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Xpressions Connex 10' x 20' Pop Up Displays There are 5 products.

Xpressions Connex 10' x 20' Pop Up Displays transform the Xpressions SNAP portable display system into a unique custom modular display style kit that's perfect for trade show, events, and retail environments. The Xpressions Connex is a simple innovation to the original Xpressions frame. A clip on the hub and the addition of a trapezoid and/or square connecting shelf give this pop up display even more versatility. Attaching the Xpressions SNAP frames at different angles or in straight lines adds just one more dimension to the Xpressions SNAP 3D display system.  Tension fabric graphic connecting spandex panels are used in combination with square, trapezoid, or rectangular connecting shelves that creates an inline or curved display configuration. The Connex system can also be used in 20' x 20' Island Exhibits by creating an octagon shape like the example below.  

Xpressions Connex Fabric Pop Up Displays