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Portable Exhibits Make Sense For Small Companies

December 13th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Portable exhibits make a lot of sense

Most small companies that attend trade show events are best off buying a small portable trade show exhibit. They are offered in a range of styles, from table-top display versions that cost a few hundred dollars, to full-height Custom Modular Exhibits. Professional-looking logos can be added to the top of the display booth and large full-color product photos can dress up the panels.

Portable exhibits are lightweight and fold down into compact shippable units. Custom-designed shipping containers are usually a purchase option and will help minimize shipping damage. Shipping costs, themselves, will be substantially reduced. Portable trade show exhibits are, in addition, extremely easy to assemble and seldom require the services of unionized booth assembly labor. Indy Displays is an online exhibit company that caries a full line of portable trade show displays at a wide price range. They carry both economy and premium exhibit, so no matter what a small companies budget is, Indy Displays has a product that will fit their needs. For more information visit their site at 

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