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Pirouet Showcase Displays bring fancy and functionality to your design layout. This portable merchandiser is also quick and painless to transport and install. Like the elegant ballet dance move, the Pirouet portable product showcase uses a nifty swivelling twist motion to easily convert the display from neatly packed and stacked aluminium, into an amazing tower showcase display with built-in halogen lights, that highlight your merchandise and product samples displayed on two enclosed illuminated showcase shelves.

The Pirouet Portable Showcase Kiosk is great for bringing attention to small products and merchandise. With the option to include clear panel inserts that act as protective covers around the display, you can be assured that your merchandise will be protected from dust or unwanted handling.

The Pirouet's clean-modern design allows it to blend into many portable trade show booth kits, retail environment and conference rooms. Easily change the Pirouet's appearance with low-cost interchangeable trade show graphic panels in 60 seconds or less. The engineered strength of the aluminium frame and internal showcase shelves, means it’s a portable event kiosk that can stand the test of time. Choose from a handful of display kit options in the Pirouet series. The Pirouet Tower Case Display, combines merchandising and branding in one complete kit. The Pirouet Counter Display, a smaller version of the Pirouet Tower, is perfect for open product demos and sales presentations. Depending on your booth layout, the Pirouet can work well in combination with monitor kiosks or even in front of a 20' trade show display backwall

In addition to it's simple "twist" assembly, the Pirouet Display aluminum frame is certainly stable. Each showcase shelf is able to hold up to 60lbs, and the clear melamine or acrylic shelves show the top and bottom perspectives of any object that is placed on them. The cylindrical shape of this kiosk display equates to an ergonomical product that is safe to use, with no sharp edges to bump into. This also gives potential customers a full 3D view, allowing the exhibitor to showcase their products from every angle.

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