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Updated Pricing on 10×10 Exhibit Line Trade Show Displays

April 28th, 2014 Comments off

Exhibit Line Custom Modular Displays have been a best selling modular line for many years.  Not only do they offer an attractive modern look, but they also offer a simple/headache free setup that no other custom modular display line can match.  In addition, there are many custom enhancements that can added to any standard exhibit line display kit.  Many companies simply add the NLC Locking Laminate Counter to give them locking storage and additional counter space.

Exhibit Line 10' Display

Indy Displays has updated all standard kit pricing on 10×10 Exhibit Line Trade Show Displays.  Many of the kits have come down in price to ensure we offer the most competitive pricing on Exhibit Line kits in the country.  Each Exhibit Line kit includes five laminate finish options along with portable cases.  Graphic mural and wing re-prints will also be quoted at low competitive prices for existing Exhibit Line Display owners looking to update their trade show graphics.

Turn around time for most Exhibit Line Display kits is 5 to 7 business days.  Indy Displays will provide all required graphic templates on each order or we can design the entire booth for you.  Custom designs include custom renderings along with graphic proofs.  For a limited time, Indy Displays is also offering a free 22″ monitor with the purchase of a 10′ kit OR a free 32″ monitor with the purchase of a 20′ Exhibit Line Kit.  Please contact us via email or by phone at 317-565-2255 for more information.  

Exhibit Line Display: The Modern Trade Show Display Exhibit

January 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Key players in the industry have grown aggressive in securing their own market share. Entrepreneurs have created ways on how to leverage their own strengths as they also seek ways on how to expand their current customer base and how to maximize all the other opportunities that are present in the market. One of the identified ways that is deemed to be effective in achieving all of these objectives is joining trade shows. Trade shows showcase and highlight the participating companies’ products, services, and offers. Participating in trade shows gives you the opportunity to capture your target market.

Just as much as the market has evolved through the years, trade show exhibits have also evolved as modern strategies, methods, and materials have been created. More display platforms and techniques have been introduced.

What is the Exhibit Line Display?

The Exhibit Line Display is one of the most popular innovations in trade show displays. It is a modern-looking exhibit that is made from aluminum and laminate exhibit display hardware.

Trade shows usually require a minimum amount of manpower for the display set up and for the actual exhibit. For companies who want to be cost efficient with their display package, the Exhibit Line is a good option. It is portable and is very easy to set up and you do not have to compromise your exhibit’s aesthetic appearance.  The entire Exhibit Line’s product range is designed to be set up without the need for tools.

The best and most in demand feature of the Exhibit Line is its ability to give your exhibit the modern and trendy look that will surely make you stand out from the rest. Its structure is made from custom modular aluminum extrusions that will give your trade show display the contemporary and corporate vibe that will attract new customers and will please your existing clientele.

The Exhibit Line Display Kit

The kit includes a custom flat laminate canopy that can hold 6 halogen lights.  You just need a 48.25T shipping case as your package for the entire trade show. Weighing only 56 lbs., the Exhibit Line Display is undeniably one of the most sought after trade show display systems today.

The Exhibit Line Display uses a dye sublimation graphic that is printed on poly knit fabric. The ability of this graphic is to sketch between the main custom modular extrusions without leaving fabric wrinkles once you already display it on the frame.

The entire product range of Exhibit Line carries all has a one year warranty. You can choose from the following accessory options:

  • Monitor Mounts
  • Exhibit line kiosks
  • Exhibit line counters
  • Literature shelves

10×10 kit princing includes the following:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Tension fabric graphic mural
  • Canopy header with halogen down lighting
  • Frosted plex header with graphic print
  • Frosted plex wing
  • Detailed set up instructions
  • One durable 48.25T shipping case with wheels

Another key feature of the Exhibit Line Display is its Green Display System wherein we use our eco friendly facility to ensure that the Exhibit Line product range is manufactured with minimal waste by using sustainable or recyclable materials. This is our own way of paving the path for a green and sustainable future.

10ft Exhibitline Display Kit

10ft Exhibitline Display Kit

20ft Exhibitline DIsplay Kit

20ft Exhibitline DIsplay Kit


20x20 Island Exhibit Kit

20×20 Island Exhibit Kit

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