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Why to Purchase Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays

February 17th, 2015 Comments off

Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays Offer Versatile Exhibition Solutions

With a wide array of portable modular features and visually striking HD printed dye sublimation fabric graphic panels, the Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays offers exhibitors a complete catalog of creative and customizable trade show booth design solutions for all portable trade show display needs.

Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays are the original, versatile, and dynamic flagship Xpressions Pop Up Display product line. The Xpressions SNAP is comprised of sturdy and lightweight aluminum supports intended for use with custom fabric skins. The components of the aluminum pop up frame are attached with strong magnets, and the folding accordion design enables quick and effortless pop-up assembly on location. The SNAP! includes a dozen integrated standard size frames and larger planes for integrated eye-catching tension fabric graphics. The graphic skins are interchangeable, and no tools are needed to remove skins for washing or changing them out when you update or create a new display design.  Also, the popup frame can be assembled in a multitude of different 3D designs, depending on the size and shape of the desired trade show display layout. This makes the Xpressions SNAP! design perfect for use in a wide variety of settings and uses, including merchandise displays, marketing communications, expo booths, exhibitions, special events, sales meetings, product introductions, conferences, and trade shows. No matter what design you choose, the Xpressions SNAP! will enable you to present a polished and sleek image.

Xpressions 10' SNAP! Pop Up Display


The Xpressions Connex Portable Display Line, available in 10 foot and 20 foot varieties, are spin-offs of the basic SNAP! system. Connex is a 3D fabric pop up graphic wall that is modular and versatile with shelving insert options, monitor screen attachment and frame attachment clips that allow multiple 3D sign display walls. The shelves are especially useful for displaying prototypes, merchandise, samples, or even giveaways.


xpressions connex pop up display system


Xpressions 3D Portable Pop Up Displays also offer the option to print your logo and brand images on sheer see-through fabric skins for an additional modern 3D graphic layered look. These stretch pop ups that feature solid fabric graphics panels with sheer print overlays; provide depth and make font, logos and images pop for maximum visual impact. The 3D Xpressions sheer printed stretch display panels are ideal for featuring artistic patterns or texture designs that provide an enhanced 3D branding effect, like water droplets or snow flakes.

Xpressions Salesmate Table Top Displays

The Xpressions SalesMate is the “mini” table top display option in the Xpressions 3D portable pop up display product line. Like the Xpressions SNAP! frames, the smaller SalesMate is a versatile and dynamic product for sales presentations and HR recruitment fairs, that’s lightweight and compact enough to fit inside most professional briefcases and hand bags. In fact, the 3D SalesMate table display is even smaller and more portable than table top banner stand displays, and is intended to be displayed at sitting eye level. Xpressions Salesmate portable presentation fabric displays provide maximum effect for a more modest price.

YouTube Preview Image

Xpresssions Backlit 3D Pop Up Displays

Xpressions also offers backlit options for their portable trade show displays. By selecting add-on LED light box hardware kit, you can truly turn heads and attract extra attention from illuminating your brand with dye sublimation printed vibrant illuminated branding. Xpressions 3D LED light box graphic enhancements are installed directly on the aluminum pop up frame and can remain in place during booth breakdown and storage. However, the backlit graphic skins are best removed from the frame prior to breakdown to avoid unattractive wrinkles or creases. Because backlit displays require an electrical power sources for operation, the Xpressions 3D LED pop up system might not be suitable for all exhibition hall locations.


xpressions backlit fabric pop up display graphic skins


If you are looking for an exhibition solution to create 3D signage space, Xpressions 3D portable pop up displays are an ideal fit for many marketing teams. This creative 3D versatile trade show display also offers an innovative free-standing lightweight monitor stand kiosk package and attractive stretch fabric portable counters that also utilize the 3D design elements from the original Xpressions SNAP! system. Regardless of your trade show branding needs, the Xpressions line surely offers a booth layout integration solution that will meet your exhibiting standards.  Chat online now with one of our Exhibit Consultants for more information and pricing.

Fully Custom expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display System

September 30th, 2014 Comments off

The expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display is Truly Custom!

The expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display is the only pop up display system on the market that allows you to create at complete custom booth just like a custom modular display.  This display has rapidly been growing in popularity due to the versatility and savings it provides on drayage and shipping.  Completely customize you small or large booth space with accessory options that include clear acrylic shelf kits, screen holders, various lighting options, and various heights and graphic finishes.

YouTube Preview Image

expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display Case Study

Just ask the company of DeLaval, largest dairy equipment manufacturer in Canada, who decided to use the expolinc Pop Up Magnetic for their 30ft. x 50ft. display booth. DeLaval had the options of using a custom modular display, but decided on using the custom pop up instead. Using expolinc’s system saved them more than 50% on show site services than that of a custom modular booth, along with being ten times less expensive to transport. Not only did DeLaval save money in purchasing the hardware, but also in the labor cost in setting up the booth. Any custom modular aluminum display easily takes a minimum of 8 hours set up. With Expolinc’s PUM, two employees of DeLaval set up the entire booth in two and a half hours.

10' x 20' expolinc custom pop up display

DeLaval realized how quickly and easily the Pop Up System can be reconfigured to their needs. They realized this benefit quickly, because three days before the trade show, they realized that they had a 20ft. x 50ft. booth instead of the 30ft. x 50ft. layout they had original thought that they had. This was not a problem as they could easily remove some of the sections of the Pop Up and continue forward without any headaches. This difference in size would have been a catastrophe if the booth were built from custom modular display hardware, as everything would have been predesigned for the initial size. expolinc showed DeLaval why the Pop Up Magnetic trade show display should be a go to for all of their trade shows. Save yourself time, money, and stress, use the expolinc Pop Up Magnetic for your next show.

expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Display Examples:

20ft concave custom expolinc pop up display

10' x 30' fully custom pop up display

10 x 20 fully custom portable pop up display

30ft custom conference pop up display

20ft expolinc fllat custom pop up display

For more information or to setup an in office consultation please contact an exhibit consultant at 317-565-2255.  The custom expolinc pop up displays can be built in 10 business days after final artwork approval.

Premium Popup Displays

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Popup displays have been a popular go-to product for a long time in the trade show industry.  With a quick and easy set up, large graphic panels, lightweight and versatile this product provides a lot bang for your buck.  Customers should be on the look out for bargain deals as there is a big difference in the quality of display from one vendor to another.  At Indy Displays we only work with high quality products to ensure your experience is positive.

We currently offer the following sizes of Popup Displays; 8×10, 10×10, and 10×20.  Set up is quick and painless and can be done within 10 minutes by one person.  To assemble expand the frame until it locks, attach the channel bars then attach the graphic panels from the top.  We also offer a wheeled case with counter conversion kit that allows you to use the display case as a branded countertop.

Durability is important but should something break, the aluminum frame and channel bars carry a lifetime “no questions asked” warranty.   Two halogen lights keep the focus on your display to help highlight your company and not your neighbors.

Our popup displays are also extremely easy to transport and will help save you money due to their low costs to ship compared with other displays on the market.  The display packed in the case only weighs 78 lbs.

The graphics are important for popup displays as that is the entire back drop to your booth.  Typically this will consist of 4 panels (29.4375″w x 89.75″h) and 2 end cap panels (15″w x 89.75″h.) on the 8×10 model for a total graphic size of 9’10″w x 7.8″h.  Two halogen lights will help the graphic stand out and keep the focus on your display.

10ft Popup Display

10ft Popup Display


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Trade Show Xpressions Displays are the Perfect Portable Solution

April 23rd, 2012 No comments

The Xpressions SNAP! and Xpressions Xpress trade show display systems have both created a name for themselves over the past few years in the Industry.  As companies look to cut back on shipping costs and Show Service expenses, more and more companies are turning towards simple yet effective Popup Display solutions.  Here are a few reasons why the Xpressions Display System is quickly becoming the perfect fit for a large number of exhibitors in 2012.

Versatile – multi use because of ease of use

Unique – get creative

3 dimensional – attract more attention

Changeable graphics – mix and match to update or to refreshen appearance

Lightweight – very easy to transport

Easy setup – no tools required, strong magnets

Durable – panels can’t be dented or scratched, machine washable

High Quality Graphics – permanent dye sublimation, vibrant life like tones

Budget friendly – cheaper than other display options, because of simplicity

These unique display systems are quickly becoming a trade show favorite because of their light weight, portability, and ease of use.Xpression displays are versatile in that they can be set up differently each time.The individual trade show graphic panels can be changed out a lot easier and cheaper than a tradition hard panel on larger exhibit displays.We encourage you to be creative and suggest having a few substitute panels so that you can customize your trade show booth space for the various uses you can get out of this type of display.Create a new look by rearranging the panels or switching them out.Each graphic panel is created using permanent dye sublimation printing on spandex stretch fabric.This process allows for a high level of quality and produces vibrant life-like tones.Another benefit of this trade show display is that in addition to the high quality image, the display is 3 dimensional.Catching the eye of a potential client in the busy world of a conference or trade show is made easier by having a 3 dimensional display.

Xpressions Displays are a great product that can transcend tradeshows or conferences. Their ease of use and simple set up makes them a perfect display product to have around the office to help aid in presentations or make a great first impression while hosting clients. Set up is tool free and involves magnetic connectors and take down is just as easy. Another benefit is that the panels on Xpression displays don’t scratch or dent like other types of display panels and they are machine washable and the frame carries a lifetime guarantee. Considering that these display products are generally less expensive than other custom trade show booths, you can fully customize your booth by adding accessories such as exhibit ighting or shelves to complete the look you desire. Check out our ever growing Xpression Displays online catalogue and contact us today at 317-565-2255 or visit our website at with questions about your next great decision.

Banner Stands that hold LCD screens

March 6th, 2011 No comments

Banner Stands that hold LCD screens have quickly become a popular portable display solution.  Traditionally in the trade show display industry portable kiosks were built using heavy custom modular extrusions.  Not only were they heavy and complex to set up, they were also expensive.  Trade show supplies over the years have become more portable and lightweight.  Banner Stands have become an industry standard for portability and budget.  For the first time exhibitors can keep the convenience of display portability and have the luxury of mounting plasma screens in trade show booth spaces at a low cost.

The Sprint tension pole banner stand is a portable trade show banner stand with a telescopic pole that ranges from 39’’ to 115’’.  Several widths and heights are available to display single or double-sided exhibit graphics on the same frame.  In addition, custom cut rigid or flexible substrates can be used as graphic solutions on sprint telescoping poles.  The Sprint trade show display banner stand is also available with LCD monitor mounts.  The limit on the LCD screen size is 22″.

The Sprint Banner Stand, made for fast set-up and portable applications, has 3 feet linked with bungee cords for a quick, simple and secure automatic set-up.  The Sprint.Boutique, made for more permanent applications, has a steel disc base which offers maximum stability for high traffic areas and retail display solutions.  Both banner stand systems have the capability to hold a LCD monitor mount.   For more information visit or contact us at 317-565-2255

Sprint Banner Stand with Monitor

Sprint Banner Stand with Monitor

Another banner stand option for multi-media solutions is the new Twist Banner Stand.  This exciting new product that was introduced to the United States in 2013, is not only the highest end banner solution on the market, but the Twist system can re-configure into a large back wall display by linking several individual banners together with it’s dynamic seamless magnetic connecting hardware.  Easily create a 10×20 multi-media trade show booth space with the Twist banner kits.  Creating an aesthetically pleasing curved banner stand wall is also possible with this one of a kind trade show display.  In the examples below, we show what an individual multi-media twist banner looks likes along with a few examples of the interlocking twist banner system.  If you are tired of exhibiting with the same common trade show booth that every other exhibitor is using, then the twist banner system might be the perfect exhibit solution.

banner stand that holds monitorsThree Banner Twist Kit with Monitor Mount

banner stand seamless back wall displayMulti Twist Banner Stand Display with curved banners

banner stands that hold LCD screensCreative Twist Banner Kit with monitor and graphic counter

Tension Fabric Popup Displays

April 11th, 2010 No comments

2010 has been a popular year for tension fabric displays.  We have found that most companies prefer to exhibit with dye sublimation graphics instead of the more commonly used lambda graphics or ink jet graphics. One big reason is COST! Having your graphics printed on fabric is most of the time much less expensive than having them printed to hard substrates. The other major reason is Portability. Tension fabric graphics are much lighter and easier to pack and ship.

The 10×10 Entasi Tension Fabric Display system is one of our top selling trade show displays and has always proved to be a workhorse for companies that attend many trade show events a year. But in 2010 it has been the 8×8 Tension Fabric Pop Up Display and the 8×10 Tension Fabric Pop Up Display that has out sold any other product in our catalog. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Simple Setup! People like to get their display up and more importantly like to get it down quick as soon as the trade show event ends.

2. Eye Catching Graphics. Our Dye Sublimation printing brings out bright vibrant colors that attract anybody’s eye that is passing by your trade show booth.

3. Ergonomic Design/Sturdy Construction. The frame is user friendly and reliable for any person regardless of experience in setting up trade show displays.

4. Large In Size But Lightweight. Pop Up Tension Fabric Displays are perfect for a full display backdrop but are also light enough to save your company on shipping expenses.

Indy Displays offers a full catalog of Tension Fabric Pop Displays for you exhibit booth. Please contact us at 317-565-2244 or visit us at for more information.

8ft x 8ft Tension Fabric Popup Display

8ft x 8ft Tension Fabric Popup Display

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Pop-Up Fabric Displays

January 26th, 2010 No comments

Fabric Pop-up Displays set up quickly and easily, and are perfect for making a good impression on a limited budget.  All of our trade show pop-up displays are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.  These trade show display packages come with everything you need: sturdy display frame, panels in fabric panels in your choice of 54 fabric colors, and a rugged, lightweight rotomolded case with a counter conversion kit.  Popup trade show displays can be used for many types of events and have been used as retail displays as well.  Customize your pop-up display with high quality graphics.  Indy Displays graphic panels are printed on state-of-the-art HP printers and are avaible as ink-jet graphic panels or lambda graphic panels.  Every graphic panels is tested before it ships to make sure it will fit your pop up display when it arrives at the trade show.  For more information on pop up displays and the pop up display kit options please visit Indy Displays at

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Popup Displays

January 5th, 2010 No comments

When convenience is a must, popup displays are the best choice in trade show exhibits. Popup displays are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. These trade show displays work well for small trade shows and conventions. Popup displays come in floor and tabletop models and can be used in combination to create trade show booths that are easily transported and set up by just a few staff members. Indy Displays offers graphic options that help your pop-up trade show display look its best.

The pop-up tradeshow display is the classic low-cost, portable trade show exhibit solution. Indy Displays proudly offers economy and premium popup display systems. Choose from fabric pop-up display kits and graphic pop-up display kits.

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Popup Trade Show Displays

November 18th, 2009 No comments

When convenience is a must, pop-up displays are the best choice in trade show exhibits. Pop-up displays are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. These trade show displays work well for small trade shows and conventions. Pop-up displays come in floor and tabletop models and can be used in combination to create trade show booths that are easily transported and set up by just a few staff members. Indy Displays offers graphic options that help your pop-up trade show display look its best.

The pop-up tradeshow display is the classic low-cost, portable trade show exhibit solution. Indy Displays proudly offers economy and premium pop-up display systems. Choose from fabric pop-up display kits and graphic pop-up display kits.

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