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Tabletop Displays are commonly used in the trade show industry.  No matter how big or small the show is you are attending, you will see many different table top trade show displays.  The key is standing out and making sure your exhibit booth has the visual impact it takes to stand out from your competition.  One way to stand out is to be unique!  Using the basic 3-Panel table top displays or the basic popup display will get the job done but it doesn’t prove there is anything unique about you or your company.  Go out on a limb and try something new!!! Table Toppers are a great display solution if you are looking for a new modern look that is sure to catch the audiences attention.  Table Toppers are a premium custom modular display system that are constructed of aluminum extrusions. Table Toppers give your exhibit booth a custom modern look at an affordable price.  Set up is simple and the entire trade show display packs into one flat case.

Once you choose a tabletop display that you feel fits your marketing plan, you need to think about what else you need in your exhibit booth.  A table throw is a must for any exhibitor that is using a tabletop display.  Why spend the money on a nice new tabletop display without finishing it off with a table throw?Using a tabletop display on a table that looks dirty or doesn’t match your display takes away from the look of your entire booth space.  For more information on table top display options please visit www.indydisplays.com or contact us at 1-317-565-2255.

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