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Indiana Trade Show Exhibits

April 11th, 2010 No comments | Indiana Trade Show Exhibit Designers

If your company is looking for a local trade show exhibit company in the state of Indiana that offers high-end displays at competitive prices than is the perfect fit for your trade show needs.  As an online based company Indy Displays keeps costs low through our determination to keep overhead expenses down. Our utilization of the latest communication and mobile office technology still allows us to provide top quality customer service while keeping prices low for the end user.  Traditional trade show booth dealers are forced to maintain high overhead by maintaining expensive exhibit showrooms, large warehouses, and the cost of constantly updating their demo trade show exhibits.  Indy Displays has avoided these pitfalls and is able to stay current with the latest exhibiting trends.

Custom Exhibit Designers in Central Indiana!

Being an online based trade show exhibit company, they can we stay current and can add new products as soon as they are released without adding cost to a purchaser’s price. For information on our company and our catalog of trade show exhibits please contact us at 317-565-2255 or visit us at


Indiana Trade Show Exhibits

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Xpressions Xpress Display Kits

March 31st, 2010 No comments

Duo Displays has once again added more fantastic portable display options to their catalog.  The Xpressions pop up display system has been an industry standard for a number of years now.  For many reasons that include:

  • Xpressions is a self-locking frame
  • Xpressions is a lightweight solution for easy set up and quick breakdown
  • Xpressions gives designers the ability to be unique and creative with their design work
  • Xpressions gives you the ability to change out your graphics easier than any other Pop Up Display

The latest creation is the Xpression Xpress system! This is an All-In-One trade show exhibit solution.  Xpression Xpress pop up display system includes two 1×3 frame with fabric skins that connect it to give the pop up display a full 8ft x 8ft trade show backwall.  The hard case that the frames and trade show graphics ship in also turns into a podium.  The linking of the two 1×3 frames is created by not only the fabric skins but 2 shelves as well.  The result is a fantastic solution for a 10×10 trade show booth space.  Many options and display configurations are available.  For more information please contact Indy Displays LLC at 317-565-2255 or visit our website at

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About Indy Displays Trade show displays Indianapolis

March 30th, 2010 No comments

Indy designs and distributes a complete range of portable image carrier products for visual communication.  All of our display solutions support graphic renewals and graphic turnover. Our trade show display products are aimed at helping companies and sales associates bring their marketing message to their clients, wherever they are.

Indy Displays offers any type of trade show display form a simple table top display to a custom 20×20 island trade show exhibit. Our main focus is on simplicity, ease of use, portability and muli-functional trade show displays.

We maintain a strong network with top manufacturers in the United States which allows us to respond quickly to any exhibit needs companies may have. A large portion of products that Indy Displays offers can be shipped same day or within 48 hours.

Toppers Tabletop Displays

January 13th, 2010 No comments

Toppers modular table top displays offer you a big display impact in a very small space.  Toppers broadcast your message in a very big way.  These ultramodern trade show displays are built of aircraft grade aluminum, and feature a large footprint for stability.  Each Toppers Display comes complete with the frame, trade show graphics, headers and wings, lights, and a wheeled rotomolded case.  These trade show displays set-up and break down in minutes, and everything packs neatly inside the foam-fitted rotomolded trade show wheeled case.  Toppers tabletop displays are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime frame warranty.  For pricing and kit options please visit

Toppers Custom Modular Tabletop Display

Toppers Custom Modular Tabletop Display

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Free Custom Trade Show Display Renderings

January 11th, 2010 No comments

Indy Displays offers free custom renderings on any trade show display design idea you find on our website.  We believe that being able to visualize the final look of your trade show booth before it is built is very important in the selling process.  Our renderings will include all of the hardware that is included in the exhibit booth and the graphic layout.

Each rendering we create will show different views of the trade show exhibit including counter options, monitor options, and various trade show lighting options.  Each rendering will also include a detailed price quote that itemizes each section of the trade show display and the price of each individual part (graphics, hardware, lighting, and casing).  Itemizing our price quotes makes it easy for the customer to decide what is affordable for their trade show exhibit budget and what parts they can do without to reduce the total cost.  For more information on custom renderings please contact us at 1-317-565-2255 or visit us at

Trade Show Exhibit Graphics

January 6th, 2010 No comments

Trade Show Exhibit Graphics

Trade Show Exhibit Graphics for your trade show display are crucial to separating you from the competition and attracting the targeted traffic you need. Our trade show display graphic design team combines originality, creativity and expert design talent to produce the layout for an exhibit space that prospects are attracted to.

Indy Displays Print Processes

Rapid Print Process: Vectored art files are cut-out of a heat transfer vinyl and adhered to table cover fabric. This is a fast, economical process, but you are limited on the colors used in the logo. Production time usually runs 3-5 days (for standard fabric colors).

Screen Print Process: Vectored art files are printed onto table cover fabric. The inks are mixed ahead of time allowing a wider range of color than Rapid Print. Production time usually runs 5 days.

Dye Sublimation (dye sub) Process: Full color images are printed onto polyester based fabric using a dye sublimation process.

Lambda Process: Large format lambda printers use lasers to print high quality images onto photographic film. A clear protective laminate is adhered to the front of the film to make the graphic scratch resistant. Lambda prints can be mounted to flexible or rigid surfaces. Our premium lamination process allows us to offer a guarantee for life against delamination on our flexible prints.

Direct to Print Process: The Direct to Print process allows us to offer economical prints on a wide variety of substrates and materials. We primarily use this process to print onto rigid materials or to create flexible detachable graphics on pop-up displays, table top displays, counters and case wraps. The Direct to Print process does not offer the true photo quality of Lambda but it does offer a very nice graphic and a highly affordable price. We print directly on to the chosen substrate which saves the cost of the lamination process. The prints are still highly durable and should have a place in any trade show exhibit program.

Trade Show Lights

January 4th, 2009 No comments

Anybody who has experience exhibiting in the trade show industry understands how important trade show lighting is. Our exhibit lights are a must have for any exhibit booth. Whether you have a tabletop display or an island exhibit, trade show lights will help your booth graphics pop. Sometimes it is amazing to me that clients will spend $2000 – $5,500 on a trade show display but will not spend the extra $200 to light their new exhibit booth. Indy Displays offers a wide range of halogen lights that can mount onto any trade show exhibit hardware. To view are online catalog please visit our website at

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Trade Show Booth Design Colors

December 30th, 2008 No comments

Recently I came across an interesting article from Classic Exhibits. In this article they talk about the importance of color and the psychology behind it. Color scheme is very important when designing trade show graphics for an exhibit booth.

Setting A Mood With Color

The color scheme you select for your booth is critical. Color affects our perceptions of a space, so when planning your booth choose your colors carefully. If you have hired an exhibit designer, he or she can help determine the most appropriate color scheme for your booth.

A great deal of research has been conducted surrounding the psychology of color. A recent study published in the journal, Nature, analyzed the effect of uniform color on athletes, such as soccer players, boxers, and wrestlers. The study concluded that the athletes wearing red won more than sixty percent of the time. The scientists who conducted the study were convinced that the red uniforms gave the winning team a psychological edge. You might want to consider red clothing for your booth staff.

Colors are often associated with temperature or with certain emotions. These are culturally derived meanings and they can have a very real effect on people. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow are considered warm colors and can have a stimulating effect. The New York Times recently published an article concerning color schemes for schools, and found that reds, yellows, and oranges were often used in hallways to speed up children in halls and gyms.

Blues and greens are considered cool colors and can have a calming effect, especially when combined with trade show lights. Blues and grays are also associated with ice, snow, or winter. If your company sold skis for example you might want to consider using these colors.

Gray and beige, are more neutral colors, and have associations also. Gray or silver can take on a futuristic, gee-whiz connotation. Beiges and browns can be used to suggest a nostalgic, retro feel in a booth. White can be used to create a more expansive feel in a space, while black creates a more confined feel.

Factor in your company’s home base or the location of the show when considering color schemes. If your company is based in the Southwest, browns and tans might work for you. Or, if the tradeshow you are presenting at is located near the coast, consider blues or greens. You should consider color selection to be one more item in your arsenal as you compete for the customers attention at a busy tradeshow.

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Adding Marketing Kiosks

December 30th, 2008 No comments

Mobile marketing kiosks are excellent tools for interacting with your target audience. Take your show on the road and promote your product or service in retail environments, public spaces, special events or the exhibition floor. Portable trade show and retail kiosks enable marketers to blend strong branding, interchangeable graphics, product display and lockable storage into a unique solution. Messaging can be dynamically changed through digital content or new graphics and functionality can be added or adjusted with trade show accessories such as shelving and lighting. Because they are constructed of modular components, our portable kiosks can also be reconfigured to suit different demands.

Built to withstand multiple instances of installation, dismantling, and shipping, our marketing kiosks are extremely durable.. They are designed to be set-up by lay people ­so no skilled carpenters are required. Many of our standard retail kiosk designs can be packed and shipped in just one or two FlatPack Cases weighing less than 150 lbs.

Choose from one of our pre-engineered designs or let us build a custom unit to meet your exact specifications.

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Cheap Banner Stands

December 13th, 2008 No comments

It seems like these days with the economy crisis that a lot of exhibitors are looking for the cheapest trade show displays they can find. The problem with this is that a lot of companies will find that in the long run they will spend more money on maintenance and upkeep on the cheap display than they would have originally spent on a high quality trade show display.

However if you must go cheap we recommend you go with a low price banner stand. The reason is simple, there is little hardware that comes along with a retractable banner stand and tension fabric banner stand. The chances of having to do maintenance on a banner stand are much slimmer than on a pop up display or truss display system. Two products that we recommend that give you a good bang for your buck are the Pacific Banner Stand and the Orient Banner Stand. Both products have a low price tag and carry a one year warranty.

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