Case to Counter Displays

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Transform Your Booth with Case to Counter Displays

Case to Counter Displays are among the most popular and versatile trade show accessories available. These designs allow exhibitors to transform hard shipping cases into counters or podiums at the front of a booth, providing dual functionality for logistics and presentation. The wheeled expo cases convert into branded pedestal booth accessories and event workstation counters, perfect for interacting with show guests.

Customizable and Practical

Our top-selling ExpandMedia Case to Counter system offers various customization options, including monitor attachments, brochure holders, and promotional headers. Each display includes a full-color graphic wrap, durable laminate countertops (available in five colors), and sturdy internal shelving.

Easy Setup and Professional Appearance

The countertop space is ample for print materials, promotional items, or iPad stands. These counters are easy to set up and provide an excellent greeting area for booth visitors. Complete case to counter packages are included in many of our pop-up display kits, banner stand kits, and tension fabric booth walls.