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Innovative Solutions for Exhibit Displays in Uncertain Times

May 2nd, 2020 Comments off
Don’t Let COVID-19 Stall Your Event Marketing Goals in 2020

Custom Exhibit House Installations

While the world anxiously awaits the opening up of the economy after the threat of COVID-19 lowers, it is likely those waiting for large attendee events will have to wait even longer. Experts predict a steady approach to getting people back to work, but concerts, sporting events, trade shows, along with any large gathering, will be the last to fall into place. Many companies large and small rely on trade shows year-round to pursue potential clients, engage existing customers, roll-out new products, and reinforce their brand messaging. The global workforce has shifted operations to adjust to the “new normal” and marketers have an opportunity to use the same exhibit displays in what will soon become their most valuable selling arena — their own offices. Below are some great ways marketing teams can translate the advertising power of a trade show strategy to an in-office strategy.

Custom exhibit fabrication lightbox

Custom Exhibit House Displays 

Exhibit house design firms that produce the large, impressive custom display booths that draw crowds at trade shows have the same capability to bring that wow factor to any location. Creativity is unlimited with experienced exhibit houses known for working with Fortune 500 brands to create completely original booth layouts can certainly transfer those skills from portable structures to permanent installations. From counters to shelving to 10ft display walls, custom interior fabrications are a perfect solution for businesses in any industry.

LED Light Box Display Installation

Backlit displays have steadily become the standard at trade shows as manufacturers continue to make better and cheaper options. The use of backlighting can draw attention to targeted areas and highlight brand messages. The LED lights used in the displays last years, making them great options for interior installations meant for long-term use. The premium dye-sublimation fabric graphics can be created for any size frames and are easily interchangeable, making switching up graphics for new products, sales initiatives, or visitor-specific messaging an easy task. A professionally installed light box sign in a corporate lobby can fill up empty wall space with modern, attractive promotional decor.

Exhibit house design firm interior installations

Digital Display Screen Incorporation

Along with static branding printed on graphics and display elements, monitors can easily be added to any section of the installations to add dynamic media like videos, live streams, and presentations. Digital assets are important components of a marketing strategy and incorporating them into exhibit displays is a common practice. The use of monitors and tablets translates well in an office environment, especially when placed in waiting areas. Touchscreen monitors and tablets with interactive elements that guide visitors through educational or promotional content can be set into wall displays or sturdy kiosks. Companies with excellent social media presence can cast a stream of their online engagement and encourage visitors to interact with their profiles long after they have left the office building.

Indianapolis exhibit production

Unique Trade Show Experience In-House

With permanent office installations businesses can mimic highly customized and unique trade show experiences they use in their exhibit marketing strategy. Entrances can be configured to lead visitors through a museum-like experience with history, content, and product demonstrations on their way to the reception desk. A setup like this will make striking first impression and assist a sales team by giving potential clients plenty of background information on services and products before a meeting begins. Dynamic and interactive exhibit experiences can transport trade show attendees from a crowded event to a dedicated area where they can focus their attention solely on the company’s message. Extraordinary designs, such as a landscaping company integrating a live garden into 20ft x 50ft exhibit displays or an appliance company constructing a fully decorated kitchen in their convention hall space, can always be adapted to fit into corporate offices and dazzle guests.

The continued uncertainty caused by COVID-19 should be viewed by marketing teams as an opportunity to challenge themselves and switch up their strategies. When businesses resume to regular operations it is likely that large events will still be on hold until 2021. However, missing trade shows does not mean companies should put their sales and marketing efforts on hold. The right custom exhibit house design agency can provide guidance on how a permanent office display installation can fill the void of in-person exhibitions and keep business moving in new, unexpected ways.

The Waveline Media Trade Show Display

May 5th, 2014 Comments off

The Waveline Media Trade Show Display brings something new to the industry.  They are not only portable like the original Waveline Display, but they are a unique combination of custom modular capabilities with ultra portability.  The display hardware offers multimedia solutions including monitor mounts and iPad attachments.

waveline media trade show display


The Waveline Media Display is a great solution for companies that want one display system that can reconfigure into different sizes and layouts.  You can easily use this display in a 10×10 booth space for one show and then use it in a 10×20 booth space for another.  It is even possible to create effective 20×20 island display layout by adding a tension fabric hanging sign.  The frame of the display is similar to that of a hanging sign.  It consists of aluminum tubing and tension fabric pillow case graphics making setup a breeze.  This booth has everything most custom modular displays offer without the setup hassle or expensive shipping costs.

Six pointers to help make your trade show a success!

February 12th, 2014 Comments off

Follow these six tips to help make your next trade show more worthwhile and increase the return you get out of each show.  Attending shows doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore use these points below as a roadmap to guide you through the experience.

1.   Keep track of your ROI – Make sure your leads generated (or goals) outweigh the cost of the show.  To help reach your goals, try to contact potential leads before the show and set up appointments with them to ensure you’re getting quality time with decision makers.  If nothing else, the pre-contact will direct them to your booth and make for warmer conversation.   As with any form of advertising you have to look at the ROI or ROG (return on goals).  Have the mindset that having a booth is an investment.  The more you do to help your investment, the better your return will be.  Don’t be that company that gets a booth space, puts zero thought into the display, sits back and expects business to walk right up and introduce itself.  It might happen but we wouldn’t bet on you.

2.  Become part of the show – Most trade shows or conferences have a keynote speaker and several other presenters.  If you can’t manage to get on the main stage or become a presenter, all is not lost.  Come up with some sort of event at your booth to help get word about your company out there.  This will generate more leads but will also help to incorporate your company into part of the overall event.

3.  Leads are great but appointments are better – Try to have reps get appointments instead of leads and you’ll be surprised at the results.  To further that point, aside from having goals try to work in a competition amongst your team to see who can generate the most, leads, appointments, business, whatever applies the most to your situation.  Keep your booth space fun and make winning worthwhile.

4.  Be a solution not a pest – This might seem contradictory to the point above but it makes sense if your reps are doing it right.  Try not to make people feel like they are being sold while spending time at your booth.  Always try to present your company as consultative in nature.  You want to come across as being an expert in your field but also being THE solution to a problem, not a pest.  It helps to have your best reps in your booth space.

5.  Don’t forget about your neighbors – Network with the other vendors and where applicable see if you can share leads with each other, assuming it isn’t a competitor.  If your company was able to generate 250 leads and your neighbor generated 250 leads, then together you’ve generated 500 leads, remove some of the overlap and your contacts from the show still grew by a large number.  If nothing else, a good connection may lead to referrals down the road.  After all, these events are to generate contacts, business, and traffic.

6.  Make your booth space unique – Design your booth space to separate you from the other companies exhibiting around you.  If your booth looks like the one to the left and right of it, leads are much more likely to pass by.  You want prospects taking notice of your company and being intrigued by what you have to offer.  With so many eyes upon your company, these events are not the time to second-guess your trade show display.

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iPad Kiosks Stands Should Be Part of Your Display

February 5th, 2014 Comments off

iPad Kiosk Stands

Are you currently using an iPad or tablet as part of your business?  Imagine the opportunities that would present themselves if you were able to use one in your trade show booth.  Many successful exhibitors are now using these devices to further interact with clients.  One option is to simply have the iPad at your booth.  Another option is to make the iPad part of your display using an iPad Kiosk Stand.

Benefits of using an iPad Kiosk:

  • Professional look
  • Security
  • Branding


Professional Look

Our featured iPad kiosks all have a classic and professional look to them.  While most people are familiar with tablets, they are not familiar with them as part of a display.  This can leave a lasting impression that your company is cutting edge and ahead of the curve.  We try to leave no stone unturned in the science of trade show displays and we believe the more you have at your disposal during client interaction the more successful you will be.  Having a iPad kiosk stand as part of your display will give you that power while keeping your booth space uncluttered.  Some models even allow you to incorporate traditional marketing materials on the kiosks stand, such as literature racks and counters.


The benefits of being able to use a tablet are numerous but it will do you no good if it disappears during the show.  One way to ensure that your tablet doesn’t go missing is to incorporation into the display itself.  If the iPad can’t be incorporated in the kiosk then it comes with a lock case that allows you to keep your tablet under lock and key.


Certain kiosks give you the ability to add branding.  This allows you to tie your booth space together and add depth while keeping your logo or company name as visible as possible.  If you desire the clean sleek look then simply order a tablet kiosk without branding to get the look you desire.


Featured iPad Kiosks Stands

iPad.C1 Kiosk Stand

A simply modern design aspect makes this model pretty easy to set up and weighs only 12 lbs.  This products ships in 3-5 days and comes with a lock case to ensure your tablet remains part of your trade show display.

iPad Kiosk Stand iPad.C1

iPad.C1 Kiosk Stand









Graphic iPad Counter 1.1

This branded iPad kiosk stand has a professional look to it with all the benefits of a non-branded unit.  It comes with dye-sub graphics, five-minute set-up, and ships within 5-7 days.

iPad Kiosk Stand iPad Graphic Counter 1.1

Graphic iPad Counter 1.1







Why are people using hanging trade show signs?

January 24th, 2014 Comments off

Why do we suggest using hanging trade show signs?

The objective of exhibiting at a trade show can vary but generally it is to promote yourself as well as your business, to gain clients, and drive sales.  The objective of the trade show display is to draw people towards your space, to keep them there, and make you look professional and stand out from the crowd.  Adding some depth to your booth space can help attract people into your booth space from the walk way but what if you want to attract people from across the room or conference center?

This is where hanging trade show signs can help you achieve your objectives in a way other products can’t.  You don’t have to worry about sight lines taking away from your brand with a hanging sign.  This also adds another dimension to your trade show display, height.

Once you’ve made the decision to add a hanging sign to your display, you will still need to consider a few things.  What shape will work best with your space and design theme?  What size will you need?  Do you want the capability for the sign to rotate?


We have a variety of shapes to fit all your needs, from a circular design, tapered circular (larger at the top, smaller at the bottom), ellipse oval, three varieties of triangle (regular, tapered, and curved), square, and a curved square design.

Tapered Circular Hanging Signs

Tapered Circular Hanging Sign


The sizes available are different for each shape, but typically come in three different lengths and widths but may vary by product.  The signs can range from 8 – 15 feet long and 14” – 48” tall but will vary by the shape.  These products pack a big punch but are very portable and easy to assemble.


The ultimate luxury is to have a hanging sign that rotates.  Not only will your logo be displayed above your competition, but it will be visible from multiple angles, with a rotation hanging sign, your logo will be visible from nearly anywhere on the trade show floor meaning you won’t have to worry which

Curved Square Hanging Signs

Curved Square Hanging Sign

side your logo is facing.  Exhibitors comment on how the rotation of the hanging sign not only looks great but also draws a lot of attention from prospective clients.  The rotating motor comes in three different sizes to go along with the size of the sign, the larger the sign is the larger the motor capacity needs to be.  No matter the size, the standard rotating speed is 2 RPM.

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Hanging trade show signs are a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition at the perfect time, in front of a large grouping of your top potential clients.

CLICK HERE to visit our Hanging Trade Show Signs page.



XRline Display Kits

January 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Indy Displays, a leader in trade show displays and banner stands, is now featuring and promoting the XRline.  This turnkey product line is fully customizable, easy to put together tool free, and extremely portable.  With this manufacturer you know you’re getting the best when it comes to quality with excellent design.

The XRline allows you to customize your trade show display by adding monitor mounts, custom lighting, literature racks, counter and kiosks along with many other options.   Business executives and entrepreneurs alike love the lean and strong lines.  This look will draw attention to your booth and help attract new clients to your booth space.

10ft. XRline Display Kit 1.4

This XRline kit is a 10×10 display that features a custom back wall with dye sublimation graphics, attached laminate counter and monitor mount.  This kit also features a standalone custom laminate counter that will add depth and a welcoming feel to your booth space.

XRline Display Kit 1.4

XRline Display Kit 1.4



10ft. XRline Display Kit 1.6

This XRline kit is a 10×10 display that features shelving to display your newest or best products.  You can adjust the configuration to remove or add additional shelving to fit your needs.  As with other kits, this comes with a custom back wall with dye sublimation graphics, a detached locking laminate counter, three halogen down lights, custom printed wings, and four customized header pieces (three on back wall display, one on counter).

XRline Display Kit 1.6

XRline Display Kit 1.6


10ft. XRline Display Kit 2.2

This XRline kit is a 10×10 display with an oversized header graphic to attract attention to your brand.  This kit boasts two monitor mounts, one detached and one attached to the main display.  The monitor mount on back wall can hold a monitor up to 55”.  The custom detached kiosk will allow you pull customers into your booth space.  This kit also includes custom wing panels, additional custom headers, a laminate counter and literature racks on the main display.  This is a very interactive kit and looks complex but is a quick and easy set up, which is characteristic of the XRline products.

XRline Display Kit 2.2

XRline Display Kit 2.2

Maximizing Your ROI with Customized Portable Trade Show Exhibits

January 13th, 2014 Comments off

Trade shows present limitless number of opportunities for your business—meeting potential clients, introducing your product range, and building a bigger clientele. As more media and platforms have been created and explored for business expansion, trade shows have remained to be one of the industry’s strongest ways on how to capture your target audience and how to remain to be a key player in your field.

However, with today’s economic struggles, every business decision is crucial, thus, you need to ensure that you maximize the return of joining a trade show. Every time you join a trade show, you have to make the most out of your investment and you need to create the best strategy for your display booth. You can have a successful trade show when you have the best provider for all your display needs.

Customized Trade Show Displays

We know how every business aims to echo its own brand identity and we want your trade show display to reflect your own branding. We can provide you with your specific needs by delivering customized portable trade show displays that will allow you to successfully deliver your branding message across your target audience.

Our most unique feature is that our fully custom exhibits are portable. Other providers can build trade show displays but they require shipment in crates. We ship our materials in flat cases which is more convenient and affordable for our clients. With this unique feature, we can help you save substantial amount of freight each year.

Advantages of Portable Trade Show Exhibits

Portable and custom trade show displays are effective in adding to your custom properties. We can help you expand your regional sales opportunities, expand your network, deliver your branding and corporate message during the expo, or reverberate your brand’s strength. We can give you the best value for your money as our trade show kiosks, banner stands, and other portable materials are cost efficient and they will give your display a custom look that will surely bring your business productive ROI.

We can also create renderings with five views of your exhibit. This will allow you to maximize your opportunity to be discovered and to stand out in an expo. Every business investment is important, thus we know how you need to deliver significant returns from every initiative that you do. With customized and portable trade show displays, your business will surely achieve its optimum potential and create a whole new horizon of business growth opportunities.

20x20 Custom Island Display

Call Indy Displays at 317-565-2255 to find out about our custom exhibit building capabilities.

20x20 Island Exhibit


All of our portable island exhibit solutions break down to ship in cost effective cases.

20x20 Island Portable Exhibit