Economy Custom Modular Displays

Modernize Your Booth with Economy Custom Modular Displays

Our Economy Custom Modular Displays are an excellent choice for exhibitors seeking a contemporary tech look or multimedia integration within their booth space. Each kit features aluminum extrusion hardware, providing the flexibility to add monitor mounts or attach iPads and Surfaces. The mural graphics are printed on stretch fabric using the dye sublimation printing process, ensuring vibrant and high-quality visuals.

Flexible and Reconfigurable Design

One of the standout features of our economy modular displays is their reconfigurability. Easily transform a 10×10 display into larger configurations such as 10×20, 10×30, or even a 20×20 island exhibit. This flexibility allows you to adapt your display to different booth spaces and exhibition needs without investing in entirely new setups.

Maximize Your Booth’s Potential

Designed with modern exhibitors in mind, these displays not only enhance the visual appeal of your booth but also provide practical solutions for multimedia presentations. The durable aluminum hardware supports various accessories, making it easy to create an engaging and interactive environment for your audience. Choose our Economy Custom Modular Displays to elevate your trade show presence with a sleek, tech-savvy look.