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Banner Stands with Monitors

June 5th, 2014 Comments off

Banner Stands with Monitors have become a top selling portable display solution in the past few years.  Many companies are doing away with their heavy and complex trade show exhibits (truss displays, laminate panel displays) and switching to lighter and less complex options like banner stands and portable kiosks.  Adding multimedia to a booth space is now easy and affordable.

twist multimedia banner stand

Banner stand options include the Sprint Banner Stand, Xpressions Display, and the new Twist Banner Stand.  The Twist banner stand is a european product that was just introduced to the United States a few years ago.  In addition to the monitor mount feature, the Twist banner stand can create a seamless backdrop by using 3 together or you can simply twist and contort the system into unique shapes.  Display layouts for the Twist can be anywhere from an 8ft booth space up to a 20×20 booths space.

20ft twist banner stand wall

The Sprint banner stand has been one of the most popular pole system banner stands for many years.  Like the Twist banner system, the Sprint banner hardware is a european product that carries a lifetime warranty.  The graphic banners are fabric and include the dye sublimation printing process.  Sprint banners also come in a number of widths and heights.  Like the Twist, the Sprint can also be used together to form a display backdrop for 10×10 booth spaces and 10×20 booth spaces.

Banner Stand with Monitor Mount

The Xpressions Pop Up Display System is extremely versatile and portable.  With a lightweight pop up frame and graphic skins printed on spandex fabric, the Xpressions Display has always been one of the top picks for graphic designers.  Recently this display line has developed an eye-catching modern kiosk system.  There are no other portable trade show products on the market today that are as lightweight and unique as the Xpressions.  The Xpressions kiosks can be used as a stand alone display or can be integrated into a large booth space with other portable displays or even used with fully custom trade show booths.

Xpressions Kiosks

Banner Stands that hold LCD screens

March 6th, 2011 No comments

Banner Stands that hold LCD screens have quickly become a popular portable display solution.  Traditionally in the trade show display industry portable kiosks were built using heavy custom modular extrusions.  Not only were they heavy and complex to set up, they were also expensive.  Trade show supplies over the years have become more portable and lightweight.  Banner Stands have become an industry standard for portability and budget.  For the first time exhibitors can keep the convenience of display portability and have the luxury of mounting plasma screens in trade show booth spaces at a low cost.

The Sprint tension pole banner stand is a portable trade show banner stand with a telescopic pole that ranges from 39’’ to 115’’.  Several widths and heights are available to display single or double-sided exhibit graphics on the same frame.  In addition, custom cut rigid or flexible substrates can be used as graphic solutions on sprint telescoping poles.  The Sprint trade show display banner stand is also available with LCD monitor mounts.  The limit on the LCD screen size is 22″.

The Sprint Banner Stand, made for fast set-up and portable applications, has 3 feet linked with bungee cords for a quick, simple and secure automatic set-up.  The Sprint.Boutique, made for more permanent applications, has a steel disc base which offers maximum stability for high traffic areas and retail display solutions.  Both banner stand systems have the capability to hold a LCD monitor mount.   For more information visit or contact us at 317-565-2255

Sprint Banner Stand with Monitor

Sprint Banner Stand with Monitor

Another banner stand option for multi-media solutions is the new Twist Banner Stand.  This exciting new product that was introduced to the United States in 2013, is not only the highest end banner solution on the market, but the Twist system can re-configure into a large back wall display by linking several individual banners together with it’s dynamic seamless magnetic connecting hardware.  Easily create a 10×20 multi-media trade show booth space with the Twist banner kits.  Creating an aesthetically pleasing curved banner stand wall is also possible with this one of a kind trade show display.  In the examples below, we show what an individual multi-media twist banner looks likes along with a few examples of the interlocking twist banner system.  If you are tired of exhibiting with the same common trade show booth that every other exhibitor is using, then the twist banner system might be the perfect exhibit solution.

banner stand that holds monitorsThree Banner Twist Kit with Monitor Mount

banner stand seamless back wall displayMulti Twist Banner Stand Display with curved banners

banner stands that hold LCD screensCreative Twist Banner Kit with monitor and graphic counter