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Exhibit Line 10×20 C5 Trade Show Display

September 30th, 2013 Comments off

Exhibit Line hit another home run with the 10×20 C5.  Twice as long as 10×10 exhibits, the C5 is a perfect option for companies that have a larger budget and more space to promote themselves in.   With this model you get a fairly quick set up with all the looks of a custom display.  If you can build a 10×10, you can build a 10×20 booth.

As with all Exhibit Line products you can assemble them with no tools and use a long or short knob system with standard aluminum extrusion pieces.  We use a poly-knit fabric with dye sublimation graphics printed on them.  They are designed to stretch wrinkle-free between the main vertical aluminum extrusions.

The Exhibit Line 10×20 kit includes two curved laminate canopies that hold 6 halogen lights each.  It also includes three NLC1 locking portable counters for storage and product placement.  These also can serve as a workspace if needed.  Two monitor mounts are also included as part of this display kit.

Exhibit Line products are produced in a eco-friendly manner with minimal waste from recyclable or sustainable materials and fit the needs of green values.

With the right graphics this portable trade show display can make you look like a premier vendor and really stand out from a style standpoint.  Put the ball in your court with the 10×20 Exhibitline Displays.

Turnaround Time – 5 to 7 Business Days

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Exhibitline Displays offer Quick and Painless Assembly

September 17th, 2013 Comments off

Have you ever bought something that with the famous line “some assembly required” on the box?  This probably brings up some feelings of anxiety.  Fear not, with the Exhibit Line products.  Standard pieces logically fit together for an easy and quick set up.

The Exhibit Line EX1.V 10×10 trade show display comes with a shipping case that includes wheels and detailed easy to read instructions.  We recently timed two employees that had never assembled this unit before; they had this 10 x 10 booth option up in 20 minutes, while the 10 x 20 booth option was up in 30.  The portable display is easily extended by 5ft extension pieces that seamlessly fit on each end.  Setup at the following trade show was even faster!

Even though the EX1.V 10×10 exhibitline display is quick to set up and easy to transport, you do not have to sacrifice looks.  The poly-knit mural fabric graphic is designed to be inserted between the custom modular extrusions to ensure a tight graphic that is wrinkle free.

Time is money in a fast paced trade show environment.  Spend less time assembling and more time growing your business with one of many Exhibit Line products featured by Indy Displays.

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Exhibitline 10×10 Inline Displays

April 30th, 2010 No comments

Indy Displays is continuing to add new exhibitline 10×10 display options and XR line 10×10 display options.  On top of these new options, Indy Displays is continuing to expand their catalog with 10×20 trade show display options and even larger custom modular solutions.  Choose from a wide range of accessories that include monitor mounts, custom laminate counters, and exhibitline kiosks.

The Exhibit Line trade show display system is one of our most popular display lines. The product combines modern attractive looks with customizability that most portable exhibits do not offer. Adding a counter or monitor mount can be done in minutes. The exhibits most attractive feature is that the graphics and display can all fit into one case making shipping and set up hassle free. Exhibit Line products come with a 1 year warranty. Turnaround time on this trade show display is 3-5 business days.  Check out Indy Displays exhibitline 10′ x 10′ trade show display online catalog and CHAT LIVE with a live online trade show expert today!


exhbitline 10' display kits


Advantages of the exhibitline display system

December 17th, 2008 No comments

I have a lot of clients ask me what other options that are available for a 10×10 booth space. Most of the time they are talking about options other than your basic pop up display booth. Usually I give them the same answer, exhibitline displays! For most people that have exhibited it the past, the pop up display is what they know and usually don’t want to break from. However, I have yet to find one unhappy customer that has purchase an exhibit line display over a traditional pop up display. Here are the reasons I believe the exhibitline display is superior to your typical pop up display system.

  1. The Exhibit Line Dispaywill provide a unique look that will not be seen very often on the trade show floor.
  2. The Exhibit Line Display is going to weigh 15 lbs. less than the pop-up package.
  3. Setup and breakdown time will be shorter with the Exhibit Line Display.
  4. The cost to replace the large trade show graphic will be half of the cost of replacing the pop-up mural.
  5. Your Exhibit Line Display will take much more of a beating than any pop up trade show display.