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Define Your Goals and Determine Your Trade Show Display Look

October 30th, 2013 Comments off

It’s not always possible to meet with every person at a trade show that you would like to.  Hopefully you target a select group and focus on them.  It’s better to spend 80% of your time on your top 20% prospects than broadly canvas everybody.

In the same way, we encourage our clients to focus on important aspects of why they are at the trade show in the first place.  Are you there to maintain market share and presence?  Are you there to attract new clients as a start up?  Are you demonstrating or releasing a new product?  Are you just another vendor in a long line of vendors?

The position of a company within an industry will sometimes dictate what type of trade show display they have based upon their individuals goals of a show.  While we always try to work within our clients’ budget, sometimes focusing on quality first pays dividends in the long run just like meeting with the most important people at a show first.  Higher quality equals a quicker set up and a more dependable trade show booth.  What does this mean for you?  More time promoting your business, more confidence while promoting your business, and fewer headaches while promoting your business.

We are always looking for ways to set our clients apart from their competition through trade show booth design.  We have a saying around here, “Most people don’t have a problem with a beard but nobody has a problem with a clean shaven face.”  The thing to take away from this is that when the eyes of so many top targets are going to be upon you, that’s the time to look your best.  This is why our clients like working with us; we never suggest low quality portable trade show display products to them just to save a little money, because we know the value of the product and what that translates to for you, the client, in front of your own clients.

Update your look for this year’s show.  Upgrade your trade show display so that you’re not dealing with quality issues.

Indianapolis, IN was rated as one of the top cities in the country for trade shows, conferences, and conventions.  The Conventions Center is one of the finest in the country.  Indy Displays is here to help you look top notch and show better than you have in years.

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