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Leasing Your Trade Show Display | Exhibit Financing Options

July 24th, 2014 Comments off

Learn why leasing your trade show display might be the best option in 2014

Have you ever considered leasing your trade show display?  Exhibit Financing options are available to companies and can help put you in the trade show exhibit you once thought was a little too pricy!  For example, if you currently exhibit with a 10×10 pop up display but really need an upgrade to stay ahead of the competition, now through exhibit financing options, you can upgrade to that 20×20 multi-media exhibit booth of your dreams.


leasing your trade show display

Leasing your trade show display can be beneficial for a business in many ways.  For one, equipment leasing allows companies an effective alternative to paying cash or leveraging credit to acquire the equipment needed to grow their business.  Leasing maximizes credit lines and cash flow for companies to manage their business and for leveraging expenses such as marketing campaigns.  In addition, financing your trade show booth helps build credentials with any bank,.  Exhibit leasing also includes a tax benefit.  The equipment (trade show exhibit) is 100% tax deductible.  As a corporation, you are allowed to deduct the full purchase price for equipment purchased or financed in the current tax year.  Applying only takes a few minutes with no obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing Your Trade Show Display


1. Will I own my trade show booth?
Answer – Yes, Indy Display’s leases have a purchase option built in so that you will own the equipment outright at lease end for no more than 10% of the total value of the lease.  For Example: If you purchase a $5,000 exhibit line display on a 36 month term you will pay $500 at the most at lease end to own the booth.  $500 is the most you would pay, in many cases it could be cheaper.

2. Can I pay it off early?
Answer – Yes, trade show display leases can be paid off early and unlike traditional finance there is no separation of principle and interest. Leasing offers one consistent low monthly payment that allows you to establish a predictable budget for increasing your earning and growing your company.

3. What is the process to get started?
Answer – The lease process is much simpler and faster than other forms of financing because there is no invasive requirements such as financial statements. When leasing your trade show display you can expect the following: 1. Apply online in 30 seconds 2. Get instant approval 3. Sign lease agreement 4. Verbally accept delivery of your trade show exhibit 5. Start blowing away your competition at the next trade show!

exhibit financing available
Exhibit Financing Options start at just $2,500 and terms range from 24 to 60 months.  Any of our portable display kit options starting at $2,500 or higher are available to lease.  Indy Displays products that are available to lease include Exhibit Line Displays, Xpressions Pop Up Displays, Xrline Displays, Formulate Tension Fabric Displays, Kiosks, a few Retractable Banner Backwall Kits, and all of our fully custom trade show exhibits.  Contact us for more information or visit to apply online.

Maximizing Your ROI with Customized Portable Trade Show Exhibits

January 13th, 2014 Comments off

Trade shows present limitless number of opportunities for your business—meeting potential clients, introducing your product range, and building a bigger clientele. As more media and platforms have been created and explored for business expansion, trade shows have remained to be one of the industry’s strongest ways on how to capture your target audience and how to remain to be a key player in your field.

However, with today’s economic struggles, every business decision is crucial, thus, you need to ensure that you maximize the return of joining a trade show. Every time you join a trade show, you have to make the most out of your investment and you need to create the best strategy for your display booth. You can have a successful trade show when you have the best provider for all your display needs.

Customized Trade Show Displays

We know how every business aims to echo its own brand identity and we want your trade show display to reflect your own branding. We can provide you with your specific needs by delivering customized portable trade show displays that will allow you to successfully deliver your branding message across your target audience.

Our most unique feature is that our fully custom exhibits are portable. Other providers can build trade show displays but they require shipment in crates. We ship our materials in flat cases which is more convenient and affordable for our clients. With this unique feature, we can help you save substantial amount of freight each year.

Advantages of Portable Trade Show Exhibits

Portable and custom trade show displays are effective in adding to your custom properties. We can help you expand your regional sales opportunities, expand your network, deliver your branding and corporate message during the expo, or reverberate your brand’s strength. We can give you the best value for your money as our trade show kiosks, banner stands, and other portable materials are cost efficient and they will give your display a custom look that will surely bring your business productive ROI.

We can also create renderings with five views of your exhibit. This will allow you to maximize your opportunity to be discovered and to stand out in an expo. Every business investment is important, thus we know how you need to deliver significant returns from every initiative that you do. With customized and portable trade show displays, your business will surely achieve its optimum potential and create a whole new horizon of business growth opportunities.

20x20 Custom Island Display

Call Indy Displays at 317-565-2255 to find out about our custom exhibit building capabilities.

20x20 Island Exhibit


All of our portable island exhibit solutions break down to ship in cost effective cases.

20x20 Island Portable Exhibit