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Why Indy Displays is Different

January 13th, 2014 Comments off

It’s common to hear a company say they are different and that message can get lost amongst all the claims.  With everybody claiming to be different, but essentially being the same, this phrase doesn’t mean much anymore.

We’re here to try to change that.  Indy Displays is a different company than others in the industry.  Both owners have experience working in the corporate world and that experience was the catalyst for doing business differently.  The common theme is that overhead bogs a company down and eventually pulls them away from their core and what they originally intended to do.

Indy Displays goal is to always keep overhead at a minimum to allow us to get quality trade show displays and marketing items to our customers at a fair price.  In addition to that, ownership takes a hands-on approach, so you will be working with people that are vested in your experience; you’re not just an order.

Another benefit of working on your trade show display project with Indy Displays is that you get the “Try it before you buy it” experience (locally and on select models) and we will educate you on how to unpack, set-up, and take down the display at your location.  You let us know which displays you’re considering and we will bring a demo to your location, set it up for you, and leave it with you so you can take the time to make the right decision.   This means that we do not have to charge more to cover the costs of a large expensive showroom, which means that you get a better experience and a better deal.

Indy Displays also takes some of the guesswork out of the purchasing process.  We do not sell low quality bargain displays.  We do focus on high quality displays that will set you apart and will stand up to the rigors of the trade show world.  Most products we offer have warranties that cover basic usage and some are even “no questions asked”.  That means you can feel confident when you place an order with Indy Displays.

Once you choose which trade booth display you want to order, we will come to your location again and train you on how to set up the display and how to properly repack your display into the case (again, locally).  Most the time the set up is quick and simple but customers really like the follow up meeting.

We realize that doing business with Indy Displays is a choice and we want to make the vendor you choose a no brainer through excellent customer service, fair prices, and a different approach to an industry that has a lot of competition doing the same thing.