eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-2070


10′ x 20′ eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-2070 blends the two hottest trends in trade show displays, backlit and eco-friendly. Boasting a recycled aluminum frame and energy efficient LED lighting, the ECO-2070 provides an option for our environmentally-conscious exhibitors. The attached acrylic shelving with down-lighting is ideal for product display. Two backlit walls create a show-stopping impact, taking your images to the next level with high quality, silicone-edged graphics. The 20’ light box display booth back drop is ideal for additional eSmart accessories to fit your needs, from counters, to literature racks, to iPad pedestals. If reducing your environmental footprint is important to you or your clients, look no further than our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Display ECO-2070 for a green trade show display that will take your product, brand, or company to the next level.

Why eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays?:

Our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays have been created to provide environmentally-conscious exhibitors the option of stunning backlit displays. Backlit displays are the fastest growing trend in the trade show industry, with their modern, eye-catching LED lighting. High-definition, silicone-edge graphics are elevated by carefully placed backlighting that eliminates hot-spotting and gives your booth a seamless, professional look. Designed with our green-friendly clients in mind, the lightweight frame is engineered from recycled aluminum and the LED lighting is certified energy efficient.

In addition to the eco-friendly design features, the crates our displays are packed and shipped in are FSC certified, indicating they are made only from post-consumer waste. Choose our eSmart Hybrid Backlit Displays to have not only the most impactful display on the market, but also lower your environmental footprint with the greenest, most eco-friendly displays on the market!


Price Includes:

  • Recycled, lightweight aluminum frame
  • 2 Backlit Silicone-Edge Graphics (SEG)
  • Velcro fabric graphic
  • Center display with adjustable, acrylic shelving
  • LED energy efficient lighting
  • FSC certified shipping crate (made from economically-friendly wood sources)
  • Front counter is not included, but is also eco-friendly and available for purchase


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