic houses in the United States.  Choose from portable table top displays, 10ft portable displays, 20ft portable displays, and 20′ x 20′ custom portable display layouts.

YouTube Preview Image

Waveline Tension Fabric Display

The Waveline also known as the Wavetube tension fabric display, started gaining popularity in 2012.  Still a relatively new display line, the waveline and wavetube display system is continuing to add new accessory options including multi-media solutions.  10×10 waveline displays can now hold up to 32″ monitor and can easily hold a single or multiple iPads that mount on the aluminum frame.  Set up is very simple.  The lightweight durable aluminum frame pieces simply snap together following simple instructions.  The trade show graphic mural is a dye sublimation tension fabric piece that slides over the frame and zips on one side to lock the mural and put extra tension on the graphic to prevent any wrinkling.  Waveline and Wavetube displays can be turned around in as little as a week and can easily be checked at the airport and setup by one exhibitor.  Affordable Portable Display Solutions in Indianapolis



Pop Up Displays Indianapolis

The best word to describe pop up displays is “Reliable”.  The traditional pop up display revolutionized the trade show industry becoming the first portable display to hit the market decades ago and is still a popular choice for many exhibitors today.  Indy Displays offers a premium pop up display that has been a top seller for years.  Not only because of the reliability, but also due to the lifetime warranty.  This lifetime warranty doesn’t only cover manufacturer defects like most pop up displays you will find online, but it includes a lifetime warranty on usage as well.  What this full warranty means, is that the frame and magnetic channel bars will be covered no matter how or when they are damaged.  We have clients that have had shipping carriers damage their pop up frame many years after purchase and get it replaced free of charge.  In addition to the traditional pop up display, tension fabric pop up displays continue to grow in popularity.  These portable displays include a traditional pop up frame with a tension fabric mural graphic attached making set up a breeze and only taking seconds!  Choose from table top options all the way up to island exhibit kits.  Frames are available straight or curved.

YouTube Preview Image

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are a simple clean way to create an eye-catching trade show back wall.  Customers also use these units for retail solutions or for smaller events where booth space is minimal.  Retractable banners can include many types of graphics.  Most of the low cost options you see online include a simple vinyl banner with the retractable hardware.  Vinyl banners will get the job done, and we offer this solution with most of our standard and economy banner stand solutions.  However, the best route to take is upgrading to a premium graphic option for your retractable banners.  Our best selling premium banner solution is what we call the “Diamond Finish”.  This is a dye sublimation graphic printed on poly knit with a thin laminate backing added.  What this combination creates is an opaque blocking behind the graphic to ensure your images and colors pop under lighting.  In addition, the laminate backing keeps the banner flat for life without the worry of your banner having the sides curl on you.

YouTube Preview Image


Trade Show Displays | Indianapolis Exhibit Guide

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With central year round weather, a revitalized and bustling downtown, and centralized geographic location, Indianapolis is quickly becoming a thriving cultural, tourist, and business destination.  The Indiana Convention Center was established with trade shows at the center of attention featuring eleven exhibit halls and three multi-purpose ballrooms.  When you need a booth at the next trade show or convention at the ICC, you will want the premiere Indiana display experts at Indy Displays to provide your team with a full-service exhibit that represents the quality and craftsmanship you expect for your company.  Let this article be part of your Indianapolis Exhibit Guide that will help you pick out perfect solutions for trade show displays and help answer and additional questions you may have about portable displays, exhibiting rules, the Indiana Convention Center, and trade show booth rental programs in Indianapolis.  Contact Indy Displays direct for answers to questions not found in this article.

Indianapolis Trade Show Displays


For smaller booths and more intimate display needs, tabletop displays are the ideal means to advertise.  Our tabletop displays are designed to maximize the entire table space and come in a variety of designs and configurations.  Popups, fabric boards, and banners are all available options to display your signage and logos.  And Indy Displays offer a full range of table covers to compliment any table top display.

Floor Displays are designed for larger floor spaces and often substitute in place of a table.  Floor displays generally range from 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and 20 x 20.  These sleek, modern Indianapolis trade show displays are fully customizable and include such options as lighting, multi-media solutions, and custom graphic layouts.  Portable counters like the exhibit line counter system, help compliment inline exhibit booths and are available as rentals or new purchase.

Banner stands are generally designed to complement the featured display.  Retractable banners are pop up in nature and small enough to be carried in its own bag to a full sized background display to fit the entire backdrop of your booth.  Our banner stand kit options are an example of using multiple retractable banners together to create a back wall suitable for 10×10 booths or you can use two retractable banner kits for 10×20 booths.  Your Indianapolis Exhibit Guide should include banner stands.  Most likely you will be included in smaller events or presentations, so banner stands are model trade show displays for smaller events since they can be displayed in small spaces.

Trade Show Portable Kiosks are another option that are usually free standing and not requiring any personnel to be present.  They can be designed to provide information, gather feedback, and promote your company independently.  Kiosks can be placed at the corner of island exhibits to attract attention or inside the booth for exhibitors to include in product presentations.  Many of our custom modular kiosks like the exhibit line kiosks, can be used alone or attached to an aluminum column on the display back wall.

Trade Show Displays Indianapolis Exhibit Guide


Indianapolis Booth Rentals


Indy Displays offers complete booth rental packages for all of your convention and trade show needs.  Our feature booths are 20 x 20 and are fully customizable to meet your individual needs.  There are overhead trusses for hanging smaller banner ads and plenty of room for other accessories while maximizing your valuable floor space.  Many companies have started renting smaller booth spaces such as 10×20 or even down to a 10×10 booth.  Since this new rental trend has effected Indianapolis exhibitors, Indy Display has enlarged their rental catalogue to include popup display and modular display rental options for 10’ and 20’ trade show booth rentals.  The 10ft Exhibit Line EX Display seen below continues to be one of our most popular rental solutions. 

trade show displays indianapolis exhibit guide


Trade Show Accessories

Display stands allow company representatives a comfortable standing workspace and are a great way to greet convention and trade show visitors.

Our literature stands offer a unique and professional display solution for print materials such as brochures, magazines, and folders.  Easily tucked away to the side or brought to the front, literature stands are a great touch to any trade show booth.

Table Covers also known as Table Throws can be printed with your custom artwork or we can provide solid colors to compliment your existing displays.  Sizes are designed for trade show tables.  New to our catalogue this year is the very popular stretch fitted table throws.  This modern cover look gives you a trendy fitted cover that compliments the latest tension fabric table top displays, formulate displays, or exhibit line table top display kits.  Many of our kiosks, portable counters, and table covers make fantastic retail display solutions.

trade show displays indianapolis exhibit guide

Outdoor Advertising Packages

Indy Displays recognizes that not all display needs are confined to an indoor area.  Our custom packages include table covers, tents, and banners to provide a coordinated and complimentary advertising space for outdoor events.  Feel confident in taking your trade show display outdoors to the sunshine with our stable and professional tents and packages.  Each package is, of course, fully customizable to your needs.  You can purchase a complete outdoor display kit or we have individual tent and graphic flags that can stand alone but still get you noticed at any outdoor event or tailgate.

trade show displays indianapolis

Allow Indy Displays to design and implement all of your trade show and convention display needs.  Your trip to Indianapolis doesn’t have to be all work.  Enjoy the downtown restaurants and nightlife while we take care of your display needs.  At Indy Displays, we have all your needs in mind.  If you have any questions about exhibiting, or just general Indianapolis tourist questions, do not hesitate to contact us direct at 317-565-2255.  For a better understanding of how our portable trade show displays pack, assemble, and breakdown, visit the Indy Diplays Youtube Channel.