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Trade show Display Graphic Design Guidelines

February 4th, 2009 No comments

Designing effective trade show display graphics isn’t beauty contest. It sounds very simple, but successful graphics are not matters of personal taste. All too often people make the mistaken assumption that if you have an attractive trade show booth with inviting colors and images it will naturally be a success. Not true! A trade show display is a marketing tool that must serve its purpose, not just look good. It may be very attractive but if it doesn’t achieve your marketing objectives, it hasn’t fulfilled its main purpose. The ultimate goal for your trade show display is to elicit a response to a marketing objective.

Possible Marketing Objectives

  1. Develop Leads
  2. Introduce new products
  3. Reinforce market position
  4. Sell company product
  5. Test marketplace

Once you have your decided what your marketing objectives are, then you need to understand what is important in designing your trade show display.

Trade Show Graphics Design Tips

January 7th, 2009 No comments

Trade Show Graphics Design Tips

I seem to always have clients that ask me to educate their designer on how to layout their trade show graphics. I wouldn’t call my self a designer by a long shot, but here are a couple things I believe you should keep in mind when designing graphics for a trade show booth:

– Trade show displays are about image. Their most important purpose is to let the audience know who you are and what you do. Large colorful logos are a great way to attract attention. Simple is the most important thing, as there are many distractions in a trade show hall. Repetition is good too, as who you are and what you do should be visible from all possible site lines.
– Keep your main message or tag line in the upper 1/2 of the trade show display. A design many look great with no one or nothing standing in front of it, but that’s not the reality, the reality is your booth will be occupied by the staff and attendees.
– Put as little text as possible on your trade show display. The trade show setting is too fast for much reading to take place. People won’t take the time to read every detail on your display, especially your mission statement. I always try and let my clients know that putting that on a trade show exhibit is worthless, nobody is going to read it! The exhibit booth itself is not a brochure/bulletin board. It is more like a billboard and should be designed as such. Keep it simple!

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Trade Show Booth Design Colors

December 30th, 2008 No comments

Recently I came across an interesting article from Classic Exhibits. In this article they talk about the importance of color and the psychology behind it. Color scheme is very important when designing trade show graphics for an exhibit booth.

Setting A Mood With Color

The color scheme you select for your booth is critical. Color affects our perceptions of a space, so when planning your booth choose your colors carefully. If you have hired an exhibit designer, he or she can help determine the most appropriate color scheme for your booth.

A great deal of research has been conducted surrounding the psychology of color. A recent study published in the journal, Nature, analyzed the effect of uniform color on athletes, such as soccer players, boxers, and wrestlers. The study concluded that the athletes wearing red won more than sixty percent of the time. The scientists who conducted the study were convinced that the red uniforms gave the winning team a psychological edge. You might want to consider red clothing for your booth staff.

Colors are often associated with temperature or with certain emotions. These are culturally derived meanings and they can have a very real effect on people. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow are considered warm colors and can have a stimulating effect. The New York Times recently published an article concerning color schemes for schools, and found that reds, yellows, and oranges were often used in hallways to speed up children in halls and gyms.

Blues and greens are considered cool colors and can have a calming effect, especially when combined with trade show lights. Blues and grays are also associated with ice, snow, or winter. If your company sold skis for example you might want to consider using these colors.

Gray and beige, are more neutral colors, and have associations also. Gray or silver can take on a futuristic, gee-whiz connotation. Beiges and browns can be used to suggest a nostalgic, retro feel in a booth. White can be used to create a more expansive feel in a space, while black creates a more confined feel.

Factor in your company’s home base or the location of the show when considering color schemes. If your company is based in the Southwest, browns and tans might work for you. Or, if the tradeshow you are presenting at is located near the coast, consider blues or greens. You should consider color selection to be one more item in your arsenal as you compete for the customers attention at a busy tradeshow.

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