Burst Fabric Popup Lightbox 10ft Curved Display


10ft Burst Fabric Curved Popup Lightbox Display is a best selling backlit trade show display. Just like the Flat Burst Popup Lightbox Display, this 10′ x 10′ turnkey kit was one of the original backlit displays available on the market. This backlit booth package includes a slightly modified  version of the well-known 10′ curved V-Burst aluminum frame, combined with our premium TriFab fabric. TriFab has quickly grown into the leading dye sublimation printing fabric, that’s used on most premium brand-name backlit displays. TriFab’s high thread count, provides a heavy opaque and wrinkle-resistant illuminated fabric mural, printed using the latest HD dye sublimation technology. Unlike other fabric popup display kits, our Burst backlit seamless murals will only be printed on industry premium TriFab heavy knit fabric, that prevents popup frame visibility when the display is illuminated! 


Why the Indy Displays Burst Backlit Popup Display?

  • Durable Craftsmanship (V-Burst frames are built to outlast the cheaper knock-off competition)
  • Guaranteed Brand-Name Burst Hardware and TriFab Opaque Graphic Mural
  • No Hotspotting (even distribution of light throughout the 10′ TriFab mural)
  • Burst’s Lifetime Hardware Guarantee
  • Premium TriFab Stretch Fabric (#1 fabric material for backlit popup’s and SEG frames)


Display Kit Price Includes:

  • V-Burst backlit 8’w x 10’h curved popup frame
  • Seamless TriFab fabric graphic mural with wrapping endcaps
  • Fitted canvas transporting case


Burst Accessory Options: (shown in product profile image):



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