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Indianapolis Trade Show Supplies

September 24th, 2014 Comments off

Indianapolis Trade Show Supplies for Fall 2014

The Fall trade show season is here!  Now is the time to pull your trade show display out of it’s case to make sure everything (hardware, frame, graphics, lights) is working correctly before your marketing team heads out for their first exhibiting event.  Indy Displays features a large catalog of Indianapolis trade show supplies that can be delivered in 48 hours or less.  Adding accessories to your trade show booth space can be fast and an inexpensive way to improve your marketing display.  Instantly turn your basic trade show display into an interactive multimedia trade show booth by adding monitor mounts or iPad tablet attachments, or help your marketing team organize their materials by adding portable literature stands or attaching shelves to the aluminum display frame.  Here are a few trade show supply options that can be purchased online at

Portable Literature Stands

Literature Display Stands help with booth organization and add strong accents to any location in the trade show booth space.  Your brochures and trade show giveaways are far too important to leave scattered all over the place.  Indy Displays literature stands and brochure holders are portable, lightweight and ideal for trade shows, conventions, presentations, and office lobbies.

indianapolis trade show supplies

Trade Show Counters

No trade show booth space is complete without some type of trade show counter or podium.  Trade show counters make the perfect place for an exhibitor to collect leads.  Not only are they a sales tool for your trade show staff, but portable counters can be used for organizing literature, locking storage, graphic applications, and for multimedia purposes (locking iPad display, monitor attachments).  Take a moment to look through some of Indy Displays featured trade show counters and podiums.

Indianapolis iPad portable trade show graphic counter

Trade Show Table Covers & Throws

We are always surprised to see how many exhibitors invest in a premium trade show table top display but pass on including a table cover, giving their trade show booth an unfinished appearance.  Exposing a beat up folding table or table skirt that’s supplied to you by Show Services, can dramatically reduce your marketing potential when exhibiting with a table top display.  Table cover options include 4′, 6′, and 8′ table covers.  In the past few years, fitted and stretch table throws have become our best selling table throw options.  Stretch table throws give your table top display a modern/clean appearance and are completely wrinkle free!

Fitted Stretch Trade Show Table Covers IndianapolisHere is a great example of an 8ft Stretch Table Cover

Trade Show Lighting

Trade show lighting is a no brainer for any serious exhibitor.  Not only do trade show lights enhance ANY trade show display, but they are also one of the least expensive trade show supplies.  Trade Show Lighting can include spotlights, halogen lights, LED lights, or backlighting.  Lights brighten up a trade show booth space and draw attention to your graphic mural, logo, and header.  No booth space should ever be without trade show lighting accessories!

indianapolis trade show banner stand kitHalogen Lights attached to an expolinc roll up classic banner stand kit

Trade Show Displays | Indianapolis Exhibit Guide

August 12th, 2014 Comments off

With central year round weather, a revitalized and bustling downtown, and centralized geographic location, Indianapolis is quickly becoming a thriving cultural, tourist, and business destination.  The Indiana Convention Center was established with trade shows at the center of attention featuring eleven exhibit halls and three multi-purpose ballrooms.  When you need a booth at the next trade show or convention at the ICC, you will want the premiere Indiana display experts at Indy Displays to provide your team with a full-service exhibit that represents the quality and craftsmanship you expect for your company.  Let this article be part of your Indianapolis Exhibit Guide that will help you pick out perfect solutions for trade show displays and help answer and additional questions you may have about portable displays, exhibiting rules, the Indiana Convention Center, and trade show booth rental programs in Indianapolis.  Contact Indy Displays direct for answers to questions not found in this article.

Indianapolis Trade Show Displays


For smaller booths and more intimate display needs, tabletop displays are the ideal means to advertise.  Our tabletop displays are designed to maximize the entire table space and come in a variety of designs and configurations.  Popups, fabric boards, and banners are all available options to display your signage and logos.  And Indy Displays offer a full range of table covers to compliment any table top display.

Floor Displays are designed for larger floor spaces and often substitute in place of a table.  Floor displays generally range from 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and 20 x 20.  These sleek, modern Indianapolis trade show displays are fully customizable and include such options as lighting, multi-media solutions, and custom graphic layouts.  Portable counters like the exhibit line counter system, help compliment inline exhibit booths and are available as rentals or new purchase.

Banner stands are generally designed to complement the featured display.  Retractable banners are pop up in nature and small enough to be carried in its own bag to a full sized background display to fit the entire backdrop of your booth.  Our banner stand kit options are an example of using multiple retractable banners together to create a back wall suitable for 10×10 booths or you can use two retractable banner kits for 10×20 booths.  Your Indianapolis Exhibit Guide should include banner stands.  Most likely you will be included in smaller events or presentations, so banner stands are model trade show displays for smaller events since they can be displayed in small spaces.

Trade Show Portable Kiosks are another option that are usually free standing and not requiring any personnel to be present.  They can be designed to provide information, gather feedback, and promote your company independently.  Kiosks can be placed at the corner of island exhibits to attract attention or inside the booth for exhibitors to include in product presentations.  Many of our custom modular kiosks like the exhibit line kiosks, can be used alone or attached to an aluminum column on the display back wall.

Trade Show Displays Indianapolis Exhibit Guide


Indianapolis Booth Rentals


Indy Displays offers complete booth rental packages for all of your convention and trade show needs.  Our feature booths are 20 x 20 and are fully customizable to meet your individual needs.  There are overhead trusses for hanging smaller banner ads and plenty of room for other accessories while maximizing your valuable floor space.  Many companies have started renting smaller booth spaces such as 10×20 or even down to a 10×10 booth.  Since this new rental trend has effected Indianapolis exhibitors, Indy Display has enlarged their rental catalogue to include popup display and modular display rental options for 10’ and 20’ trade show booth rentals.  The 10ft Exhibit Line EX Display seen below continues to be one of our most popular rental solutions. 

trade show displays indianapolis exhibit guide


Trade Show Accessories

Display stands allow company representatives a comfortable standing workspace and are a great way to greet convention and trade show visitors.

Our literature stands offer a unique and professional display solution for print materials such as brochures, magazines, and folders.  Easily tucked away to the side or brought to the front, literature stands are a great touch to any trade show booth.

Table Covers also known as Table Throws can be printed with your custom artwork or we can provide solid colors to compliment your existing displays.  Sizes are designed for trade show tables.  New to our catalogue this year is the very popular stretch fitted table throws.  This modern cover look gives you a trendy fitted cover that compliments the latest tension fabric table top displays, formulate displays, or exhibit line table top display kits.  Many of our kiosks, portable counters, and table covers make fantastic retail display solutions.

trade show displays indianapolis exhibit guide

Outdoor Advertising Packages

Indy Displays recognizes that not all display needs are confined to an indoor area.  Our custom packages include table covers, tents, and banners to provide a coordinated and complimentary advertising space for outdoor events.  Feel confident in taking your trade show display outdoors to the sunshine with our stable and professional tents and packages.  Each package is, of course, fully customizable to your needs.  You can purchase a complete outdoor display kit or we have individual tent and graphic flags that can stand alone but still get you noticed at any outdoor event or tailgate.

trade show displays indianapolis

Allow Indy Displays to design and implement all of your trade show and convention display needs.  Your trip to Indianapolis doesn’t have to be all work.  Enjoy the downtown restaurants and nightlife while we take care of your display needs.  At Indy Displays, we have all your needs in mind.  If you have any questions about exhibiting, or just general Indianapolis tourist questions, do not hesitate to contact us direct at 317-565-2255.  For a better understanding of how our portable trade show displays pack, assemble, and breakdown, visit the Indy Diplays Youtube Channel.