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Indy Displays Unveils New Display Options for 2013 Fall Trade Show Season

August 8th, 2013

Indy Displays offers a new line of display options set for release this fall that will help clients improve brand and product visibility during trade shows.

IndyDisplays.com has been known to offer a complete line of quality trade show display products ranging from retractable banners to table top displays which clients can avail at cost-effective prices for events, marketing presentations, and advertising purposes. With years of experience in the tradeshow industry, Indy Displays has been able to establish itself as the brand customers can turn to for the best in display systems.

In line with the commitment of providing the best trade show display products, Indy Displays will unveil a collection of new display systems at this year’s Fall Trade Show season to give clients more viable display options to choose from and make it easier for them to better promote their products and reach out to their target audience.


Waveline Tension Fabric Display System

The new Waveline Tension Fabric Display system is designed to be one of the brand’s most affordable display systems. Lightweight yet durable in design, this system is equipped with a pop-up-frame hardware that’s made from lightweight aluminum tubing. Thanks to its unique graphic mural and eight-color digital process, the Waveline Tension Fabric Display system is able to display clean and crisp graphics without the wrinkles.


Formulate Displays

Similar to the Waveline Tension Fabric Display System, formulate displays offer the benefit of having a lightweight display solution that’s easy to set up and transport. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, it can be assembled without the use of tools making it one of the most convenient display systems to use.


New Hanging Signs

Indy Displays has also developed new trade show hanging banner signs which can be used to serve as overhead displays in trade shows and exhibits. Made from high-quality tension fabric, these signs are resistant to wrinkles ensuring that any image printed on them will be clean and free of any deformities. The new hanging signs are available in a square and triangle designs, giving businesses a creative way to capture the attention of potential customers regardless of the distance.


Portable iPad Counters

Being one of the biggest hits in tech today, the portable tension fabric iPad pedestal counter often takes the spotlight in display cases and counters. With Indy Displays’ portable iPad counters, clients have a way of showing off their stock using a lightweight counter made from high-quality materials. With its clean and minimalist design, this table-top display can make the iPad stand out allowing customers to get a clear and easy view of this innovative product.


New Custom Exhibitline Display Options

The new custom Exhibitline Display option provides a better way to attract and interact with potential customers. Options include a selection of kiosks, locking storage, graphics, hardware, and hanging signs. By combining all these elements into one display solution, companies will be able to come up with a trade show booth that will stand out from the rest of the exhibitors.


20×20 Island Display

Offering a clean and contemporary appearance, the 20 x 20 Island Display is perfect for those after a modern and updated look. Made from lightweight aluminum extrusions, the island display is portable and very convenient to transport. Set up is also made easy thanks to its bundled short and long knobs.


Custom Trade Show Display Renderings

Indy Displays now offers custom rendering which will give customers a high-quality impression of their desired trade show display. The renderings allows them to get a glimpse of what their trade show display will look like before being set up, making it easier for them to customize it based on their specifications. Indy Displays custom rendering gives clients the peace of mind that they’ll be getting exactly what they paid for in the end.


For more information, visit: http://www.indydisplays.com/


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