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Advantages of the exhibitline display system

December 17th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have a lot of clients ask me what other options that are available for a 10×10 booth space. Most of the time they are talking about options other than your basic pop up display booth. Usually I give them the same answer, exhibitline displays! For most people that have exhibited it the past, the pop up display is what they know and usually don’t want to break from. However, I have yet to find one unhappy customer that has purchase an exhibit line display over a traditional pop up display. Here are the reasons I believe the exhibitline display is superior to your typical pop up display system.

  1. The Exhibit Line Dispaywill provide a unique look that will not be seen very often on the trade show floor.
  2. The Exhibit Line Display is going to weigh 15 lbs. less than the pop-up package.
  3. Setup and breakdown time will be shorter with the Exhibit Line Display.
  4. The cost to replace the large trade show graphic will be half of the cost of replacing the pop-up mural.
  5. Your Exhibit Line Display will take much more of a beating than any pop up trade show display.
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