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Banner Stands with Monitors

June 5th, 2014 Comments off

Banner Stands with Monitors have become a top selling portable display solution in the past few years.  Many companies are doing away with their heavy and complex trade show exhibits (truss displays, laminate panel displays) and switching to lighter and less complex options like banner stands and portable kiosks.  Adding multimedia to a booth space is now easy and affordable.

twist multimedia banner stand

Banner stand options include the Sprint Banner Stand, Xpressions Display, and the new Twist Banner Stand.  The Twist banner stand is a european product that was just introduced to the United States a few years ago.  In addition to the monitor mount feature, the Twist banner stand can create a seamless backdrop by using 3 together or you can simply twist and contort the system into unique shapes.  Display layouts for the Twist can be anywhere from an 8ft booth space up to a 20×20 booths space.

20ft twist banner stand wall

The Sprint banner stand has been one of the most popular pole system banner stands for many years.  Like the Twist banner system, the Sprint banner hardware is a european product that carries a lifetime warranty.  The graphic banners are fabric and include the dye sublimation printing process.  Sprint banners also come in a number of widths and heights.  Like the Twist, the Sprint can also be used together to form a display backdrop for 10×10 booth spaces and 10×20 booth spaces.

Banner Stand with Monitor Mount

The Xpressions Pop Up Display System is extremely versatile and portable.  With a lightweight pop up frame and graphic skins printed on spandex fabric, the Xpressions Display has always been one of the top picks for graphic designers.  Recently this display line has developed an eye-catching modern kiosk system.  There are no other portable trade show products on the market today that are as lightweight and unique as the Xpressions.  The Xpressions kiosks can be used as a stand alone display or can be integrated into a large booth space with other portable displays or even used with fully custom trade show booths.

Xpressions Kiosks

Making Your Message Stand out with a Compass Banner Stand

February 25th, 2014 Comments off

The trade show and display business is one that requires us to continually develop product lines that will best suit the needs of our customers. In so doing, we are always looking for opportunities to not only introduce new technology, but also to make existing technology better. Therefore, it is with great pride that we introduce our new Compass line of adjustable telescoping banner stands.

Let’s face it; we live in a technological world where most of us spend a good portion of our day staring at computer screens and hand-held electronic gadgets. We sometimes look at an old-fashioned banner as a quaint reminder of days gone by, rather than an effective marketing tool. Nevertheless, make no mistake about it: banner displays are as effective today as they have ever been.

Compass Telescopic Rotating Banner Stand

The key to an effective banner is how you present it. And it’s more than just logos, colors and tag lines. It’s about a presentation that says quality and professionalism, the two driving forces behind our line of Compass telescopic rotating banner stands. These banner stands give you maximum flexibility that can accommodate many different banner sizes and display positions, in a package that presents a very professional image.

Size Options and Telescoping Capability

The Compass line comes in four different size options (measurements refer to the banner size each stand can accommodate):

What makes our Compass line so special is the fact that the telescoping capabilities built into them allow for an unlimited number of possibilities for adjusting your banner angle forward, backward or around a center pivot. Just position your banner where you want and lock it in place. It’s simple and quick.

Compass Telescopic Rotating Banners

The advantage of a telescopic display is that you can place the stand virtually anywhere within your presentation space and aim the message at your target audience. On heavy traffic days, you can have the banner face front and dead center, so that those walking by your space can clearly see it. On slower days, you can angle the banner so it is facing where most of the crowds are. Your potential customers will see it all the way down at the end of the row if you point it correctly.

Convenience, Portability, Ease-of-Use

No banner stands are worth the money you spend on them if they are not easily portable and easy to use. In other words, display banners should be convenient as well as effective. That is something else we took into serious consideration with our Compass line of banner stands.

Each of these stands is extremely lightweight at just 10 pounds. Each one comes with its own canvas carrying case as well. In just a few minutes you can be set up and properly positioned, with very little hassle or effort. When the trade show is over, the stands come down as quickly and easily as they went up.

Indy Displays knows how important it is for you to make a good first impression whenever you’re presenting at a trade show. We also know that banners are a very effective tool for doing just that. Do not trust your banners to low-quality stands at rock-bottom prices. Instead, let us supply you with rugged and dependable banner stands more than capable of giving you many years of reliable service. Remember, you get what you pay for.