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iPad Kiosks Stands Should Be Part of Your Display

February 5th, 2014 Comments off

iPad Kiosk Stands

Are you currently using an iPad or tablet as part of your business?  Imagine the opportunities that would present themselves if you were able to use one in your trade show booth.  Many successful exhibitors are now using these devices to further interact with clients.  One option is to simply have the iPad at your booth.  Another option is to make the iPad part of your display using an iPad Kiosk Stand.

Benefits of using an iPad Kiosk:

  • Professional look
  • Security
  • Branding


Professional Look

Our featured iPad kiosks all have a classic and professional look to them.  While most people are familiar with tablets, they are not familiar with them as part of a display.  This can leave a lasting impression that your company is cutting edge and ahead of the curve.  We try to leave no stone unturned in the science of trade show displays and we believe the more you have at your disposal during client interaction the more successful you will be.  Having a iPad kiosk stand as part of your display will give you that power while keeping your booth space uncluttered.  Some models even allow you to incorporate traditional marketing materials on the kiosks stand, such as literature racks and counters.


The benefits of being able to use a tablet are numerous but it will do you no good if it disappears during the show.  One way to ensure that your tablet doesn’t go missing is to incorporation into the display itself.  If the iPad can’t be incorporated in the kiosk then it comes with a lock case that allows you to keep your tablet under lock and key.


Certain kiosks give you the ability to add branding.  This allows you to tie your booth space together and add depth while keeping your logo or company name as visible as possible.  If you desire the clean sleek look then simply order a tablet kiosk without branding to get the look you desire.


Featured iPad Kiosks Stands

iPad.C1 Kiosk Stand

A simply modern design aspect makes this model pretty easy to set up and weighs only 12 lbs.  This products ships in 3-5 days and comes with a lock case to ensure your tablet remains part of your trade show display.

iPad Kiosk Stand iPad.C1

iPad.C1 Kiosk Stand









Graphic iPad Counter 1.1

This branded iPad kiosk stand has a professional look to it with all the benefits of a non-branded unit.  It comes with dye-sub graphics, five-minute set-up, and ships within 5-7 days.

iPad Kiosk Stand iPad Graphic Counter 1.1

Graphic iPad Counter 1.1