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Set Up Your Files

Best way to send your files:

  1. Email – only if files are under 10 mg
  2. Upload to our ftp site – Instructions at (link)
  3. CD – You can send us a CD.

General File Guidelines:

  1. 100 dpi at the FINISH SIZE
  2. Include all fonts
  3. Prefer layered files
  4. Provide low res pdf images of all art files
  5. Use ZipIt, WinRAR, or Stuffit (MAC) to compress files (Optional)

Specific Guidelines For:

Photoshop files

  1. Provide layer files if color matches are required
  2. Save as Photoshop, Tiff, or EPS files

Illustrator files

  1. Convert fonts to outlines or send fonts
  2. Don’t embed images without linking to original files
  3. Save as Illustrator or eps files

InDesign files

  1. Include all fonts
  2. Save as regular Indesign files and send native files as well

Graphics Upload

Low res pdf required to be emailed to account rep’s email.

The document download below of our detailed visual artwork file set up  guidelines are designed to save you time, effort, and avoid any additional file set  up charges. Correct preparation to your files is crucial to meeting deadlines.  This will help ensure your art and brand shine!