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Exhibit Line Table Top Displays

November 5th, 2013 Comments off

The Exhibit Line Table Top Display system is great for clients that want to present professionally but don’t have a lot of space for storage or transportation.  While the quality and model gets you into the big leagues, the price is still affordable enough to fit most budgets.  As with all Exhibit Line display products there are no tools needed for assembly due to their proprietary long and short knobs.  Set up time can vary but is typically between 10 and 15 minutes.  We encourage a clean and simple graphic design with table top displays.  Exhibit Line Graphics are printed on a wrinkle free fabric through a process called dye sublimation.   Wing shapes come in 9 options which allow you a lot of creative freedom with this product line.

EXT Exhibit Line Table Top Display

The EXT is the base model and is a smaller version of the 10×10 Ex 1.0 made into a table top display.  The 6ft hardware comes with a custom laminate canopy.  The header panel is 47” x 11” and you have the option between frosted plex or printed wings on the sides.  The entire display can ship in one case that includes wheels and a handle.

EXT3 Exhibit Line Table Top Display

The EXT3 is a more exotic version of the EXT.  This model comes with a mount made for a monitor up to 21”.  The 6 ft. hardware comes with 2 lights and a 24”x12” header piece.  As with the base version, this comes with frosted plex or printed wings.

EXTM.0 Exhibit Line Table Top Display

The EXTM.0 is an extension of the two previous models.  It comes with the same monitor mount as the EXT3 in addition to the two aluminum shelves and twice the lighting.  The shelves are great for displaying your printed marketing materials while the four lights will keep your table top well lit.  The EXTM.0 is a great product guaranteed to make you stand out.

Simple Modular Table Top Display Option - Exhibit Line

Custom Modular Table Top Display Option – Exhibit Line