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Exhibit Line Display: The Modern Trade Show Display Exhibit

January 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Key players in the industry have grown aggressive in securing their own market share. Entrepreneurs have created ways on how to leverage their own strengths as they also seek ways on how to expand their current customer base and how to maximize all the other opportunities that are present in the market. One of the identified ways that is deemed to be effective in achieving all of these objectives is joining trade shows. Trade shows showcase and highlight the participating companies’ products, services, and offers. Participating in trade shows gives you the opportunity to capture your target market.

Just as much as the market has evolved through the years, trade show exhibits have also evolved as modern strategies, methods, and materials have been created. More display platforms and techniques have been introduced.

What is the Exhibit Line Display?

The Exhibit Line Display is one of the most popular innovations in trade show displays. It is a modern-looking exhibit that is made from aluminum and laminate exhibit display hardware.

Trade shows usually require a minimum amount of manpower for the display set up and for the actual exhibit. For companies who want to be cost efficient with their display package, the Exhibit Line is a good option. It is portable and is very easy to set up and you do not have to compromise your exhibit’s aesthetic appearance.  The entire Exhibit Line’s product range is designed to be set up without the need for tools.

The best and most in demand feature of the Exhibit Line is its ability to give your exhibit the modern and trendy look that will surely make you stand out from the rest. Its structure is made from custom modular aluminum extrusions that will give your trade show display the contemporary and corporate vibe that will attract new customers and will please your existing clientele.

The Exhibit Line Display Kit

The kit includes a custom flat laminate canopy that can hold 6 halogen lights.  You just need a 48.25T shipping case as your package for the entire trade show. Weighing only 56 lbs., the Exhibit Line Display is undeniably one of the most sought after trade show display systems today.

The Exhibit Line Display uses a dye sublimation graphic that is printed on poly knit fabric. The ability of this graphic is to sketch between the main custom modular extrusions without leaving fabric wrinkles once you already display it on the frame.

The entire product range of Exhibit Line carries all has a one year warranty. You can choose from the following accessory options:

  • Monitor Mounts
  • Exhibit line kiosks
  • Exhibit line counters
  • Literature shelves

10×10 kit princing includes the following:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Tension fabric graphic mural
  • Canopy header with halogen down lighting
  • Frosted plex header with graphic print
  • Frosted plex wing
  • Detailed set up instructions
  • One durable 48.25T shipping case with wheels

Another key feature of the Exhibit Line Display is its Green Display System wherein we use our eco friendly facility to ensure that the Exhibit Line product range is manufactured with minimal waste by using sustainable or recyclable materials. This is our own way of paving the path for a green and sustainable future.

10ft Exhibitline Display Kit

10ft Exhibitline Display Kit

20ft Exhibitline DIsplay Kit

20ft Exhibitline DIsplay Kit


20x20 Island Exhibit Kit

20×20 Island Exhibit Kit

For more information on Exhibitline and other display products, please visit


Define Your Goals and Determine Your Trade Show Display Look

October 30th, 2013 Comments off

It’s not always possible to meet with every person at a trade show that you would like to.  Hopefully you target a select group and focus on them.  It’s better to spend 80% of your time on your top 20% prospects than broadly canvas everybody.

In the same way, we encourage our clients to focus on important aspects of why they are at the trade show in the first place.  Are you there to maintain market share and presence?  Are you there to attract new clients as a start up?  Are you demonstrating or releasing a new product?  Are you just another vendor in a long line of vendors?

The position of a company within an industry will sometimes dictate what type of trade show display they have based upon their individuals goals of a show.  While we always try to work within our clients’ budget, sometimes focusing on quality first pays dividends in the long run just like meeting with the most important people at a show first.  Higher quality equals a quicker set up and a more dependable trade show booth.  What does this mean for you?  More time promoting your business, more confidence while promoting your business, and fewer headaches while promoting your business.

We are always looking for ways to set our clients apart from their competition through trade show booth design.  We have a saying around here, “Most people don’t have a problem with a beard but nobody has a problem with a clean shaven face.”  The thing to take away from this is that when the eyes of so many top targets are going to be upon you, that’s the time to look your best.  This is why our clients like working with us; we never suggest low quality portable trade show display products to them just to save a little money, because we know the value of the product and what that translates to for you, the client, in front of your own clients.

Update your look for this year’s show.  Upgrade your trade show display so that you’re not dealing with quality issues.

Indianapolis, IN was rated as one of the top cities in the country for trade shows, conferences, and conventions.  The Conventions Center is one of the finest in the country.  Indy Displays is here to help you look top notch and show better than you have in years.

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Exhibit Line 10×20 C5 Trade Show Display

September 30th, 2013 Comments off

Exhibit Line hit another home run with the 10×20 C5.  Twice as long as 10×10 exhibits, the C5 is a perfect option for companies that have a larger budget and more space to promote themselves in.   With this model you get a fairly quick set up with all the looks of a custom display.  If you can build a 10×10, you can build a 10×20 booth.

As with all Exhibit Line products you can assemble them with no tools and use a long or short knob system with standard aluminum extrusion pieces.  We use a poly-knit fabric with dye sublimation graphics printed on them.  They are designed to stretch wrinkle-free between the main vertical aluminum extrusions.

The Exhibit Line 10×20 kit includes two curved laminate canopies that hold 6 halogen lights each.  It also includes three NLC1 locking portable counters for storage and product placement.  These also can serve as a workspace if needed.  Two monitor mounts are also included as part of this display kit.

Exhibit Line products are produced in a eco-friendly manner with minimal waste from recyclable or sustainable materials and fit the needs of green values.

With the right graphics this portable trade show display can make you look like a premier vendor and really stand out from a style standpoint.  Put the ball in your court with the 10×20 Exhibitline Displays.

Turnaround Time – 5 to 7 Business Days

For more information click here –



Xpressions Xpress Display Kits

March 31st, 2010 No comments

Duo Displays has once again added more fantastic portable display options to their catalog.  The Xpressions pop up display system has been an industry standard for a number of years now.  For many reasons that include:

  • Xpressions is a self-locking frame
  • Xpressions is a lightweight solution for easy set up and quick breakdown
  • Xpressions gives designers the ability to be unique and creative with their design work
  • Xpressions gives you the ability to change out your graphics easier than any other Pop Up Display

The latest creation is the Xpression Xpress system! This is an All-In-One trade show exhibit solution.  Xpression Xpress pop up display system includes two 1×3 frame with fabric skins that connect it to give the pop up display a full 8ft x 8ft trade show backwall.  The hard case that the frames and trade show graphics ship in also turns into a podium.  The linking of the two 1×3 frames is created by not only the fabric skins but 2 shelves as well.  The result is a fantastic solution for a 10×10 trade show booth space.  Many options and display configurations are available.  For more information please contact Indy Displays LLC at 317-565-2255 or visit our website at

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Free Custom Trade Show Display Renderings

January 11th, 2010 No comments

Indy Displays offers free custom renderings on any trade show display design idea you find on our website.  We believe that being able to visualize the final look of your trade show booth before it is built is very important in the selling process.  Our renderings will include all of the hardware that is included in the exhibit booth and the graphic layout.

Each rendering we create will show different views of the trade show exhibit including counter options, monitor options, and various trade show lighting options.  Each rendering will also include a detailed price quote that itemizes each section of the trade show display and the price of each individual part (graphics, hardware, lighting, and casing).  Itemizing our price quotes makes it easy for the customer to decide what is affordable for their trade show exhibit budget and what parts they can do without to reduce the total cost.  For more information on custom renderings please contact us at 1-317-565-2255 or visit us at

Trade Show Exhibit Graphics

January 6th, 2010 No comments

Trade Show Exhibit Graphics

Trade Show Exhibit Graphics for your trade show display are crucial to separating you from the competition and attracting the targeted traffic you need. Our trade show display graphic design team combines originality, creativity and expert design talent to produce the layout for an exhibit space that prospects are attracted to.

Indy Displays Print Processes

Rapid Print Process: Vectored art files are cut-out of a heat transfer vinyl and adhered to table cover fabric. This is a fast, economical process, but you are limited on the colors used in the logo. Production time usually runs 3-5 days (for standard fabric colors).

Screen Print Process: Vectored art files are printed onto table cover fabric. The inks are mixed ahead of time allowing a wider range of color than Rapid Print. Production time usually runs 5 days.

Dye Sublimation (dye sub) Process: Full color images are printed onto polyester based fabric using a dye sublimation process.

Lambda Process: Large format lambda printers use lasers to print high quality images onto photographic film. A clear protective laminate is adhered to the front of the film to make the graphic scratch resistant. Lambda prints can be mounted to flexible or rigid surfaces. Our premium lamination process allows us to offer a guarantee for life against delamination on our flexible prints.

Direct to Print Process: The Direct to Print process allows us to offer economical prints on a wide variety of substrates and materials. We primarily use this process to print onto rigid materials or to create flexible detachable graphics on pop-up displays, table top displays, counters and case wraps. The Direct to Print process does not offer the true photo quality of Lambda but it does offer a very nice graphic and a highly affordable price. We print directly on to the chosen substrate which saves the cost of the lamination process. The prints are still highly durable and should have a place in any trade show exhibit program.

Trade Show Display Graphics

December 6th, 2009 No comments

Trade Show Graphics are the most important part of an exhibit booth.  Three seconds is how much time you have to attract and captivate your audience.  Exhibit graphics need to tell your audience what you do which gives you the opportunity to engage and sell.

With so many different graphic options available, making a decision on what type of graphic materials are right for you can be a huge headache.  At Indy Displays we will give you the best graphic options for your needs and your budget and our design team is experienced in creating effective trade show graphics from scratch. We can be your full design resource or we can work with your ad agency or in-house marketing department to make sure your image and message fits the trade show environment.  For more information on trade show graphics and trade show display options please visit us at

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Indianapolis Trade Show Display Company

November 5th, 2009 No comments

Indy Displays has just launched a new e-commerce website with the largest selection of trade show displays in the Indianapolis area.  Our online catalogue offers many different display options that include banner stands, popup displays, custom modular displays, hanging signs, and outdoor displays.  If your company is looking to update their old trade show display or purchase a new display before 1/1/10 then we have good news for you!!! Now until 1/1/10 Indy Displays is offering 15% off with the purchase of any popup display, custom modular display, or hanging sign.  If purchasing a new trade show booth is not in your company’s budget then we are also offering 15% off on any graphic updates to existing trade show booths.  For more information please visit our website at

Trade show Display Graphic Design Guidelines

February 4th, 2009 No comments

Designing effective trade show display graphics isn’t beauty contest. It sounds very simple, but successful graphics are not matters of personal taste. All too often people make the mistaken assumption that if you have an attractive trade show booth with inviting colors and images it will naturally be a success. Not true! A trade show display is a marketing tool that must serve its purpose, not just look good. It may be very attractive but if it doesn’t achieve your marketing objectives, it hasn’t fulfilled its main purpose. The ultimate goal for your trade show display is to elicit a response to a marketing objective.

Possible Marketing Objectives

  1. Develop Leads
  2. Introduce new products
  3. Reinforce market position
  4. Sell company product
  5. Test marketplace

Once you have your decided what your marketing objectives are, then you need to understand what is important in designing your trade show display.

Advantages of the exhibitline display system

December 17th, 2008 No comments

I have a lot of clients ask me what other options that are available for a 10×10 booth space. Most of the time they are talking about options other than your basic pop up display booth. Usually I give them the same answer, exhibitline displays! For most people that have exhibited it the past, the pop up display is what they know and usually don’t want to break from. However, I have yet to find one unhappy customer that has purchase an exhibit line display over a traditional pop up display. Here are the reasons I believe the exhibitline display is superior to your typical pop up display system.

  1. The Exhibit Line Dispaywill provide a unique look that will not be seen very often on the trade show floor.
  2. The Exhibit Line Display is going to weigh 15 lbs. less than the pop-up package.
  3. Setup and breakdown time will be shorter with the Exhibit Line Display.
  4. The cost to replace the large trade show graphic will be half of the cost of replacing the pop-up mural.
  5. Your Exhibit Line Display will take much more of a beating than any pop up trade show display.