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Go Wireless with Lumos Light Tower Displays

October 6th, 2015

Lumos Wireless LED Light Tower Displays


Designed specifically for retail,  exhibition environments and showroom floors, the wireless Lumos light towers are an original concept in illuminated portable signage, providing the ability to attract attention combined with user friendly assembly and portability. With the ability to be completely wireless while illuminating interchangeable graphics, makes lumos light tower displays attractive to not only trade show exhibitors, but all marketers that appreciate convenience. Using the latest LED technology, including RGB color enhancements; the Lumos Light Tower Display offers true flexibility.

Lumos Wireless Capability Solves Common Electrical Booth Issues

An often neglected key to success in exhibiting, is to garner more visitors by drawing them in to your booth space, and then proceeding to mesmerize them with stellar promotional efforts. The only problem is it can take a great deal of time and resources to create displays and signage that mesmerize, without sacrificing simplicity and practicality. The Lumos Wireless Feature solves this issue. For this first time, exhibitors can utilize the power of LED backlit displays, without the headache of accessing and paying for power supply.

Lumos Light LED Graphics Illuminate Booth Spaces

The Lumos is essentially a round pillar-like structure with one long LED strip of vibrant light attached to an inner pole, lending their lighting capacities to create a bright and luminous effect. The Lumos Light Towers come in a fixed 12.4inch width and have heights ranging from 37.5” to 85.7”. A mini counter and midi double-tower are also available. Use a combination of light tower heights as shown below to create an illuminated booth display unmatched by your competition.

lumos light tower displays

These recharging LED portable sign stands feature portable low-profile circular hardware and internal LED “edge-lit” light strip graphic illumination. Wireless technology allows effortless backlit banner relocation within a booth floor space, retail store or anywhere that instant backlit brand promotion is desired. User-friendly hardware and eco-friendly LED lighting, are two reasons the sign and expo industry continue to see backlit signage trends growing at a rapid rate! LED brand illumination simply attracts more eyes and enhances the consumer experience.

As mentioned before, Lumos offers simple 1-person setup. First, place the inner pole in position by snapping the joints together. The second step involves graphic installation. The full color printed graphic film cover needs to be simply placed around the tower’s bottom base. Once the graphic panel is in place, easily secure it with the provided magnets. Then, enclose the light tower using the circular disc top cover and simply turn on the unit by either using the standard power cord connection or illuminate your Lumos LED tower wirelessly by turning on the pre-installed rechargeable battery! Once the low-voltage LED light strip illuminates, watch the tower instantly display vibrant and very bright illuminated graphics. An additional accessory that’s included with your LED tower display is the an RGB color-changing remote. The Lumos RGB remote provides a multicolor effect. See our RGB graphic cover illumination example below!

Lumos RGB multicolor light tower options

Lumos Light Tower Displays Integration

The classic yet contemporary design of the wireless LED sign towers mean that they are easy to blend into any style or theme for your trade show booth design or retail environment. Currently available in a matte white, the trade show tower display can be customized with creative artwork that is printed on a translucent glossy film that is held together by magnetic tape. Take advantage of the translucency of the artwork film and design graphics which have a play on the seeping light for an interesting effect. The addition of a heavy white base ensures that the tower is stable and anchored to the ground. Power wise, the Lumos has an AC adapter that comes with the set, but also has a built in 14-hour cycle rechargeable battery, making Lumos the only wireless graphic light tower on the market today. Within the wireless rechargeable Lumos tower hardware is a long LED center light strip that is strong enough to brighten the entire structure, producing 100% equal light distribution throughout the entire light box. Lumos light tower displays are geared mostly for indoor usage, and works best in after-dark events or venues with dim lighting.

In all aspects, the Lumos tower is a simple, fun and cost-effective way to add a little more sparkle to the overall look of a tradeshow space. If you are still in the planning stages or already have a booth set-up, why not try these lighting features are sure to grab the attention of people today?

Lumos Wireless LED Light Tower Displays

Visit IndyDisplays.com for more information on Lumos Light Towers along with a full catalog of the latest backlit trade show display designs and more. CHAT LIVE now or call 317-565-2255 to speak with an exhibit consultant today.


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