Indy Displays Offers Eco-Friendly Display Booth Solutions

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eco-friendly display booth solutions


In 2014, around 25 billion dollars was spent on trade shows and corporate conferences. In the U.S., the industry is growing almost 4% each year, proving trade shows are still a vital part of marketing strategies. However, the expo industry norms give way to a great deal of waste every year, as well. Indianapolis trade show company, Indy Displays, is taking steps towards creating the standard of environmentally-conscious events, with a mission for a cleaner Earth. Now offering a variety of new sustainable eco-friendly display booth solutions, ranging from custom modular displays, built from recycled aluminum, fabric and wood, to wide selection of reusable trade show rental hardware. There are even eco-friendly trade show accessories, such as trade show counters and bamboo banner stands. The Indy Displays team hopes to make an impact on the future of trade shows and the habits of exhibitors.

eco friendly trade show display booth solutions

eSmart Eco-Friendly Recycled Booth Hardware


During his years of experience in the trade show industry, Indy Displays founder, Nathan Slavik, has developed a keen awareness of the unnecessary waste created at events. “Sustainable materials are an important component for my ecologically-conscious clients. As we continually offer more “green” products, we have more interest from marketing coordinators and companies that want to lower their carbon footprint,” he says. “But, it’s also important that we spark awareness in customers that are not initially looking for Eco-Friendly Display Booth Solutions. If we inspire a company to simply print their brochures on recycled materials, it’s a step in the right direction.”

Many exhibition displays are large, made from non-recyclable materials, and discarded inappropriately after just one use. This creates a huge amount of waste that can build up collectively over the years. Adding eco-friendliness to the list of features for trade show displays seems be a hurdle for such an established industry, but suppliers and exhibitors alike are focusing on offering options for their green-centric clients.

LED Backlit Eco Friendly Lightbox Display Booth

Eco Friendly LED Lightbox Displays

Indy Displays
is striving to play an active role in lowering Indiana’s waste footprints by providing high-end trade display products that are made from sustainable materials and significantly less harmful than other options. A majority of their clientele includes companies from the business district of Indianapolis. However, the efforts are not only affecting Indiana businesses, but also our nationwide client base!

Although modern display booth set-ups are built to last for frequent, long-term use, a shortcoming in the trade show world is the temporary nature of the events. The quest for novelty and differentiation often leads to a short life for exhibit booth designs and many businesses – especially large Fortune 500 companies – seek custom exhibits that are made-to-order and are not applicable for more than one event. The unfortunate reality is that these practices have led to a significant amount of waste.

However, the marketing team at Indy Displays has a clear goal to counter that excess by encouraging clients to choose displays that offer green value. Printing trade show graphics on recycled lightweight SEG fabric is the latest innovation within the industry, and the practice has many benefits over paper prints. HD dye sublimation stretch fabric prints made of recyclable, synthetic material, are easier to transport from location to location, and provide a more consistent modern display booth design. These benefits have eliminated the need for paper or heavy laminate printed trade show booth panels that had to be replaced much more often. Fabric printing has effectively lowered the amount of material used and the advance has helped make huge strides in the reduction of waste in the exhibition industry.

10' x 20' LED Backlit Lightbox Booth Display

Green LED Backlit Display Booth


In addition, it is a best practice to place an emphasis on reusability. Oftentimes the structure of a display booth is overlooked, despite being the foundation of each exhibit. A new line of Eco-Friendly LED Backlit Trade Show Display products offered by Indy Displays, utilize LED lighting technology and interchangeable SEG fabric graphic mural covers that can be used by exhibitors for years and reconfigured into a variety of exhibit stand sizes to fit the ever-changing design aspirations of expo designers.

The aluminum modular AGAM display frames made from recycled aluminum are detachable and stored in compact expo display cases, saving on both storage costs and packaging material volume. The lightweight nature of the LED Modular Lightbox Display ensures a lower carbon footprint, compared to that of heavier traditional frame models, during transportation. Despite being lightweight, the recycled aluminum frames are highly durable and long-lasting, extending the lifetime investment of the display booths. This is a very beneficial feature, as it allows exhibitors to use their trade show marketing kits in a variety of event locations and numerous conventions


10ft Eco Friendly LED Lightbox Display

10ft Eco-Friendly LED Lightbox Display


While there are many leading factors to the incidence of waste materials after an event, promoting best practices for sustainability standards in the industry is crucial in fostering an eco-friendly model for all trade shows and conventions. Visit for more information on Eco-Friendly LED Lightbox Display Booths. CHAT LIVE while viewing our extensive offering of eco-friendly expo products, or call 317-565-2255 to speak live with an expo industry expert!

3 Backlit Signage Trends for 2017

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SEG lightbox sign trends 2017

Backlit Sign Display Trends Growing in 2017

As the famous saying goes, “first impressions last forever”, and brand marketing is all about creating that significant first impression. Event display trends continue to evolve through enhanced technology each calendar year. Traditional advertising billboards are quickly being replaced by digital multi-graphic billboards, basic monitor screen kiosks are being replaced by interactive touchscreen kiosk stations and trade show exhibitors are modernizing their display booth layout with eco-friendly LED lighting, backlit trade show displays and creative exhibit lounge areas.


Backlit LED Lightbox Design Trend 2017



Custom LED Signs

Custom LED signs have quickly become the most popular style of custom interior retail signage. Within the past 2 years, LED illuminated graphics on indoor and outdoor sign structures has grown into a unique niche in the world of marketing and advertising. Eco-friendly LED light systems provide a modern illumination method by back lighting interior retail light box signs, and are the standard lighting source for interactive touchscreen kiosks. Touchscreen interactive advertising has become prevalent in larger city airports, hotel lounge areas, sports arenas and convention halls.


LED Backlit Hanging Sign 2017


Backlit Trade Show Displays

will continue to be one of the hottest advertising trends at trade shows through 2017. With more portable lightbox display design being made available by exhibit supply companies each month, exhibitors can now choose from a large selection of standard portable backlit display kits and full custom LED lightbox exhibit booth layouts. It’s now common to see exhibitors that hold the largest convention hall display spaces designing their booth layout and brand promotion around LED trade show lighting, illuminated lightbox center tower displays, backlit hanging signs, and billboard size backlit walls that attract public attention from any location on the exhibition floor. Most lightbox backlit displays include opaque fabric murals that are printed using the latest HD dye sublimation printers. Fabric mural graphics offer easy portability and wrinkle free, vibrant graphic images and colors, finished with silicone “SEG” strips for simple user installs.

Pliko Portable Backlit LED Trade Show Display Kit


Low-Profile Modular Aluminum Backlit Display Frames

Portable modular aluminum lightbox display frames are widely used by modern exhibitors, retailers, and commercial interior designers. The sleek hardware creates slim frame profiles that can be completely hidden on many trade show LED lightbox mural walls. Modular aluminum has an advantage over complicated and cumbersome exhibit truss systems. Truss is still commonly found on event and concert stages to hold heavy commercial entertainment lighting and custom audio sound equipment; however, unlike exhibitions 10 years ago when truss exhibiting kits were considered the “modern & tech style” solution. Today our best-selling modern expo solutions can be found in even your standard 10′ x 10′ display kits. Examples include modular hybrid frames, SEG fabric graphics and green LED illuminated graphics, are the trend setting product live and are proven to help companies save a substantial amount of money. These saving are found through lowered shipping/drayage and less show site union labor fees. LED illuminated graphics are commonly placed in the front of an inline booth space or at the front corners of an island space, to help attract the attention of show attendees as they pass by. One of the latest additions to the ever-growing LED backlit display catalog, backlit lightbox hanging sign structures, give exhibitors far more bang for their buck! As all exhibitors know, trade show hanging signs are effective, eye-catching, and don’t clutter a booth space, but are often very expensive and require hours of show site hourly labor fees to rig from the convention hall ceiling.

SEG low profile fabric lightbox graphics


Another advantage of LED trade show lighting that traditional fluorescent lighting systems fail to provide exhibitors is homogeneous light diffusion. The LED systems prevent the formation of “hot spotting”, often found on dated trade show panel system displays, curved pop up display illuminated headers, and backlit retail signage. Hotspots, or graphic “hot spotting”, refer to an unequal distribution of light that’s being projected onto a large-format graphic image. LED fabric lightbox displays provide an optimal environment for equal lighting distribution throughout the entire trade show display. LED backlit displays are also versatile and an eco-friendly marketing investment that provide user-friendly interchangeable SEG TriFab graphics and a reliable display light source that’s energy efficient, which can last up to 15 years.

8ft Curved SEG Fabric Lightbox Display

8ft Curved Modular SEG Fabric Lightbox Display

Finding the perfect LED backlit trade show display can help many marketing teams improve their branding and leave lasting first impressions. As well as helping others with badly needed trade show display face lifts, they also reduce an exhibitors carbon footprint. It’s finally the “end of the beginning” for exhibition LED lighting technology and exhibitors worldwide are taking advantage of the extraordinary trade show display improvements.

LED Backlit Displays – Top Exhibiting Trend 2 Years Strong

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LED Backlit Display Design Trends

LED Backlit Display Design (10′ x 15′ corner booth)


LED Backlit Display Design Trends


It’s no surprise to us that backlit displays are continuing to out sell all other portable display products. Portable and Custom LED backlit displays are the style of exhibit young marketing professionals and Startups are flocking to. It’s great to know Indy Displays provides expert exhibit consulting services to our customers. Backlit Displays include LED fabrics, custom modular lightbox displays, backlit pop up displays, wireless illuminated graphic towers, wall mounted SEG backlit graphics, and many more custom solutions with trade show LED lighting integrations. Here’s a quick product rundown of the top 4 best-selling backlit trade show displays, as of July 1st 2016!

trade show backlit display design trends

Shop the Largest Online Backlit Display Catalog at


4. AGAM Eco-Friendly Hybrid LED Lightbox Displays. These increasingly popular green trade show displays, continue to catch our online shopper’s eyes, when browsing through our website while Chatting Live with our staff. All eco-friendly modular backlit’s are very similar to our standard Custom Modular LED Lightbox Displays. We consider our “green” lightbox kits, to be Hybrid Booth Displays, with their eco-friendly components, and AGAM recyclable aluminum frames. Like our standard kits, AGAM eco-friendly display frames can reconfigure into larger backlit island exhibits or smaller version, such as a 10′ x 10′.

Like most of our LED trade show light systems, the Eco System lights will last for many years, and consume a fraction of the electricity that standard trade show flood lights do. Simply connect the LED light strips with magnetic strips, that already come assembled on each strip and inside each vertical extrusion column.

custom LED lightbox display trends

3-Piece 12′ High Lightbox Wall 20×20 Booth (backside)


3. Burst Backlit Pop Up Displays. We have really enjoyed our industry partner Optima, and the quality Burst Backlit Booths they keep helping us produce at such a high level weekly. The Burst is a well known portable display brand-name, being it was one of the first tension fabric pop up displays in the industry, when it was introduced over 10 years ago.  The backlit version of the Burst, includes a large HD printed graphic on TriFab fabric (top quality fabric material used on all premium backlit trade show displays). 

Trifab is heavier than the standard tension fabric material and more 0paque, preventing the displays’ frame hardware and light bars from being obviously visible. The pop up is finished with a seamless white back cover, that attaches securely with industrial strength hook velcro. The Backlit Burst is available as an 8′ x ’10 Flat Fabric Backlit, 8′ x 10′ Curved, 8′ x 8′ Flat or Curved as well. Indy Displays also offers a 5ft curved backlit table top version as well.

Burst Backlit Popup Display

Curved Backlit Popup w/ QuickShip Banner and Expand Case to Counter (10×10 booth)


2. Custom Modular LED Lightbox Displays. These backlit displays have been widely used for 3 to 4 years, but have absolutely exploded in the past 12 months. LED Lightbox Displays and other modern trade show displays, have a significant edge over their counterparts. Complicated Truss Systems and environmentally wasteful completely custom wood and laminate panels exhibits, are starting to get looked down upon as a waste of marketing dollars and more importantly leave behind a large carbon footprint. Ready to order in 5 or more stock frame sizes, bring a custom stylish feel back to your booth space, without overpaying a dated and overpriced large custom house.

New this year, Indy Displays now powders coat modular aluminum frames! Show up to your next event, exhibiting with LED trade show lighting that will be illuminating your TriFab graphic murals, finished with SEG technology, and matching LED lightbox pedestal counters to complete the fully modern exhibit space.

custom modular LED fabric SEG lightbox display

8’h x 20’w LED SEG Lightbox w/ Twist Portable Counters (lead time – 5 biz days)


1. Backlit Pliko Portable Light Box Display. The last two years have been record setting for the Pliko Light Box. Despite extremely poor marketing and dealer support from it’s supplier, The Pliko system stands on its own and sells its sell. Truly the only ultra-portable modular LED lightbox display, The Backlit Pliko Display offers the exhibitor both portability equal to our Burst Pop Up Display, combined with the same premium LED internal track lighting system, that always produces an even light distribution throughout the TriFab mural and preventing evening the slightest hot spotting. Pliko gives exhibitors truly the best of both worlds, and mostly likely why this LED sign wall has been flying off our shelf all your long!

Pliko Backlit LED Lightbox Display

Best-Selling Pliko 10′ LED Lightbox Portable Display Back Wall (rentals now available)

The Pliko trade show LED lights can last for a decade or more. Backlit Pliko Portable Light Box Trade Show Displays are the most affordable and lightweight modular system available on the market and can be set up by a single person in 10 minutes. The portable aluminium frame can be assembled without tools and is ideal for the lone exhibitors or 2 sales reps. The Pliko will continue to grow it’s customer base. CHAT LIVE with an exhibit consultant today for more information on the Pliko Display and the latest product additions to our online backlit trade show display catalog!

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Lumos Wireless LED Light Tower Displays

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Lumos Wireless LED Light Tower Displays


Designed specifically for retail,  exhibition environments and showroom floors, the new Lumos LED Light Towers are an original concept in illuminated portable signage, providing the ability to attract attention combined with user friendly assembly and portability. With the ability to be completely wireless while illuminating interchangeable graphics, makes the tower system attractive to not only trade show exhibitors, but all marketers that appreciate convenience. Using the latest LED technology, including RGB color enhancements; the Lumos Light Tower Display offers true flexibility.

Lumos Wireless Solves Exhibiting Issues

An often neglected key to success in exhibiting, is to garner more visitors by drawing them in to your booth space, and then proceeding to mesmerize them with stellar promotional efforts. The only problem is it can take a great deal of time and resources to create displays and signage that mesmerize, without sacrificing simplicity and practicality. The Lumos Wireless Feature solves this issue. For this first time, exhibitors can utilize the power of illuminated backlit trade show displays, without the headache of accessing and paying for power supply.

Lumos Light Towers Illuminate Booth Spaces

The Lumos is essentially a round pillar-like structure with one long LED strip of vibrant light attached to an inner pole, lending their lighting capacities to create a bright and luminous effect. The Lumos Light Towers come in a fixed 12.4inch width and have heights ranging from 37.5” to 85.7”. A mini counter and midi double-tower are also available. Use a combination of light tower heights as shown below to create an illuminated booth display unmatched by your competition.

lumos light tower displays

These backlit display towers are definitely lightweight and extremely portable. Assembling a Lumos tower is a snap. First the inner pole is put in position by snapping the joints together, and then the printed film is stretched around the pole bases and secured in place with magnets. Then, just plug in the AC adapter and watch as the tower lights up. Absolutely no time is wasted assembling this as it is that straight-forward.. If more vibrancy is desired, then choose to opt for an RGB LED strip which provides a multicolored effect. See examples in the image below.

Lumos RGB multicolor light tower options

The classic yet contemporary design of the towers mean that they are easy to blend into any style or theme for your trade show booth or retail environment. Currently available in a matte white, the trade show tower display can be customized with creative artwork that is printed on a translucent glossy film that is held together by magnetic tape. Take advantage of the translucency of the artwork film and design graphics which have a play on the seeping light for an interesting effect. The addition of a heavy white base ensures that the tower is stable and anchored to the ground. Power wise, the Lumos has an AC adapter that comes with the set, but also has a built in 14-hour cycle rechargeable battery, making Lumos the only wireless graphic light tower on the market today. Within the Lumos is a long strip of LED white light that is strong enough to brighten the entire structure. The towers are geared mostly for indoor usage, and works best in after-dark events or venues with dim lighting.

In all aspects, the Lumos tower is a simple, fun and cost-effective way to add a little more sparkle to the overall look of a tradeshow space. If you are still in the planning stages or already have a booth set-up, why not try these lighting features are sure to grab the attention of people today?

Lumos Wireless LED Light Tower Displays

Visit Indy Displays for more information on Lumos Light Towers along with a full catalog of the latest backlit trade show display designs and more. Chat live online now or call 317-565-2255 to speak with an exhibit consultant today.

5 Digital Trends for Trade Shows

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The digital movement continues to have an enormous impact on outbound marketing strategies, including trade shows, events and conventions. Previously, exhibitors used to only concern themselves with strategies for face-to-face interaction. Technology has now given marketing professionals the ability to reach their target audience simultaneously, manage their exhibit display booth effectively, and measure the success of their expo marketing more accurately. Get in sync and modernize your trade show displays with these 5 digital trends for trade shows:

modernized trade show displays

Build Hype Online

Yes, the actual display booth design is the main draw, and there is no denying that building strong hype leading up to the event will create awareness and elevate the experience for attendees. Exhibitors now never fail to inform their target audience of their participation through direct email marketing, appropriate website popup banner advertising, press releases and definitely on social media. For B2B social media marketing, your most effect channels will be Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and possibly Snapchat B2B promotional video marketing (as long as the content makes sense for your audience and Snapchat’s engagement platform. For a more extensive approach, exhibitors can tap into the resources of vendors who specialise in face-to-face marketing or undertake online marketing themselves through the convenient use of social media management suites.

Tech Accessories as Promotional Products

Door gifts for attendees are a staple in trade show marketing trends. The power of leaving attendees with functional mementos is widely recognised and utilised, and tech accessories seem like the perfect choice. It could be something as simple as a plastic cable winder or a power bank. The trick lies in finding the right product that fits the brand and message you want to bring across to the recipient. On the whole though, well-made modern tech products are seen as inherently valuable and useful by most, thus making them a viable choice.

Cell Phone Charging Stations/Kiosks

With cell phones come the constant need to keep them full of power at all times. Portable cell phone charging trade show kiosks have thus made a much needed emergence in the trade show repertoire. Attendees will heave a sigh of relief when a charging kiosk comes to the rescue just as their phone’s or tablet’s battery is running out. If your branding is all over the display booth kiosk, the attendee could positively associate your brand as a helpful and ever-ready one. They might even refer their friends or colleagues to your life-saving charging station, which in turn means more visitors to your exhibit. Cell phone charging stations are now available as portable kiosks, meeting tables and branded coffee tables. Some aluminum and laminate modular kiosks can be utilized even in small booth displays as an accessory combination to 10′ x 10′ Displays. Smart exhibitors understand the value of portable display kits that are versatile and can seamlessly integrate into an existing display booth layout or reconfigure each exhibition, allowing the exhibitor to easily setup a professional trade show booth design no matter the floor space size given to them.

Trade Show Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Table

Portable Cell Phone Charging Event Table

Custom Mobile Apps for Attendees

Another burgeoning trend brought about by cell phones are mobile apps built specifically for trade shows, expos and conventions, such as this customizable one from GuideBook. Exhibitors can provide event agendas, send push messages to and even gather live feedback from attendees on the trade show event. The versatility of mobile application programming means that the app can help you achieve specific targets and obtain the right information about your exhibit attendees. Apps are still considered a novelty, but can be an excellent way to engage and entertain your convention attendees.

Trade Show & Exhibitor Management Systems

Increasingly, trade show exhibit marketing managers have been searching for suitable I.T. systems that provide seamless exhibition management experiences. Currently, a host of event marketing, event management and lead retrieval solutions have emerged. Some notable providers of these Systems include CompuSystems, iLead and Pathable. These range from specialized one-function apps to multi-faceted systems that can raise efficiency and give helicopter views and information about the event, often in real-time.

Used the right way, these 5 tech trends can be powerful tools to interact and engage with attendees, sponsors and other stakeholders on a much deeper level. Give any one of these options a try for your next event or trade show and be prepared to see positive results!

trade show cell charging portable coffee table

Branded Trade Show Charging Coffee Table

Booth Rental Is a Flexible Option

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Indy Displays is more than happy to help our customers design and build their own trade show display booths complete with furniture, banners, and other peripherals. Some of our clients can meet their needs with simple, budget-friendly exhibitline displays while others want a top-of-the-line package with all the bells and whistles. However, what about clients whose needs change from one show to the next? We have the perfect solution in booth rental.

Renting your trade show booth gives you the flexibility to change your display by mixing and matching pieces for each show you do. Moreover, if you are an organization that only does a few shows a year, renting can save you money by not requiring an upfront investment in equipment that could cost thousands of dollars. Renting frees up cash that can be used in other ways.

exhibitline displays

Unlimited Configuration Options

There is a lot to love about trade show booth rental, but the greatest benefit of all might be the unlimited configuration options you have. Maybe you want an expandable pop up display as the main focal point of your booth. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking at more focused exhibit line displays along with a podium, some furniture, and some stand-up exhibits. Indy Displays has hundreds of different pieces in our inventory that we can use to customize something unique for you.

All of our rentals can also be designed with customized graphics. In other words, you do not have to sacrifice the visual appeal of your brand in order to save money by renting. All custom graphics are printed and applied according to your exact specifications. No one will ever know you rented a booth from us if you do not tell them. Furthermore, your booth will be every bit as effective as the one next to you, without the investment commitment.

Purchasing Your Rental

We understand there may come a time when you decide to purchase your rental booth rather than continue to rent. That’s fine. Indy Displays will apply a certain portion of the rent you have paid to the purchase price of the unit. It is our goal to make renting and buying as easy for you as possible.

Why buy your rental booth from us? Some of our clients begin renting because they need the flexibility it offers. Later they find they are in a comfortable routine with a display package that does not require constant alterations. At that time, it might make more sense to invest in purchasing for better long-term value. Other clients may rent for the first few shows because they do not have the money to purchase. They purchase at a later date when they are in a stronger financial position.

We try to be as flexible and open as possible so that we can give our clients an extensive list of options. If your company is just beginning to get involved in trade shows, we encourage you to consider renting from Indy Displays instead of purchasing right away. Renting from us gives you an opportunity to take your time to experiment with different configurations to determine what works best for you. Should you decide to purchase in the future, we will make it as easy as we can.

As a company owner or manager, rental may not be what you are after. Indy Displays can still be your provider of choice. We have a complete inventory of display equipment for any need or budget. Whether you are looking for an exhibit line display that is affordable and portable or something more complex, we have what you need.

3 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

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Expo Marketing is an interesting experience when you participate as a vendor. All of those smiling attendees moving through the aisles have no idea what exhibitors go through to prepare and market at industry trade shows. But if you exhibit, you understand. Moreover, you know it only takes one accident or booth space issue for something to go wrong with your backlit trade show displays or whichever display booth you choose to brand your products on.

backlit trade show display

There’s no argument that pre-show preparation, display booth setup and dismantle are all hard work. There are times when everything goes smoothly, but attending a convention without any issues is more common than not. The veteran exhibitors know how much preplanning is involved in expo marketing and what they can do to mitigate as many problems as possible.

To that end, we have put together three tips for a successful trade show exhibit:

1. Get Comfortable with Target Time

Every vendor who signs up to display at a trade show is given a service manual upon acknowledgment of the registration. In the service manual is the ‘target time’ for the delivery of your display, equipment, and inventory. Get comfortable with that target time. Understand that a target time is not a guaranteed time for the delivery of your load. Also, keep in mind that, if other target times are delayed by shipments that fail to arrive on time, yours might be delayed as well. You may be starting your set-up later than you anticipated.

Convention hall coordinators do their best to schedule deliveries with efficiency in mind. Those vendors deepest into the hall’s interior will get their deliveries first; those on the periphery, closest to freight elevators and doors, will get their deliveries last. However, what if you are on the interior of the floor and your freight delivery has been delayed? Your life, and the lives of those vendors around you, will be made that much more difficult. There is nothing you can do about it. There’s also no need to stress.

2. Adopt the Mindset of Simplicity

Indy Displays puts together the most complex trade show booth displays for customers who really need them. Nevertheless, if you do not need to go complex, we urge you to adopt a mindset of simplicity. Why? Because simplicity saves you money at the trade show. Consider the difference between backlit trade show displays that already come pre-wired and with nothing more than a few light bulbs to screw in, as opposed to large and complicated displays that require on-site wiring and overhead rigging for lights.

Any show-provided labor you need to assemble your display will be paid for by you or your company. In addition, you will be at the mercy of show operators to provide you with the labor you need in a timely manner. Keeping things simple mitigates your need for extra labor and the headaches and costs that go with it. Try to keep your drayage costs as low as possible too.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning is a good idea for any project. However, in the arena trade show displays, planning is critical. Find out well in advance how much real space you will have. Find out whether electric service for your backlit trade show display will come from the floor or the ceiling. Find out where your booth space is located in relation to key parts of the hall. The more you know about the lay of the land, so to speak, the more efficient your set-up and tear down will be. If Indy Displays can help you by building a better booth display, we would be happy to do so. Just get in touch by phone or over the website.

Hanging Signs Are Ideal With Limited Floor Space

May 7th, 2015 Comments off

There’s no shortage of free-standing inline and island trade show booth designs these days.  Just within the past year, backlit trade show displays have become so popular that LED lighting can be integrated into almost any type of standard portable display line like the Xpressions SNAP! pop up displays to create lightbox and backlit graphics.  What else has really become popular at trade shows is multi-media.  Just a few years back it required a sturdy custom modular display system like the Exhibitline to mount LED screens, iPads, and other electronics.  Nowadays mounting multi-media devices to a backwall display is almost as common as adding basic halogen lights to a display.  You can now add monitors and tablets to traditional pop up displays, tension fabric displays, portable kiosks, and even a few retractable banner stand systems.

Hanging Signs Are Ideal When Space Is Limited

But what happens if you’re a manufacturing company with large machinery you want to demo that will take up a large portion of your booth space?  In most cases like this, you are left with little or no room for fancy free-standing multi-media trade show displays.  The simple yet highly effective solution to this problem is a traditional Hanging Sign.  For example, our client Harrell’s Car Wash Systems, recently exhibited in Las Vegas to launch the industry’s first motorcycle car washing machine.  This exciting new product was very well received but as you can imagine, the washing machine demo took up a large portion of their 20ft x 20ft island booth space.  What was Harrell’s solution?  They decided a circular hanging sign with a few Expand Graphic PodiumCase counter displays on the exhibit floor would be the perfect layout.  The image below shows you how Harrell’s booth came together.  In many cases, using hanging signs when there is limited floor space, like in this situation, gives an exhibitor the most exposure and allows them to keep their booth layout open and inviting for show attendees.

Hanging Signs Are Ideal With Limited Floor Space

Check out all of Indy Displays Hanging Sign Shapes & Sizes.  For questions about pricing, turnaround time, or custom hanging sign shapes, contact us direct at 317-565-2255 or CHAT LIVE now with the link below.

Why Xpressions Is The Ulitmate Portable Display Line

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Xpressions Displays Offer Versatile Options

With a wide array of portable yet durable and visually striking displays, the Xpressions product line offers excellent options for your portable display needs.

The Xpressions SNAP! Pop Up Display system is the original, versatile, and dynamic flagship Xpressions Pop Up Display product line. The Xpressions SNAP is comprised of sturdy and lightweight aluminum supports intended for use with custom fabric skins. The components of the aluminum pop up frame are attached with strong magnets, and the folding accordion design enables quick and effortless pop-up assembly on location. The SNAP! includes a dozen integrated standard size frames and larger planes for integrated eye-catching tension fabric graphics. The graphic skins are interchangeable, and no tools are needed to remove skins for washing or changing them out when you update or create a new display design.  Also, the popup frame can be assembled in a multitude of different 3D designs, depending on the size and shape of the desired trade show display layout. This makes the Xpressions SNAP! design perfect for use in a wide variety of settings and uses, including merchandise displays, marketing communications, expo booths, exhibitions, special events, sales meetings, product introductions, conferences, and trade shows. No matter what design you choose, the Xpressions SNAP! will enable you to present a polished and sleek image.

Xpressions 10' SNAP! Pop Up Display

The Xpressions Connex Portable Display Line, available in 10 foot and 20 foot varieties, are spin-offs of the basic SNAP! system. Connex is a pop up display that is modular and compatible with shelving inserts which attach with clips. The shelves are especially useful for displaying prototypes, merchandise, samples, or even giveaways.

xpressions connex pop up display system

Xpressions also offers displays with sheer fabric skins for a softer, layered look. These displays feature solid fabric graphics with sheer graphic overlays; these combinations provide depth and make text and logos pop for maximum interest. The sheer displays are ideal for featuring patterns or textures with a 3D effect, like water droplets or explosions.

Xpressions Salesmate Table Top Displays

The Xpressions SalesMate is the tabletop display option in the Xpressions portable display product line. Like the SNAP!, the SalesMate is a versatile and dynamic product that is lightweight and portable. In fact, the SalesMate is even smaller and more portable than the SNAP!, and is intended to be displayed on top of a table or booth at eye level. This popular compact option is convenient and provides maximum effect for a more modest price.

YouTube Preview Image

Xpresssions Backlit Pop Up Displays

Xpressions also offers backlit options for their portable trade show displays. By selecting an add on LED lightbox hardware kit, or a more economical but less flexible flat backlit graphic, you can truly turn heads and attract extra attention for your display. LED lightboxes are installed on the display’s aluminum frame and can remain in place during breakdown and storage. Backlit graphic skins are best removed from their frames prior to breakdown and storage to avoid unsightly wrinkles or creases. Because both of these backlit options require power sources or outlets for operation, backlighting may not be suitable for all display locations.

xpressions backlit fabric pop up display graphic skins

If you are looking for a combination solution to create surfaces space as well as graphic displays, Xpressions also offers portable monitor stands and functional and attractive counter set ups that also utilize the basic design elements from the SNAP! system.

Regardless of your trade show display needs, the Xpressions line surely includes a product offering that will meet your requirements.  Chat online now with one of our Exhibit Consultants for more information and pricing.

Trade Show Marketing For Small Businesses

December 17th, 2014 Comments off

There Are Many Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses

Small business marketing is an ever changing process that seems to get more complicated each year.  In 2014 there seemed to be a large push for fully automated CRM’s that include online marketing solutions.  The interface design is ideal for small businesses that want to automate all of their online marketing needs.  Do they work?  I have had some great feedback about Infusionsoft, but have had terrible feedback on some of the lower cost alternatives.

Small Businesses Must Remember The Importance Of Trade Shows

Regardless of the latest online marketing trend, most small business can’t afford not to stay relevant with their customer base.  One of the few advantages small businesses can have over their large competitors, is client relationship and service.  Getting face to face with current and future customers is the best way to sell yourself, your product, and why it’s important to choose you over the big guy.  We created a custom trade show marketing for small businesses Infographic that highlights ways for small businesses (like ourselves) to attract trade show attendees.  Tips include pre-show marketing and marketing tips at the trade show.  In addition to the cited resources at the bottom of the Infographic, is another fantastic resource for anything trade show marketing related.

small business trade show marketing infographic