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Affordable Portable Display Solutions in Indianapolis

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The leading Indianapolis portable trade show display provider

20' Lightbox Display LED Backlit Booth


Indy Displays has offered affordable portable display solutions in Indianapolis since 2008.  Each year we add the latest portable trade show display designs available on the market.  Not only are Indy Displays portable display options budget friendly, but they also are built by the top trade show manufacturers and trade show graphic houses in the United States.  Choose from portable table top displays, 10ft portable displays, 20ft portable displays, and 20′ x 20′ custom portable display layouts.

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Waveline Tension Fabric Display

The Waveline also known as the Wavetube tension fabric display, started gaining popularity in 2012.  Still a relatively new display line, the waveline and wavetube display system is continuing to add new accessory options including multi-media solutions.  10×10 waveline displays can now hold up to 32″ monitor and can easily hold a single or multiple iPads that mount on the aluminum frame.  Set up is very simple.  The lightweight durable aluminum frame pieces simply snap together following simple instructions.  The trade show graphic mural is a dye sublimation tension fabric piece that slides over the frame and zips on one side to lock the mural and put extra tension on the graphic to prevent any wrinkling.  Waveline and Wavetube displays can be turned around in as little as a week and can easily be checked at the airport and setup by one exhibitor.  Affordable Portable Display Solutions in Indianapolis



Pop Up Displays Indianapolis

The best word to describe pop up displays is “Reliable”.  The traditional pop up display revolutionized the trade show industry becoming the first portable display to hit the market decades ago and is still a popular choice for many exhibitors today.  Indy Displays offers a premium pop up display that has been a top seller for years.  Not only because of the reliability, but also due to the lifetime warranty.  This lifetime warranty doesn’t only cover manufacturer defects like most pop up displays you will find online, but it includes a lifetime warranty on usage as well.  What this full warranty means, is that the frame and magnetic channel bars will be covered no matter how or when they are damaged.  We have clients that have had shipping carriers damage their pop up frame many years after purchase and get it replaced free of charge.  In addition to the traditional pop up display, tension fabric pop up displays continue to grow in popularity.  These portable displays include a traditional pop up frame with a tension fabric mural graphic attached making set up a breeze and only taking seconds!  Choose from table top options all the way up to island exhibit kits.  Frames are available straight or curved.

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Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are a simple clean way to create an eye-catching trade show back wall.  Customers also use these units for retail solutions or for smaller events where booth space is minimal.  Retractable banners can include many types of graphics.  Most of the low cost options you see online include a simple vinyl banner with the retractable hardware.  Vinyl banners will get the job done, and we offer this solution with most of our standard and economy banner stand solutions.  However, the best route to take is upgrading to a premium graphic option for your retractable banners.  Our best selling premium banner solution is what we call the “Diamond Finish”.  This is a dye sublimation graphic printed on poly knit with a thin laminate backing added.  What this combination creates is an opaque blocking behind the graphic to ensure your images and colors pop under lighting.  In addition, the laminate backing keeps the banner flat for life without the worry of your banner having the sides curl on you.

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Trade Show Booth Rentals in Indianapolis, IN

December 30th, 2013 Comments off

In the past, trade show booth rental options were very limited.  Your only options were generic displays that hindered you from the branding impact you needed at to stand out from the competition.  But limited options is a thing of the past.  In addition to popup display rentals, you can now choose from a large selection of custom modular displays that can be modified to fit your needs.  Indy Displays offers turnkey display rentals that give you the custom look you require along with the money-saving benefits from renting versus purchasing.

In addition to the large selection of trade show booth rentals, Indy Displays will provide affordable graphic design and setup/teardown if you are exhibiting in the Indianapolis area.  With a display rental, you can avoid all of the expenses of ownership including maintenance/repairs, storage, exhibit management, and storage.  Rentals can save companies up to 45%.

Here are a few reasons many exhibitors prefer renting trade show booths:

  • Getting more out of your exhibiting budget.
  • If you are new to trade shows and not ready to invest in a booth purchase.
  • You are on a time crunch and need quick turnaround.
  • You normally exhibit in a 10×10 booth space but want to expand (10×20, 20×20) for a specific show.

Whatever your booth rental needs are, Indy Displays has a solution.  Simply contact us at 317-565-2255 or submit a rental request online at

Here are a few examples of custom booth rental configurations:

10x1o Examples

10ft Trade Show Booth Rental

10ft Trade Show Booth Rental

10ft Trade Show Display Rental with Monitor

10ft Trade Show Display Rental with Monitor


10×20 Examples

20ft Trade Show Booth Rental with Popup Display

20ft Trade Show Booth Rental with Popup Display

20ft Display Booth Rental

20ft Display Booth Rental


Island Exhibit Rentals

20x20 Island Exhibit Rental Option

20×20 Island Exhibit Rental Option

Trade Show Island Booth Rental

Trade Show Island Booth Rental


Banner Stand Product Indianapolis, IN

April 25th, 2012 No comments

We have just added a new trade show banner stand product for our clients here in Indianapolis and around the country.  Our top selling Banner Stand, the Pronto Banner Stand, now offers a green graphic solution!  These eco-friendly banner graphics are printed using water based inks on a new unique fabric.  This trade show graphic material is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled soda bottles.

Indianapolis Banner Stand Supplier

Like are traditional Pronto Banner Stand, this new display product will be available n 4 widths (23.5″, 33.5″, 39″, 47.25″).  This system will also offer 2 hardware colors (black or silver).  This display product is just another great feature to our Eco-Friendly Trade Show Display line.  Lead time on this banner stand is 3 to 5 business days.  Call us for pricing and more information at 317-565-2255 or visit our website at

New to Indy Displays Banner Stand catalogue this year is the revolutionary Twist Banner Stand Display System.  This unique portable display is more than just a banner stand.  The twist banners are built to last and guaranteed to line up seamlessly with additional banners to create the ultimate portable back wall display.  Another great feature as shown in the image below, Twist banners are durable to hold monitors up to 32″.  Now you can add multi-media to your exhibit booth without having to sacrifice the ease of portability.  Custom twist banner stand layouts are available as well through Indy Displays.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

banner stands indianapolis with monitor mounts

Indiana Trade Show Exhibits

April 11th, 2010 No comments | Indiana Trade Show Exhibit Designers

If your company is looking for a local trade show exhibit company in the state of Indiana that offers high-end displays at competitive prices than is the perfect fit for your trade show needs.  As an online based company Indy Displays keeps costs low through our determination to keep overhead expenses down. Our utilization of the latest communication and mobile office technology still allows us to provide top quality customer service while keeping prices low for the end user.  Traditional trade show booth dealers are forced to maintain high overhead by maintaining expensive exhibit showrooms, large warehouses, and the cost of constantly updating their demo trade show exhibits.  Indy Displays has avoided these pitfalls and is able to stay current with the latest exhibiting trends.

Custom Exhibit Designers in Central Indiana!

Being an online based trade show exhibit company, they can we stay current and can add new products as soon as they are released without adding cost to a purchaser’s price. For information on our company and our catalog of trade show exhibits please contact us at 317-565-2255 or visit us at


Indiana Trade Show Exhibits

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